So a lion fell in love with the lamb (episode 8)



Twinj were walking 2gether near ‘Gate Way Of India’…cool breeze made the atmosphere romantic

There was complete silence coz both were enjoying the atmosphere….suddenly twinkle broke the silence
T : (rubbing her hand as it was cold) wow what a weather….i just love this n guess what Mumbai ke bin mausam ki bearish…its just too amazing
K : Hmmm
T : (she stops) what hmmm??? This is all u have to say about this lovely weather (crossing her hands)
K : (lacking words) what more to say…yaa its good n soothing..thats all (he says casually)
T : you know what now I came to know ur problem…its just u have many things in ur heart but u lack words to express ur feelings (this all was going so easily as if they r not the same kunj n twinkle as earlier)
K : I think the same but I had always been quite in my nature…..there were many ups n downs in my life but my patience is what made me or rather say gave me the position where I m standing
Twinkle was not expecting such personal answer but yeah he is opening up…seeing this she got a smile on her face
K : now u tell me about u coz I only know that u have a hobby to create siyappas n nothing else
T : About me…really so I m a simple girl loves her family n makes efforts to see them happy but yaa don’t think that I always smile or do drama so I don’t have any problems…all have problems including me but sometimes such foolish acts can relax u from stress…its just like a medicine n a weapon to hide ur pain but some times ppl like u prefer anger, hatred to hide it…am I right or am I wro…yaar how can I forget that I m never wrong (n she giggles)
K : (surprised) u r much more matured that u look but yeah every1 have u darker side in ur life n same goes with me
T : then why do u hurt urself knowing half truth. N yes why r u cursing Usha Maa for the sin she had never done
As soon as he heard this he stood there in shock
T : (continues) u might be wondering that how I know her, right?? But that anyways doesn’t matters …important is that u must know the entire truth…u think after ur dad’s death she left u n ran with that Ahuja…yes she did but that’s an incomplete truth u know….yes she left u but there was a reason
K : (in a low tone as if he is gonna burst out crying anytime) no reason is so big that makes a mother to leave her child (saying this he fell on his knees n was crying like a baby)
T : (twinkle ran n went near kunj. As soon as she went near him, he hugged her n started crying. Twinkle was consoling him) please listen 2 me coz after listening my words u will surely have no reason 2 hate her n yourself too….that day yes she left u but u know what that Ahuja blackmailed ur mom 2 go with her or else he would kill u n take away ur share of property….she thought that with money u can at least survive coz ur dad’s n mom’s shares were already overtook by him
She just wanted to see u alive, that’s all…she sacrificed her entire life for u….if she was selfish then she would have preferred to live happily by sacrificing ur life or rather even after going with Ahuja she would have lived a happy n luxurious life…but no she is living in an NGO n regretting for loosing u every single day of her life
As soon as Kunj heard this he looked 2wards twinkle
K : (shocked) how do u know this all???
T : its not important….at least right now
K : (coldly) where is she???
T : Amritsar
K : Amritsar???
T : Yes Amritsar…my cousin Mahi is running that NGO on behalf of me as I do the same in Canada….we all regularly chat through skipe n on calls….she told me every thing
That day when I saw that photo in ur drawer I found that face similar coz she has completely changed now…..her swollen eyes coz she cries always, pale skin n a lifeless body (she has teary eyes)
Kunj was listening all this with tears in his eyes…Suddenly he stands up n says
K : I want to meet her…(behaving like an insane)
T : (smiles) we will surely meet her after completing our work…I promise we will visit Amritsar par till than have patience n just be back in ur tashan coz I must say u look handsome in that arrogant look (trying hard to change the topic)
Kunj nods in agreement n gives a smile on her talks
They were walking silently
T : (suddenly) Hey shall we visit Marine Drive…what say. Its near
K : As u say (camly)
T : Oye don’t be so sweet otherwise I will get diabetes (dramatically)
Kunj gave her a wired look
T : (smiles) That’s perfect…
N they both burst out laughing
Meanwhile twinkle was admiring kunj as she had never experienced his softer side (sajna ve plays in bg)
Kunj notice this n stops
K : (sarcastically) Don’t stare at me like this or else mujhe nazar lag jaige
T : hawww copy cat (n gives a punch on his shoulder)
K : I think I m still ur Boss (with a grin)
T : (realizing what she did) I..I m sorry
K : (gave a mild smile) its okay
By the time they reached Marine Drive

T : wow such a beautiful place…soothing weather…everything is just perfect (happily)
K : Hmmm
T : Can I ask u something???
K : Hmmm (kunj is busy in enjoying the weather)
T : (shaking him) Hey I m talking u… r u listening??
K : Ya..ya I m listening
T : In party….were u really jealous
K : (suddenly stopped walking but then started walking again) No…No not at all. I was not jealous it was just that u r my PA…n l was searching u but u were with that….
T : Hmmm..(sadly)
Time was passing like the breezes….calm n cool
Twinj were walking quietly but deep in their heart they were happy n satisfied….they didn’t realize that it was early morning…..the sunrise…they enjoyed the scene n their company too
This was the best feeling ever…this twinkle is driving me crazy n yeah I feel over possessive like the way if have never felt for anyone but n I agree to this point…maybe she bothered to look up in my problem is what making me attracted towards her….i mean yeah I like her…Ohh God I cant fall for such a foolish, drama queen n of course how can I forget her siyappas…they r so irritating but yeah in fact of all this irritating qualities I like her or rather say that I m in love….i wonder if it is not just a soft corner in my heart as she made me feel special like no one ever cared off.noi its confirm that it is love….wow it is such a wonderful feeling I must say…it’s the happiest day of my life but wait a minute am I forgetting something important??? Yes I m…I m such a can I forget to compliment her as today she is looking a princess from heaven…There was a complete silence as we were hedding towards our hotel when I decided to broke up my silence..
K : umm..twinkle I wanted to say u something
Finally I got words to broke the silence…I never found it soo difficult be4 but she gave me a casual look n signed me to speak up
Kunj u can do it..its not that difficult u just have to give her a simple compliment…I was consoling myself but Why the hell it is so difficult 2 compliment a girl…urgh..i would always hate myself if I fail to compliment her…its all new for me
K : umm..the thing is that u r looking nice today
Ohh God kunj u finally did it…my heart was dancing n was a having a victorious smile on my face but it fades as I gained courage n took a glare at twinkle who was seeing me by narrowing her eyes…
T : Just Nice??
Ohh freak I m sick like hell…nice…is this a compliment….
K : n.o no I mean to say beautiful..
As soon as she heard this a bright curve appeared on her face
T : u know what u r soo cute
She pulled my cheeks by saying so
K : don’t do that
I warned her n she left out a small giggle..she look damn cute but to be frank it was really irritating as she pulled my cheeks sticking her tough to tease…this girl leaves no stone unturned to irritate me but anyways I love her n its true
We both stared at each other n burst out laughing
Screen Freezes

Hellooo all…how was the episode??
Did u liked it??
N see finally twinkles drama, love ,affection n most importantly mad kunj fall for her
The love which he was needed had made his way …
N thank u all for ur comments…they r so sweet…n u ppl put ur time in reading n commenting on my..sorry sorry our ff coz we all r like a family afterall…makes me feel blessed
Love u all…

Credit to: Shatakshi

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