So a lion fell in love with the lamb (episode 2)


Hey every1….guys I have lot 2 speak so I think u should first read n then listen my bak bak in the end

Episode 3

Precap : twinkle to join kunj company n confront him. Kunj challenges twinkle n she accepts with a condition that she will change the arrogant kunj. Kunj hurts twinkle unknowingly n requests her 2 leave the job as she have 2 bear soo much of pain under his rule…


I left her crying all alone. I know I m doing the same thing which I hate the most but kya karu usse job chodna any cost. I know ki iss mysterious duniya me kuch gine chune aache log bhi hote hai…yaa shayed nahi but anyways iss twinkle ko jald se jald aapne se door karna padega coz I don’t know why afer so many years of pain buried in my heart I feel to speack it up in front of her..might be aaj se pahle kise ne mere personal life me tang addane ki koshish bhi nahi ki aur na maine karne de but this silly girl…urgh I just hate her,….i hate every1 aur apne aap ko bhi

Aagr aap mujhe chod ke nahi jaati to mai aasa kabhi nahi hote (looking at the same photo frame) I would have also led a normal life(he fall on his knees n was crying blithely)

But aab I have 2 focus on twinkle…I have 2 make her leave this job..mai use ittna torture karunga ki wo appne aap yeh job chod degi…be ready miss twinkle taneja

At kunj Company

Here twinkle was convincing her self 2 relax n was also think 2 make kunj happy

T : (thinks) yaar twinkle yeh kon sa naya jhamella le liya hai tune. Aab is sadu arrogant sarna ko kaise badlu. But anyways ghee agar seedhe uhgli se nahi nikle to appne ungli tedhi karni padti hai aur babag aap he na kahte ho ki kisi acche kaam ke liye kuch galat bhi kare to vo bad luck wale account me nahi jaata h aur maafi bhi milti hai so plzzz aap mere help karna (n she smirks as she had made her full proved plan n along with it babag ko itna makkhan(butter) lagaye gi to help milna to banta hai…lol..)

Suddenly kunj entered the cabin as she was his PA so she used 2 sit in his cabin.

Here kunj had composed himself n was completely ready to execute his plan with full of his attitude along with him. He went 2ward twinkle n said

K : (rudely) just get up n come with me

Firstly twinkle gave him a confused look but then she found something fishy n understood that there is another challenging task waiting for her…she made a confident walk n headed out of her cabin

Here kunj was standing midway n was waiting for twinkle…as twinkle came he purposely kept his leg to make her fall in front of every1 n yes….he was successful in doing so.

At first she was shocked n was feeling embarrassed

K : Oops!!! Twinkle what r u doing on the ground..ohh now I get it tu aapne jaghe par hai aur tere jagha mere pairo me hai (n he laughs along with every1 accompanying him)

Twinkle was feeling soo embarrassed that she was feeling 2 run away but uff…this legs it was twisted n she was crying softly but suddenly she thought something n smirked….

T : Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……..(shouting her lungs out) mera pair……aab mai ek akele abla naari kya kya sambhalu….pahle yeh sadu boss, this heels n now this legs (full on dramatically with was irritating….hell irritating)

Every1 closed their ears with fingers as the sound was head aching…indeed…including kunj (ho bhi kyu na…yeh to th great twinkle taneja hai our Punjabi pataka…sabko diwali yaad aa gaye…lol)

K : (irritatingly) What the f*ck was that twinkle…tera gala hai ki loud speaker

T : (dramatically) aab maine kya kiya…mera pair he ittna pain ho raha it ki…aahhhhaaaa…..(she tried 2 get up but was really unable 2 do so she controlled her pain as she didn’t wanted 2 show her weakness infront of every1) aab dekho mai khadi bhi nahi ho paa rahi hu aur app logo ko appne kan(ear) ki padi…HOW SELFISH (yelling moving her head 2wards kunj)

Kunj understood her plan as he saw tears in her eyes n went 2wards her for help. Twinkle readily gave her hand to him. He tried to lift her up but as it was difficult for her 2 stand so he lift her

Twinkle was surprised but then smiled but kunj prevented himself 2 meet his eyes with her.

Suddenly twinkle rolled her arms around kunjs neck which made kunj shocked n he stood there num n she said

T : (whispering in his ears with a sarcastic tone) Dekha bacchu..oh…I mean sir iss giri hue ladki ko appne he uthaya….but 2day I came 2 know that u can go 2 any extend 2 make me hurt but as u know im Twi…ohh sorry I have 2 remind u always so for that theres a shortcut for u..TT (twinkle taneja)…so where I was ohh yeah my name is TT n u cant make me weak coz I will wait n work till the hundredth part of me is broken..n trust me it will take lage raho munna bhai…n yeah u might have heard that one must be stubborn with their goals n flexible with their methods so am I doing with u…(n she gives out a tashan wala smirk)
N 1 more thing what do u think of urseif..huh…SRK??? nay tum to uske 0.1% bhi nahi ho…then let me think…oh I guess RANVEER SINGH…But how could u even think of it…look at his body n look at urself…(now she pretends 2 think deep n says) ohh yaa no I get it…u think u r POPAT LAL from tarak Mehta ka ulta chashma..
K : (damn confused) POPAT LAL!!! Who the hell is this creature
Suddenly twinkle opens up her phone n shows the pic of popat lal…seeing this kunj was shocked

T : haa popat lal..u don’t know him??? R u kidding me…but anyways maine aapko aapke bichade hue bhai se mila diya na…ohh GOD see the similarities tall height, small eyes n uski bhi shaadi nahi hue hai aur aapki kabhi ho gi nahi..(n she giggles sarcastically)


OOHHH GOD NOT AGAIN!!!! This girl is driving me insane…but anyways she is damn ziddi n I have 2 plan something asap to make her leave her job coz I know she will try hard 2 change me but I m done with this hurting mission coz its hurting me more than her. Since 20 years no one even bothered 2 show concern 2 me or even find the reason of my behavior but this silly girl….she is too much. I m a mystery n its better that this mystery should never unfold……
We reached the cabin n I made her sit on her chair n gave her crape bandage n ointment as I was not in the condition 2 fece her but 2 my surprise..uhh..not really he had a smile on her twinkling face…like a victorious one…n she took it n did her first aid. She is trying hard to hide her pain but cant as I have faced such situations n m quite experienced in it…..but anyways what am I doing???? Yaa I know the same thing which hurt me the most… but why??? Obviously 2 make her go away from me…OOHH GOD WHAT A DELIMA!!!!!! N that POPAT LAL…seriously



PRECAP : Twinkle 2 find the same photo frame…..kunjs anger on peak…..guilty kunj

Hellooo every1….GOD U PPL R INCREAIBLE…. 42 COMMENTS….WOW I just feel blessed
Thanks a lot ruchi, jaya, zikra, ritzi, rashi, srija, ria,hima.s, loveleen, jasmine, sayeeda, shreya (no worries dear coz reading n liking it is more important than commenting), salma, anushka, fatarajo(thanks for liking my name), sidmin(twinj) {thanks for adding it in ur fav list}, sam, mitali, krystal(I m relly sorry that I didn’t help u coz I don’t know how 2 put up links..sorry again), salma, romaisah(tysm for ur cute compliment), harna, panchi, Chandra (my jabra fan..hehe..but thanks Chandra ), nisi, jasmine wani(my pleasure dear), Fiona, jazz(tysm for commenting), amii, naina…
Nisi- I will surely add up funny moment…but romance will require 2 epis more…till then plzzz support
Anushka & ruchi – about my previous ff…then I felt no 1 is liking it so I just stopped it..
Fiona – soory I didn’t see ur comment in intro…n yes u r right that was only my ff
Crazy –firstly tysm for reading n commenting…ur ff is going great….n ur suggestions I will surely follow…n I agree with rashi, aastha, sayeeda about longer tashan part…so definitely dear I’II do it..
Hey guys I really didn’t thought that there r readers of my previous ff so I stopped it but now as I came 2 know that u were liking it so I have planned 2 write it but due 2 lack of time n this ff I will be posting late coz first I’ii focus on this one n afer completing it I will move further…
N guys if u all don’t mind then can I have ur insta account names…my name is S.SHATAKSHI
N this tashan will go long but added up with some love…

Credit to: Shatakshi

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    1. Hey Krystal…guess what my friends call me sattu n this page is like my friends…. Loved it…n thanks for reading…at last u got the links..tnx for sharing it??

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    hey di actually i didn’t read your ff from episode 1 but i was just scrolling down and saw your ff which had 42 comments so i was like ye kis khet ki mooli hai(sorry) so i just checked it from the intro and found that u r a fab writer and many more interesting writers are there and i am reading their ff too 8 of them and now 1 more :yours
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