So a lion fell in love with the lamb (episode 3)


Hellooo lovely ppl…how r u all???? I hope u all r enjoying the track….n yes 1 more thing its my 4th episode but as there was an epi along with intro so it will show epi 3…
So lets start

I m completely an insane, aint I ?? but anyways m eyes was filled with tears due 2 immense pain n my heart was dancing like hell…yeah…don’t know why but it was. Kunj I mean my so called khadus arrogant sir is doing all this purposely but as u all know ki mai bhi(that I m) TWINKLE TANEJA….i mean TT HU N ITTNE JALDI HAAR NAHI MANNE WALI. He might be thinking that yeh sab karke(doing such things) he will break me n my confidence but no…unknowingly he is increasing my curiosity day by day….but aabhi kunj se mile hue sirf 3 din hue hai to bhi….yaar twinkle tub hi na pure ke pure jhalli hai (n she hits her head).
But anyways iss mystery man ke uppar 7 volumes ki book bhi likh sakte hai -“KUNJ SARNA N HIS BURNING HEAD”….lol…tub hi na twinkle buss avaiye sochte rehti hai(twinkle u also na think crazy)
Suddenly her chain of insane thoughts can 2 n end when she noticed the ointment in her hand in thinks
“twinkle tub hi appna sara kaam dhandha chod ke(leaving all ur work) mission kunj pe he dhyan de(focus on mission kunj only)…but its not right coz I have 2 handle a huge family so baby concentrate….or else tu job chode na chode yeh sadu will kick u out but be4 that I have 2 keep this ointment safely otherwise phir mujhe pareshan karne ka bahana mil jaiga(again he will get a chance 2 trouble me)” (uff yeah twinkle… so much of blabbering she do…log pure din me jitna baat nahi karta she does that in 1 breath…hehe)
She was searching a place 2 keep the ointment n atlast thought 2 keep it in the drawer. As soon as she opened it she found photo frame….the same photo frame n guess what it bared a pic of a woman…ohh yeah woman the thing kunj use 2 hate the most n that 2 in his drawer…strange….it was a pic of a woman in mid 30’s. it clearly looked n old picture becoz of its bad condition but the lady..she had a very charming face , a fair complexion along with high forehead n small eyes accompanied by long facial structure….twinkle had a strange feeling coz the features of that woman seemed 2 be familiar but be4 she could think anything she heard a loud yell
K : (yelling his lungs out standing at the entrance of the cabin) TWINKLE!!!!! WHAT THE F*CK R U DOING HERE WITH MY PERSONAL STUFF…ohh now I see such down market ppl like u can go 2 any extend….u blo*dy whore…n don’t ever try 2 interfere in my personal life…
Twinkle was entirely in shock coz she didn’t do it intentionally n her heart missed a beat on hearing the word whore…it seemed that her entire world was revolving
She never got such words 2 hear n it gave a deep hurt 2 her self respect but then also she thought of justifying
T : (crying badly n stammering) s..sir i..ts no..thing like that i.i c..ame here to keep this oint…
Be4 she could complete kunj interrupted her

K : (in a high pitch) just leave isse pehle mai yeh bhool jaau kit um ek ladki ho…(be4 I forget that u r a girl)
Twinkle wanted 2 run away but her leg was paining like hell which made her fall twice or thrice. She kept the ointment on the table n managed 2 move out but kunj…he even not bothered look at her
Then kunj sat on his table looking at the photo n then noticed the ointment. He understood the whole situation n though 2 apologize her n went out of his cabin in search of twinkle but on enquiring he came 2 know that twinkle left the office so kunj ran out 2 find her out
He was in his car n was thinking
K : kunj yeh kya kar diya tune…torturing twinkle is different n her self respect is different but kya karu usne kam he aasa kiya ki….arreee yeh mil kyu nahi rahi hai…..langde tang pe kitne doore jaige yehi kahi hona chaheye usse…. (kunj what did u do…but what 2 do she did such kind of act which me angry…she may not go far with her broken legs)
Suddenly his eyes fell on a girl struggling 2 walk n yes it was twinkle…kunj rushed 2wards her
K : TWINKLE (saying from a distance)
She turns back in 2 his surprise she was having a smile n a teary eyes (don’t think guys that she was knowing that he will come n in hope she was smiling but it was 2 irritate kunj n remain strong)
K : (softly) listen twinkle I did…
T : (interrupting) ohh u r talking 2 me..i though I m a whore right n also my standard doesn’t match urs as I m a down market girl (she was in her loud pitch which made crowd gather n was saying dramatically)
K : listen we can talk qui..
T ( again interrupting…yaar yeh twinkle ki hobby hai) OMGGGG THE KUNJ SARNA IS TALKING 2 ME….WOW U MADE MY DAY.. ittna bada adami mujhse baat karega(a famous man is talking 2 me)….it was like dream come true
Ooo bhaiya(hey bro) (talking 2 a person in the crowd) mujhse baat mat karna coz this great man told me that I m a moron….GET IT THAT I M A WHORE(shouting) n jo yeh bade log bole vo to patthar ke lakeer hoti hai na…right (she was saying all this dramatically which made ppl laugh n as u know that she is a great attention gainer n she did it very well)
N our kunj was not in his senses coz aaj bali ka bakra kunj that
He didn’t utter a word n from there in shock but before leaving he glared at kunj n she smirked (tei title track plays)

WHAT WAS THAT??? Obviously a shocking dream…but no it was not….
I left the place n directly went home coz I was not in the condition 2 think anymore. Is she crazy??? Yes she is n her acting…it was irritating…I know it was my mistake but what was the need 2 make a scene on road
Twinkle had a guitar in her hand but as all were busy so no 1 saw her.
She was wearing a cream crop top with a skinny jeans along with a high pony n enters kunjs cabin
As soon as she entered the cabin she started playing song

Used 2 be ur baby, used 2 be ur lady thought u were the perfect lover
All the harmony were fallin’ out of key so noe u gotta find another
Now u talkin’ crazy sayin’ that u made me like I was ur Cinderella
U n me r through though, watch me hit it solo
I’mma do it acapella,yeah
I’mma do it acapella,yeah
(she went 2wards kunj who was shocked as always by her act)
Once upon a time, I met the perfect guy
He had that colgate smile, he had that suit & tie
Mama always said,”get a rich boyfriend” (she winks at kunj accompanied by kunjs jaws touching the ground)
But be4 she could continue he stops her by grabbing her hand n pinning her with the wall hlding her shoulder
T : (smiling) its called as song ohh I m sorry I forgot that u might not be knowing it na so let me introduce it 2 u….so it is known as songs n ppl sing them when they r happy, sad or in any kind of situations…

K : (interrupting) r u kidding me… I know what is a song n btw what is all this drama n ur dress what nonsense its an office n not
T : (interrupting) n not my adda(place) coz I know I m a whore( rolling her eyes)
Hearing this kunj left her n went out of his cabin with anger as always

Screen freezes on his irritating look

Precap : Twinj visit INDIA…. Flight masti….n lot more 2 go so stay tuned

How was the episode???
N the drama??

Thanks 2 krystal (luved my new name), aastha, ritzi (plzzz don’t even think of ending ur ff)
, rashi, cutie pie , loveleen , srija , joshika , smila , hima. S , jaya, bhavika (yaar ittni taarif), panchi , anushka , harna , salma , sayeeda , zikra , ahira mendezz(my new reader) , sam , twinjfan (tamanna) [was missing u dear] , sidmin , ria , Fiona , nisi , romaisah….
N yeah romaisah n ahira I will give English subtitles from now….
N guys as always plzzz keep supporting mystory line n yeah u all r free 2 give suggestions, ur dislike…every thing
I wanted 2 tell that as I m a Mumbaikar I mean as I live n Mumbai so I would be exploring the entire city n this India visit will be long n I will try 2 make it more spiced up
N about the romance…within an epi or 2 it will start but in a tashan style…
Stay blessed, stay healthy….luv u all

Credit to: Shatakshi

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