So a lion fell in love with the lamb (episode 6)


Hellooo lovely ppl…I know u all may be heart broken with the news of Sidhant quitting the show…but don’t be sad we all fans will remember him through our ff n posts….
N sorry for being late….lets start


We were still hugging each other but suddenly kunj broke the hug n stormed of my room…without giving me time 2 think something….seems like something was bothering him..but what????…nevermind…urgh
I think he went half his way n then returned back 2 my room. He was standing on the door frame…” sorry” that’s the word I heard him speaking…really???…yess it was not a dream. I was sitting on my bed completely blogged but again be4 I could speak anything he made his way 2wards his room again… I was like what was that??? But his childish act made me smile.


What is happening 2 me??? N what a childish act it was…..this siyappa queen is changing she?? No never this is just impossible. But that hug why did I fell to consol her for the pain I m giving her purposely to make her hurt…urgh this is too much
Ohh I this jhanjhat(problems) I forgot about the meeting at 7pm.
After sometime I got into my party suit for meeting…sounds strange but yeah it was a masquerade. Mr Gujral has organized a masquerade party for getting a huge project n so we were invited…I have already informed twinkle about it but don’t know whether she is out from that trauma…. I set my hair up n was tying the laces of my shoes when I heard a knock on my room door…”Come in” I said in a high pitch so that the person can hear it

I heard the opening of the door but as I was tying the laces I didn’t looked up. The person stood in front of me. My eye went on her foot coz only that was in my range…it was a heel…an alexis heel… my eyes went up to see the person n I was shocked…hell shocked as she was twinkle….she wore a strapless grape floor length long gown with hairs open…she was looking soo beautiful ….like a princess ….but wait how can I describe ladies wear??? Leave it (here r the links)

I stood up n saw her standing n I said,” r u ready??”
“yes I m “ she said blankly…but why?? No expressions on her face which made her bright evergreen face fully faded
We left the place
___* POV ENDS*____

It was not becoz of awkwardness or something but something else…something strange

The party was on n at full swing…
Mr Gujral went near twinj n greet them
G : wow what a pleasant surprise Mr sarna…welcome in my party
K : (shaking his hand with him) Mr Gujral firstly congrats for achieving new heights in ur business…n the party seems interesting
Mr Gujral looks at twinkle…kunj notices this
K : she is my PA Miss Twinkle Taneja n twinkle he is Mr….
Mr Gujral forwards his hand 2wards twinkle
G interpting) Myself Abhimanyu Gujral (they shake their hand)…must say she is beautiful
Twinkle smiles at his compliment n kunj narrows his eyes as soon as he heard this but then ignored
Abhimanyu Gujral is the owner of Gujral Company. Like kunj he too has achieved all this at a very early age n is among the most eligible bachelors in India along with kunj.
G : u guys carry on n yeah see u on the dance floor
Twinj gave an awkward smile 2 each other but 2 break this situation twinkle forwarded her hand to kunj…yes twinkle (yaar kunj kuch to kam tu bhi karle…lol)
Kunj gave her a blogged look n in return twinkle gave a sign of assurance so he gave his hand
As it was a masquerade party so they put up the masks on their face n the song starts

We made our way 2wards the dance floor n the DJ started sanam re..
We faced each other..i kept my hand on his shoulder expecting him to reciprocate it by keeping his hand on my waist..but no…how can I even expect this from this saduu arrogant sarna so having no response I took his hand n placed it on my waist…after I did this he had a slight grin on this face…yess a smile which looked as if it was saying many things…like he thought I forgave him…but no why should i?? coz the mistake was very big…but nevermind coz I can see the changes in him…his eyes express much more that his words. He never say anything but I can see the pain in his eyes, feelings of being hurt n much more n I guess I know the reason but lets talk about it later.
We were dancing softly n yes my plan was working….only drama alone cannot change a person but it do requires love, affection n care. N yes I m doing the same.
He twirls me n as announced there was a change in partners…I didn’t like that…really??..yess..ohh god what a dilemma… but anyways my eyes were searching him n suddenly I spotted him…yes it was he n seems that he too was searching some1…maybe me but due 2 mask he was unable to do so
I was least bothered about with whom I m dancing with but I heard him speaking…familiar voice,” You r searching Kunj, right? “ n yes it was Abhimanyu I mean Mr Gujral
“No, not at all” this was the sudden reply came to my mind
Still we were dancing along with talking…I enjoyed his company coz he was so simple n went on


Atlast I spotted twinkle from that crowd but…wait a minute she is talking n laughing with a stranger
I concentrated 2wards the man with whom n came 2 know that it was that Gujral…ohh God…but what is she doing with him???…this girl n just look at this girl smiling n laughing with him..but why do I even bother…but I should bother coz some other man is flirting with my PA n its her duty to stay with me n not him…
As I was busy in my thoughts…I found some1’s hand slipping inside my blazer…ohhh Damn a girl…my dancing partner…she was just coming close 2 me n I was trying hard to rescue myself but all in vain
“ Hey come on its party time n u r lost somewhere else” the girl said to which I faked a smile as I didn’t wanted 2 create a scene over here but from inside I was boiling like hell by seeing his twinkle…
Finally the song got over…every1 removed their masks…twinkle looked at me n smiled but was in no mood to smile at her coz I was boiling from inside
I went near them, grabbed twinkles hand n took her from there
I didn’t even bothered to look at that Gujral but sensed him looking us as we made our way out…all the time twinkle looked at me confused but I prevented my eyes from meeting hers…why I m acting so insane???
___*POV ENDS*___
Kunj brought Twinkle outside the hotel….cool breezes were flowing
T : (in a low tone) what happened??? Is there something wrong or some problem (concern in her voice)
K : (yelling) u know what the problem is u…
Twinkle gave him a confused look
K : don’t give such looks to me coz I m ur boss n its ur duty to stay with me n not that gujral coz I m the 1 who is paying u n not him….n see how madam was enjoying his company (he was angry but for the first time twinkle have seen a possessive kunj behind his anger n not that attitude wala kunj…seeing this she smiles)
T : (in a way singing of singing to tease him) someone is getting jealous (n giggles)
K : I m not jealous
T : who said I was talking about u (dramatically)
K : (look at her) u know what u r just impossible
N he started moving from there leaving twinkle behind…she smiles seeing his childish act
T : arree wait for me( n she runs behind him)

Screen Freezes

Did u liked the episode??
Hey everyone cheer up becoz we have to go a long way…n plzzz don’t stop visiting tu page even if u r qutting the show like Sid becoz its like a family…..
Be happy…

Credit to: Shatakshi

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