So a lion fell in love with the lamb (episode 9)


Twinj reached the hotel n went to their respective rooms
They were tired hence took rest for sometime as they have to attend a meeting with Abhimanyu Gujral at his office at 1pm
After that they got ready in went down in the hotel canteen to have something to eat
Kunj already reached the canteen n was waiting for twinkle…he was looking hot n dashing as always
K : Yaar yeh kab sudhregi…always late (frustrated)
Suddenly his gaze fall on twinkle who was coming 2wards him
He was literally mesmerized for the first time
She wore her formals which suits her perfectly



Wow she looks so beautiful….what am I thinking??? Means….seriously kunj. But anyways I agree that she is looking beautiful 2day or either can say that its for the first time I m looking at her without any hatred or guilt in my mind or say the second time…must say that she had really changed but usko pata nahi chalna chaheye (she should not get to know) otherwise she will dance on my head…but these all r the things which makes me attract towards her…her childish behavior…its gonna kill me someday becoz its soo cute…but kunj its wrong..u don’t know whether she loves…or even likes u or not n u r dreaming like a sirfira aashiqu (insane lover)…no kunj no…
She greeted me n I reciprocated it with a grin…wait…why am I smiling like a stupid???…anyways…we had our lunch n made our way to Mr. Gujral’s office as our deal was to be finalized with him… I was very excited coz it was an important deal for me n my company

Twinj reaches the Office….it was a huge empire set up by Abhimanyu n yes it was from his hardwork alike kunj…
T : (excited) I must say that I m impressed by seeing his success…its so cool na (seeing 2 kunj)
But as soon as he hear this he gave her a none interested look or rather say a ting of jealousy
She ignored this as she was habitual to such rudeness n that too from his side
They entered the office but to their surprise Abhimanyu was waiting for them in his cabin
The receptionist guided them the way n they entered the cabin where…
K : Hello Mr Gujral
Abhimanyu stood up from his chair to greet them…they shake their hands
A : Hello Mr. Sarna n hello miss twinkle….but hey what is this Mr.Sarna n Mr. Gujral…lets be frank yaar after all we r going to sign up a big deal…plzzz call me Abhimanyu
K : Yes of course Mr.Guj…I mean Abhimanyu
A : That’s better (smiles) n miss Twinkle same goes with u
Twinkle smiles in agreement
They had their discussion but at a point of time both kunj n abhimanyu we having contradictory opinion
A : I think in our theater chain there should be an advanced visual system n limited snacks for the people as I top priority is the screening n the latter one is foods n other stuffs
K : but I think the entertainment n all this stuffs go hand in hand. 35% of our total business is due to food stuffs so along with advanced technology n projectors we must look after the needs of the ppl n yeah a minute rise in the cost wont matter a large becoz as far as I m concerned my top priority is the satisfaction that ppl carry when they exit the theater hall in these small things do matters a lot….
A : wow yaar kunj I m impressed…that’s the reason of ur growth..
All the time during the meeting twinkle was smiling n was listening their ideas but suddenly
A : Ohh Twinkle..sorry we forgot u but I wanted to know that what is ur opinion on this topic…
At first twinkle hesitated a bit but then spoke up
T : according to me the top most priority is quality…if we give them a quality product this will ultimately satisfy them..(she says innocently)
A : OMG kunj ur PA is smart….i wish I would have found her earlier than u….(seeing 2wards twinkle) really I must say that u r Beauty with Brain…but say anything the offer is on yet…u can join now also coz better late than never (n he smiles sarcastically)
Twinkle too started smiling bright but our kunj he seems that he didn’t liked the compliment…or rather can say that he got jealous…..(oooo someone is burning…hehe)
The meeting got finished too early at around 3pm
A : Hey listen twinj
Kunj n twinkle looked at each other n said together
K & T : TWINJ???
A : yess twinj coz its difficult to call KUNJ AND TWINKLE so twinj is perfect..short n sweet
Twinj fakes a smile looking at each other but our hero loved this name but managed prevent showing to others
A : so what I was saying was that as the meeting finished so early so I think we should visit juhu beach..what say n vaise bhi now we all r friends so friendship ke naam par sunset view to banta hai
Be4 kunj could say anything…twinkle said
T : wow Abhi it would great right na kunj..i mean sir (super excited but her hopeful eyes were glaring to kunj 2 give his approval)
Kunj thinks that when did we became friends n this twinkle is too much…cant she reject. And if she really wanted to visit juhu then she may say me…mai le jaata usko but nahi isko to appne so called new friend Abhi ke saath jaana hai na…. n she to this twinkle I met her first n till now she is calling me sir but to this Gujral in couple meets she became her abhi…n Abhi when did that happen…like seriously
K : firstly u can call me kunj n yess it would great that we visit there.. (faking a smile)

Both kunj n twinkle first went to the hotel n abhimanyu to his house to change their formal attires
They reached Juhu chaupawtty :

the trio were in their comfort clothes…kunj was enjoying the beauty of the beach along with the beauty of twinkle becoz she was looking breath taking…can say that hot in green beach outfit

but this Abhimanyu was busy in clicking pics of twinkle who was unaware of this n was enjoying the beauty of nature …but our kunj he was looking at abhimanyu in anger

Look at this shameless guy…pure duniya me isse twinkle he mili hai aapna photography skill dekhane ke liye….n this girl doesn’t she understand anything
But today I must say that twinkle is looking so cute….i cant control my feelings but at the same time I don’t have the guts to express it….Ohh God Why The Hell this world is so difficult….if a person expresses his feelings he is termed as playboy n if he is shy to confront any such he is tagged mama’s boy….i really have no idea how will I speak up in front of her…but in her company I will surely adapt some madness.
As Abhimanyu was busy in clicking her pics along with the nature around I found twinkle motioning towards me least bothered about Abhi….yess twinkle u r doing great…just ignore that badass…
She took her seat beside me on the mat of sand…she was gazing me which brought shivers through my spines…kunj control u have to look confident…n this sweat…urgh
Suddenly she made a hold on my folded hand n rested her head smiling…her gestures showed that she was trying to become that friend which I very much needed….i felt her touch n it was like heaven to me….kunj much say that u had a drastic change but still a poor struggler in love matters….it felt so peaceful with her presence around me n that too so close…kunj u really have a nasty head but my helpless heart…just out of control
After some time we made our way 2wards the hotel n abhimanyu 2wards his house n the best thing was we parted our ways as our routes were totally in opposite direction….thank God atleast isse chutkara to mila
I was driving the car n twinkle was sitting next to me n was blabbering about that abhimanyu…ohh sorry he is twinkle’s Abhi (lolz)…I didn’t utter a single word beccoz I was hurt…don’t know why?? But yes I was…jealous me n I accept that….i m such a loyal person….must say
We reached our hotel..i gave the keys to the guard n he parked the car…I didn’t even look at twinkle but I could sense her blogged glare starring me but I prevented my eyes from meeting her’s n ran into my room.
But suddenly I heard screaming sound from twinkles room…yes it was twinkle
Without having a second thought I ran into her room but the door was open…strange
As I went inside I banged on with her n we landed on her bed..yes really
I was on top of her…but as I met my eyes with her my heart missed a beat…its true
I was really lost in her deep , intense eyes but later noticed her smiling…since then we r in same position mind u that
I asked her,” why r u smiling??” in a meek voice
“u got trapped Mr sadu sarna aka kunj” she said having a victorious smile on her face
Yes it was her plan to catch my attention..but why?? God known…but I rolled my eyes on her statement…but my heart was on the verge of coming of in happiness…yess she did that just to gain my attention…means my ignorance matters her..
“ What did u thought that u can ignore twinkle taneja…if yes then let me remind u that its next 2 impossible” she said
“ Why it even matters to u??” I replied sadly
She didn’t reply my question n kept starring me….we have an eyelock…an intense one which made me go with the flow…


Screen Freezes

Hellooo lovely ppl…
How r u all???
Did u liked kunj’s point of view???
I know I focused completely on kunj but it was necessary becoz a person carrying a personality n attitude I him…falling in love is just a disaster
Its one of the longest episode I have ever written…hehe
But I promise that in next episode I will focus on twinkle…or can say a special attention
N I would like to say that my episode 7th was titled as 6th on my headline as my intro was accompanied with episode 1st …so to rectify my mistake n further misunderstandings I titled my previous episode as 8th ….hope now u got the point
N Ria lamb will soon fall in love with the lion…keep reading
Thank u all for ur consistent love n support

Credit to: Shatakshi

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