So a lion fell in love with the lamb (episode 12) FINAL EPISODE





A new day again but with different glaze…now my life is complete
I was disturbed by the sunrays which forcefully made me to wake up from my beautiful dream…no no not dream but the most beautiful reality which completely changed my life…our life
My twinkle is with me now….My life without her is just a nightmare for me
I woke up n saw twinkle beside me…don’t take me wrong but yes the entire night we fitted ourself on this small sofa…either of us didn’t spoke a single word the entire night…but each other’s presence made it the beautiful night ever…twinkle leaned her head on my shoulder n I…giving her support
We slept in same some position the entire night…I m not kidding
The best feeling is to find twinkle next to me…I must say she is the most beautiful thing ever happened to me
I slightly made my way towards the washroom…making twinkle lie on sofa comfortably
Ohh God this cramps…my whole body is paining like hell but nevermind..i can do such thousand stunts when my twinkle is with me
I had a quick shower…but when I came out…twinkle was no where
For a second my heart missed a beat…the fear of loosing twinkle was all over my face
With in no time I made my way towards her room in search of her….as soon as I entered some humming sounds went into my ears…yes it was twinkle taking her shower…I was relieved
I knocked the door to confirm her presence
K : (in low voice) Twinkle??
Suddenly her song stopped n she replies
T : yes kunj its me
K : When did u wake up??
T : Kunj don’t be so possessive…n fear just take it out of ur mind…I wont leave u ever…but please first let me take my shower
Ohh God this girl…she can read my mind…I thought only I have got the sense to read up her mind
I was waiting for her…sitting on her bed

K : Do u need any help?? (he said naughtily)
T : Help?? In shower?? Ohh yes why not…please come in
On hearing this I was like “ Is she mad?”…but anyways she perfectly know how to stop me…smart girl
I rolled my eyes n said “whatever”…I can hear her soft giggle form inside

Soon she entered the room with her wet hairs n her pretty pink crop top n black denims…OMG she looks killer..kunj mind ur language..but why should I mind..she is all mine now
She made her way towards me with her evergreen smile which made me stand…she hugged me n gave a small peck on my cheeks…yes she really did
Its all new for me but I must say its really great to experience….I smiled on her act
She wrapped her hand around my neck n unknowingly I placed mine on her waist..
T : Kunj u r so unromantic …I think I m the man in our relationship…a dominating one
What did she say?? It means that I m the recessive one…come on kunj be a man…she had questioned on u..
I rolled her around n made my grip tight around her waist…I can she a surprised twinkle be4 me due to my sudden response…I leaned towards her shining lips n said
K : now also u think that I m unromantic
T : (giggles) Yes
Is she trying to provoke a wild kunj within me…but for time being she is teasing me…I leaned hardly leaving any distance between us
K : Really
No sooner I said this I felt a soft lips on mine…at first I was not in position to react as it was too quick but then I gave in
It was a passionate kiss…guess what now my wild kunj was out n I rolled her again n lifted her…deepening the kiss
I didn’t measure the time but can say that it was a long one…this much long which made us out of breath…
At last I broke the kiss…n took a look at twinkle
Her eyes were glassy….i cupped her face n within no time she hugged me…a bone crushing hug
T : (whispers) Thank u kunj for coming into my life
Now she was crying….n I was rubbing her back to calm her down….i can feel her happiness
Suddenly she broke he hug…wiped her face n said
T : But anyways I m more dominant n u have to agree that
She giggles n I smiled at her words
T: I have a surprise for u
She gives me an envelop…it had tickets of AMRITSAR
K : (lifting her up) wow twinkle…I really love u…
T : u know I m selfish…its not for u…its for us (smiles)

We r in front of a big villa n I glared 2wards twinkle
T : yes…maa is inside…she is not knowing anything…it’s a surprise
Now I made my way inside…as soon as entered the villa an old lady with pale skin n swollen eyes was sitting…yess she is maa
She saw me entering but didn’t recognize….its not her fault becoz I have completely changed n became handsome , dashing….i know I know I m boasting myself but yeah its true…
I sat near her legs n kept my head on her lap…I can sense that she was completely blogged but twinkle was behind me who as an assuring look to her
She understood….cupping my face she cried….
It was great to feel my lifes 2 most important person together…
She was happy with our relationship…

There were ups n downs in my life
But it ends now…at this moment
The hardships I faced
The loneliness I suffered
The emptiness in my life is like a past for me
The sleepless nights
The broken heart
The scary dreams
Is my past
But now I have love , blessings
And someone to care
Which earlier was like a dream to me
Has became a reality
The reality so my life
N now I can say
. (Have patience..the story is not yet over)
“That was just soo perfect” is the thing I can say
They r the best couple I have ever came across…
But I feel pity becoz they haven’t changed yet…
She throws the same tantrums
He shows the same attitude
She is still the same drama queen
N he is still the arrogant sarna
But but there is a change in their love…yes
They love each other even more they used to…
Ohh sorry sorry u must me wondering who the hell is me
So let me first introduce myself
Yes u guessed right…the one n only son of Sadu Sarna n Drama Queen…I mean Kunj Sarna n Twinkle Sarna…I m just 13 years old….let me warn u that I m not a kid…
Sometimes I wonder on Gods creation…I m just a blend of both
I carry patience but with a ting of madness
I carry maturity but with a ting of drama
I m the problem solver but a siyappa creator too
I know u all might be bored
Its there 15th marriage anniversary
All r busy with their own work
Mommy is busy in romancing with dadda
She is still the dominant one…or can say that the “MAN” of her relationship
N dadda he is still struggling with romance…sometimes I feel that I can romance better than him with my girlfriend…don’t narrow ur gaze yes I do have a girlfriend
See all r disturbing me…Ohh crap they r calling me for cake cutting session…I m really a dumbass
But anyways first I have to keep my dadda’s personal diary at its place…becoz if he comes to know that I read his entire love story n this session is going on since many days then really I m dead
But anyways it was fun reading a love story which is so pure
Love is not just wanting each other or fulfill ur desires …it never makes anyone weak
It’s a feeling which makes a person the strongest ..
Now really I have to sign off……………


Helloo lovely ppl
I know it was a shock for u…an unexpected shock that I m ending
Well it was for me too…
This all happened within an hour in which I have to decide…n yes this was my decision
There r many commitments to be fulfilled
Many expectations n many goals to be achieved
N for that this step was necessary
It was really tough but yes its true
I really don’t know whether in future I will be able to write anything on this page or even I can visit it…
But yess one thing I know is that I will be loving u all…n yes ofcourse will miss u all a lot
I hope u all will support me n my decision…but yes if I get time I will entertain u all through my os
N please don’t think that I m leaving becoz someone is copying my ff n pasting it on other site faking their name…but yes one message to that person…plzzz stop doing this becoz its my hardwork n I m really connected to this ff…its not right to copy paste someones writing on other sites…I hope u got that n yes I will wait for ur 13th episode which will be originally written by u…but anyways I don’t have any grudges as its my last day in tu family..
I promise all that I will do comment in free time…
N plzz don’t forget me…becoz I devoted an important phase of my life on this page…
I must say I got many sisters on this page n I love them all…I wont take any name specially as I feel the same for all…n for silent readers too
Its just that today whole time I will be on tu page…waiting for ur comments..i think for the last time
N plzzz do comment…a small ‘BYE’ will do but plzz comment…a request to all the silent readers


Credit to: Shatakshi

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  1. I ll miss u suprb ff yaar i wish dat dis ff doesnt end soon bt its already sone u sounded lyk bunny nyc ff lov u lots n miss u

  2. that was just AWESOME!!!!!!!

  3. awesome..i really loved ur ending!!

  4. forever fan of twinj

    Sahtakshi di kya yaar aapne meri puri mehnat pe pani pher diya.pata hai Maine kitne pappad bele the crazy di ko manane k liye par aap vo pappad kha gayi .very bad haan.
    Now crazy di aap batao mar diya jaye ya chod diya jaye.bolo meri di ink saath kya kiya jaye:-) 🙂 🙂
    And shatakshi di aap bhi na ye kya kya.end kr diya vo bhi itni jaldi.not fair.par koi Baat nahi jao maaf kiya after all carrer bhi toh zaroori hota hai jaise har ek frnd zaroori hota hai.
    N btw I m from UP Frnds???

  5. Amazing yaar! I will reaally miss ur ff! Plz be in touch dear! Love u loads!

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    Continue writing.

  7. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    shatakshi…gonna miss u yaar…it was really a very good fan….not only good I can say the best ff….love u n ur ff…

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