So a lion fell in love with the lamb (episode 5)


Hellooo lovely ppl…luv u loads
Guys there is message from one our friend Shreya the writer od “Yehi hai Ishq” that due to health issues n its serious so she wont be able to publish any episodes n as doctors recommended her to take complete rest so this made her unable to publish next episodes…..Hey shreya get well soon dear as we all r ready to wait for ur ff n yeah plzzzz take complete rest…..
N guys thanks a lot for ur constant as well as consistent support…love u all
As u all might be knowing that we r gonna tour India n especially Mumbai so I have decided to make u all really feel as if u r travelling…so plzz bear me for this episode as from tomorrow I have planned something special for u all…
AT AIRPORT (Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport)

Twinj landed in Mumbai as the meeting was 2 be healed there itself
T : (spreading her arms) FINALLY!!! it feel so good returning back after 17 like hugging the entire country at once…
Meanwhile our kunj was busy looking at twinkle ….he too enjoyed the atmosphere n yess there was a soothing air around which hypnotized him…kind of. But when he came back 2 his senses he found twinkle no where..
He found her in the taxi queue but no….
Suddenly he heard a cheering sounds, clappings which caught his attention n yes who is the best attention gainer in this world?? Yesss of course its twinkle n so she was…
Kunj entered in from the huge crowd outside the airport
Here twinkle was standing on a taxi…as soon as she saw kunj she started singing n made her way 2wards him

Chali re, chali re
Junoon ko liye
Katra , katra lanho ko diye
Pinjre se uda dil ka shikra
Khudi se maine ishq kiya re
(she looks at kunj an winks)
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya ohhh

N song went on…after that the crowd clapped for her n went on
Twinkle snapped her be4 kunj who was shocked
T : kya hua?? (what happened??)
K : kuch nahi I was just wondering that u never fail to gain attention (sarcastically)
T : come on it was just an alarm for India that…TWINKLE TANEJA IS BACK (n she shouts in happiness)
K : (happy 2 see her childish behavior but then hides) aab to ho gaya na…to aab chale coz we have a meeting with Mr. Gujral 2day..n for that we need 2 reach the hotel n for that we have 2 leave from here so come fast my car is waiting near gate 2
T : (rolling her eyes) ya ya whatever
Twinj reached the hotel n as kunj had already booked the rooms they head 2wards their rooms when suddenly…
They were in front of the door as the room was side by side but a person from room service said
Person : (to twinkle) mam r..r u sure u r 2 stay here(stammering)
T : (looking at kunj was also confused like her n then turning back 2 the man) yes why not…koi problem hai kya iss room me?? (there is an problem in this room??)
Person : (stammering) m…mam i..i mean ye..yes. this room is haunted. No 1 even the house keeping don’t dare 2 enter this room.
T : (twinkle who was confused earlier starting laughing) hahahahahaha…u mean 2 say ghost n all…wow very funny n by the way yaha safed(white) saree wali chudail bhi hai kya jo candles leke aati hai(here there is a witch wearing white saree n holding candle in her hand) …red lipstick messy hairs..long nails n she sings Gumnaam hai koi…(twinkle was enacting all this)
Person : (a bit disappointed with her reply) aapko agar nahi maana hai to theek hai par no body will come for ur help if there is any problem
T : whatever…but what is the reason for calling it as a haunted room
P : (suspense in his voice) once this room was known as one of the best rooms in our entire hotel…its ventilation…its view…everything is just osum but now….5 years ago a newly married couple came for their honeymoon….the man wasn’t happy with his marriage n left the girl n left the hotel with his gf…that night she burnt her alive from that day whoever entered this room has died or now lying in mental asylum so plzzz it’s a request don’t stay here
T : (earlier she was laughing but now she is little bit scared..she managed 2 hide her fear) its okay there is nothing like that n yeah I will stay here so no worries
Meanwhile our kunj was enjoying her fear but deep inside he knew that he was hell scared….he didn’t even utter a single word between their convo
Both twinkle n kunj went inside their respective rooms but our twinkle madam…within few seconds she remembered all Gods n said
T : (hell scared) babaji plzzz bacha lena..uss sadu ke chakkar me mere 2 band bach gaye…but what 2 do agar use pata chal jata ki I m scared of ghosts then he would have again got a chance 2 tease me….
(plzzz babaji save me…becoz of this kunj I m in trouble…if he got 2 know that I m afraid of ghosts then again he will get a chance 2 trouble me)
Suddenly lights started blinking, some noises were coming from bathroom n yeah winds were making a horrified sound (I know its filmy but what 2 do this was very much needed for this Punjabi pataka)

I entered a lavish room fully decorated with paintings n yes ofcourse they didn’t failed 2 catch my attention but those lights…urgh they r horrifying…I don’t know what kind of a man is kunj coz how could he leave a girl alone in this so called haunted place…but I wonder coz this is such a beautiful room n the person told that no housekeeping staffs enter the room…strange I must say
I started checking up the lights which were giving mild attacks 2 my heart n those winds n noises how can I forget them…this is just too filmy…. Suddenly the lights turned off completely leaving a dark room n a blank me behind…”now this was only needed” I grunt frustrated…twinkle u r not afraid of any1…I said consoling myself in that hell dark room…yess I agree I m afraid but what should I do now….
Within a fraction of time I felt a pair of soft hands holding my waists…I was not in a mood 2 meet any ghost…wait what did I say??? Ghost!!!!! I was standing there num unable 2 react n I fainted…yes I did
My head was aching like hell but somehow I managed 2 open my eyes everything was blurry but I found some1 sitting beside me on bed…yaa bed…but how did I reached there???? Lots of thoughts were revolving in my small mind but my eyes got widen as soon as I saw kunj sitting beside…it seems that he was desperately waiting for it

There was complete silence in the room for few seconds but I broke it coz there were many questions 2 be answered n I think he may have them all
“what happened ??? n why r u in my room??? My bed?? N yeah why don’t I remember anything???”
I spoke out all at once n was waiting for the answer desperately…but wait why aint he answering ??? is he ignoring my questions??? N that desperation I spoke out again,” Are u dead??? Or insane?? Answer me damit…ya now I remember I felt some1’s hand on my waist n then I fainted…but what next??? Who was he?? A ghost or…
Be4 I could continue I felt a hand on my mouth…the same soft one…ya I sensed it


This girl is a tsunami…ohh GOD.
I Kept my hand on her mouth to prevent her from speaking,” will u let me speak??? Ohh no how can I forget u r THE TWINKLE TANEJA aka TT but for the sake of almighty plzzz give break 2 ur mouth n about that incident…that was all a plan 2 trouble u…I paid the house keeping to cook up a horror story which will make u afraid n ultimately would give me peace n yeah that hand was mine as I thought it would spice up ur fear but I was wrong…u actually fainted n at last l got u on the bed…that’s all.” I told all at once n my eyes closed as if I have done a sin n was like a confession…but eyes closed seriously kunj living with this drama queen I have started behaving like her….what???what did I say??? No ways this can never happen

I was waiting for her 2 speak up something as my eyes were still closed but after getting no response I opened my left eye slightly 2 take a look…I found her eyes popped out n was directing something 2wards her mouth…oh God why always I take time 2 understand her…n my hand was still on her mouth. But be4 I could remove it she bit my hand…like seriously???…yess
But but but its still to go…she bit my hand which made my hand automatically away from her mouth n suddenly I felt a soft body hugging me tight…really a tight one


I don’t know why but yeah I hugged him…it was really a bone crushing hug. It was really needed to me. I felt kunj patting my back which symbolized a sign of guilt in him…it felt so good in his arms
His masculine sculpted body was like a heaven….yes I know I know that he is my boss n that too arrogant n bla bla bla…… but I must say I felt peace in his arms…n I was smiling….really 

Screen freezes

I know that todays episode was boring but trust me guys…do read my next episode becoz there is a surprise waiting for u all… n I also know that I m early today…hehe
Love u all

Credit to: Shatakshi

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