So a lion fell in love with the lamb (episode 4)


I know I m wrong…its wrong 2 hurt some1 emotionally…n punishing for the mistake which was not intentional…but this was for my respect n nobody can hurt it…anyways THE PHOTO…yes she was usha aunty but her photo was doing in kunjs drawer….something is fishy n I have 2 find it out….
But twinkle must say that u r a great dancer n singer..she says “Mai paida he hot hue thi” n then laughs at her stupidity.
As she was in her dreamy land so she didn’t noticed that kunj had entered the cabin


I entered the cabin n found this twinkle madam playing with her hairs n thinking something…ohh God jab bhi yeh aase shant rehti hai aasa laga hai ki koi tuffan se pehle ka sannata hai (ohh God when this girl stays quite it seems that something is gonna happen)
Kunj was imagining twinkles previous siyappas n got scared likewise he made his scared face which twinkle was seeing as she was out from TWINKLE IN WONDER LAND phase. Kunj saw her composed himself back with his attitude
K : (rudely) I think u r in a wrong place…
Twinkle gives a confused look
K : why r u looking at me confused…yeah I m right coz if u want 2 dream then garden is a better place than sitting in kunj sarnas cabin n doing so…. u will be paid on the basis of ur work abitilies n not ur siyappa abilities
T : ohh I m sorry but I thought in ur huge empire ppl atleast have the liberty 2 think coz all other liberties r taken by I saying right or am I saying wro…oh sorry I m never wrong n regarding ur work….its all up 2 date so no worries n just take a chill pill (giving her million dollar smile)
Kunj gives a nevermind look 2 her n then continues
K : whatever (rolling his eyes) n btw I not came here 2 argue with u but 2 inform that we have 2 leave for India 2morrow
T : (least bothered) okay then go…who stopped u from going aur vaise bhi(anyways) if u go then I will be the happiest one on this earth (in her full to drama mode) kaash aasa jaldi ho jaye
K : Ohh hello madam I think u should go for ear checkup coz I said WE n not I (stressing the words)
Twinkle who was not making any eye contact immediately stood up on her heels n said
T : (fully shocked) WHAT??? W..WHAT D..DID U SAY??? I m also going with u….r u kidding me or what n anyways I m not gonna go with u coz I have a huge family 2 take care of n they wait for me eagerly till I return home n also they don’t eat their food without me soo no chance…I wont go
K : I was not asking ur permission but it is an order…orelse u may leave this job….now I think 2 feed ur so called huge family u need this job n if u what this job then u have 2 listen my rules (arrogantly_
T : (showing her fingers 2 kunj) hey don’t u dare utter a single word about my family n regarding coming with u I m ready (showing her full tashan)
Now our kunj is habitual of such kind of language so no reaction from his side he just preferred 2 continue n said
K : n plzzz for the sake of almighty don’t wear such kind of dresses coz the clients r very important for me n our company so no more siyappas (camly)
Twinkle was listening all this obediently like a kg student listen 2 the instructions of its teacher (bade bade shehero me aase chote chote baate hote he rehti hai seniorita…aur twinkle ko asses jhatke lagte rahte hai)
Kunj instructed all the important things n asked her 2 take a half day 2 go for shopping n yes she has 2 keep the bills in companies account
T : (shocked) wait a second…kya mere kaan baj rahe hai yar sooraj aaj uga he nahi…THE KUNJ SARNA is giving halfday 2 me n that too for shopping n that too for free…but no need I will manage the expenses
K : oye chandni chwak ke dukan ke kapde kharidne ke liye nahi kaha hai…I want branded dresses n its costly
T : ooo I see…but I will pay
K : as u wish but I know u will regret…anyways I will reduce it from ur first salary
T : that’s better (with tashan)
Twinkle left the place n went for shopping. She winded up with all her shopping, packing n all such stuffs…

Twinkle was busy with children when she received a msg from kunj
Kunj msg : 2morrow morning 9:30 sharp
Twinkle msg : yup I’II be there

Here kunj have already reached the airport but our twinkle as usual late…kunj tried 2 call her but..urgh this phone she is not picking it up…he got irritated
K : (frustrated) I told this girl 2 reach by 9:30 as we have 2 check in but no…she wont listen…I think I should check in n I m sure she will come by the time
He went in n was desperately wait but this twinkle…didn’t come
At last it there was announcement for kunj’s fight arrival…now he was hell tensed n ended up with leaving her
Announcements were been made for twinkle but she was no where…all the passengers were ready 2 take off so does kunj…
Atlast our siyappa queen entered with a it was a special flight it managed 2 wait
Twinkle made her seat next 2 kunj n kunj was just glaring at her…she didn’t noticed him as she was busy in handling her stuffs….yess she had a complete make over…her hairs, dress, looks everything as guided by kunj….n kunj was not looking at her angrily but was amazed with her look
Twinkle was wearing a pretty attire her hairs were open n straightened….her glossy pink lips…her framed eyes just made her perfect…perfect as kunjs PA. (here r the links)

He was staring at her as if she is the most beautiful girl in this entire world
Suddenly twinkle saw kunj seeing her n broke the silence
T : I know I m looking hot but plzz don’t look at me like this nahi to mujhe nazar lag jaige
K coming back 2 his senses) very funny but anyways 2day u look like kunj sarnas PA
Twinkle purposely faked a smile 2 irritate kunj…seeing this he rolled his eyes
K : n btw why were u late…u know I was waiting for u for so long…
T : (interrupting) arreee I was on time but u know my family…dadi started giving me ladoos , sonakshi was guiding me to handle my dress…n these heels how I forget this… become Mr Kunj Sarna’s PA I have 2handle it n u know…
K : (interrupts) okay I got it that u were on time but then u got late (says this sarcastically)
Twinkle gives him a dead glare
Suddenly kunj notice twinkle struggling with her hairs as it got stuck in her seatbelt
Slowly he go near twinkle n bend to remove her hair…they were very close…at first twinkle was shocked but then understood the situation n kept looking at kunj
Unknowingly twinkles lips touches kunjs cheeks…both shared an eyelock at that same position (sajana ve plays in the bg) [yess guys for the first time ]
Then they composes themselves n twinkle says thanks to kunj but she notices that her lipstick mark was on his white cheek..
Twinkle thinks
Ohh Babaji again a new siyappa…I have to say him but how??..(she thinks) idea
She moves towards kunj n says
T : wow Kunj…I mean sir u r looking so good (n keeps her hand on his cheeks to rub it)
Kunj is shocked n gives her a wired look (n by the time she ubs it of)
K : r u mad???
T : no no I was just complimenting u (n fakes a smile)
Twinkle thinks : aaj to bach he gaye
Here kunj was in no mood to face her any more siyappas so he preferred to sleep

Screen freezes
Precap : trip to Mumbai…haunted room…lot more to go
Hello every1 so how did u find the episode??
N the first cute scene???
Twinkle’s attire????


Thanks a lot to each n every1 for their loyal n constant support
Hey krystal the day u asked me the links n I was unable 2 do so…I felt bad so guess what I have learnt….hehe
Anyways guys stay connected coz there is lot to go
Stay blesses, stay healthy…luv u all 

Credit to: Shatakshi


  1. Nancy

    Nice… the link is not given dear… plz see to that.. Nice cutevscenes were just too good…

  2. Awwww yaar uh didn’t learn to give the link no problem try n try bt don’t cry. Epi was anil kapoor ke style me bole to jakkkkkkkaaaassssa ??

  3. Sayeeda

    Wowww yrrrr it was too good….. really loved the cute scenes nd tashan too …Oh! how this Sadu Sarna will fall for our Siyaapa Queen will be very interesting to read..I just hope that in anyway ur ff gets built into a serial ..I’m so desperate to watch it out. Thank u yrr for such cute and tashan full ff.

  4. Shreya

    Di if u don’t mind then in ur next epi can u plz inform from my side to all that due to health issues I will not b able to post any epi of my ff ‘yehi hai ishq’..I am really sorry but I really becoming weak bcoz I am suffering from a liver disease .. and bcoz of hot weather, work load and sleeplessness.. I am unable 2 do anything… Doctor has asked me to take complete rest…so sorry if I am troubling u …

    Well I just love u and ur ff…keep going di
    See I am tired typing this much only?????

    • Shatakshi

      Sure shreya I will inform it to everyone… till then take care n recover fast coz I m a regular reader of ur ff….get well soon dear??

  5. tara

    wow… was so good yaar..i mean today only i read it..nd…it was muah…love u..

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