So a lion fell in love with the lamb (episode 11)


Now I have to figure it out…I have to express my feelings to twinkle…but What If she rejects…I m sure that I cant handle this rejection…urgh…I just hate myself to love a girl who is far better than me
I know she deserves better…atleast better than a sadu, arrogant n stupid boss like me…who has held himself in a nutshell of his ego n personal problems…she don’t deserve to look after me n my problems for entire life…But yes I describe my faults so well…
She is pure from her heart n have to find out who is that lucky guy…I think I have 0.01% of chance to be the one…lets take a chance…what say??? Yes becoz I can’t loose her
We reached our hotel…frankly saying our work is done here but I have to wait here till I make twinkle fall in love with me so when I meet maa I can show her the love of my life…my twinkle…n yes ofcourse her Daughter in law….like kunj seriously DIL?? …that was too much
The Day was damn hectic n within no time I slept….

Its again a new day…a new start but this day is very important for me…my love..n everything connected to me
I have to start my full proved plan from today itself…wondering what is that??…me too..yeah earlier I was totally messed up with what can I do to know twinkle’s feelings…but u know what…Internet Zindabaad
Like seriously I used Internet u make my Plan…as soon as I typed “How to know a girl’s feelings for u??”…u won’t believe but yeah it gave me thousands of ideas…n the one I loved the most was ‘JELOUSY TEST’
I know I know it sounds a bit creepy…but guess what as soon as I came across several feedbacks of many experienced players in this field…I got to know that burning a girl..jealousy n such kind of things really makes her confess her feelings….wow…I mean just jealousy can make up my entire life
We don’t have to much..just flirt with another girl infront of her…n if she reacts to it then its sure that she too feels the same for u
Wow kunj u r such a genius…must say I m impressed…
Suddenly I heard a knock on my door…n yes its twinkle
She greeted me n I reciprocated the same
K : hey good morning…come in
T : hi good morning to u too
Saying this she entered my room…a messy room…must say it was a real mess
I started picking up my clothes n boxers how can I forget that…It was so embarrassing…What she might be thinking about me??? Ohh God Why The Hell u made me so dumb…it was my first impression n aabhi se…don’t know what will happen
Din ka start he aase hua hai…but anyways
I was clearing all my mess n was busy in my thoughts…when suddenly I saw twinkle helping me
K : u don’t have to do this…its not ur work
T : U know what I hate u…n I m damn serious
As soon as I heard this sentence…my heart missed a beat…my entire world was revolving
T : Okay now I get it..that friend wala drama is just be4 Abhi right
I sensed that her words were sarcastic…but I was really hurt
K : Its nothing like that…n u know…btw stop being so double tonned in front of me…becoz I know u very well
She had a genuine smile as if she was expecting the same reply…as if she did this purposely…WAIT A MINUTE…kunj not again…u r trapped in her words, again…urgh
T : That Why I Love u..she said punching my shoulder playfull
WHAT?? WHAT DID SHE SAY???…yess that she loves me
Finally I knew it twinkle that u love me too…umm not really…but anyways I m the happiest person in this entire Universe
See how silly I m…my heart is dancing like hell but my face…its just expression less…but at last my gained some expressions n narrowed my eyes…finally
T : (stammering) umm..i.i was saying that…ha..that I Love u ‘AS A FRIEND’…like everyone does
All the time she was faking her smile as if she was composing herself…n ‘LIKE A FRIEND’…SERIOUSLY???
I was completely shattered on listening this…but but managed to compose as I can sense a lie…Ohh kunj u have got a sixth sense which only works for twinkle
K : That means u love Abhimanyu too
I said that purposely too see the level of extend she can lie me…kunj u r going great…keep it up
But I must say she is smart…aakhir choice kiski hai…
To change the topic she said
T : I forgot to tell u that I came to ask u that whether u can join me for swimming…this hotel has got a very big water park…n see we r exploring entire Mumbai but actually don’t know anything about our hotel
She was trying her best to be normal…
I agreed n we decided to leave within 15 minutes
Now it is the correct time to execute ur plan kunj…chall beta be ready for ur ‘MISSION JEALOUSY’
What do u think twinkle that u will hide ur feelings from me…KUNJ I will show u what I m
Twinj reached the pool side
Kunj was in her normal swimming costume (these boys na…don’t have any dressing sense…hehe)
But twinkle was wearing a very cute baby pink swimsuit (a decent one) n was looking pretty more than hot…
Twinkle was sitting at the edge of pool n was busy in observing the ppl around…the children playing n had a smile on her face..
Meanwhile our kunj was practicing how to flirt…yeah he was doing
This is the problem of such isolated guys as they r unaware of such important things in life…hehe
A girl was watching all this from far n made her way towards
She made a hold on his hand…kunj was shocked
The girl seemed to be in her mid twenties…blonde creamy hair…perfect figure n yeah her dress made her look short a beautiful girl which a boy dream off..
G : Hey u look tensed..btw I m Krystal
K : (stammering) I think u r mistaken…I m not the one…
Be4 he could complete his words she interrupted
Kr : Hey why r u sweating…just be normal..i know I m hot but control (she gives a naughty smile)
Now kunj understood her intensions
K : (he frees his hand from her catch) What the Hell…
As he was saying…he saw twinkle seeing them narrowing her eyes
As soon as kunj saw this…he thought of something n smirks
K : (he grabs Krystal’s hand n makes a firm hold) Hey its nothing like that..just the thing is that I was wondering how can someone be so beautiful like u…
Gulabi aakhe jot ere dekhi sharabi yeh dil ho gaya..(full dramatically)
Kunj moved a bit away to have a look on twinkle…but to his surprise she was no where..


Yess my plan is successful…now I got to know that twinkle feels the same…my jealous jalebi cant see me with anyone else…
I left the place immediately in search of twinkle…now I cant wait a minute..
I found her everywhere n finally I saw her in hotel canteen…she was eating her breakfast casually…like seriously?? That means she is not jealous…
I made my way near her n made my seat next to her n said
K : When did u come…I was searching u everywhere
T : Yeah I thought u calling but u were busy with that girl so I left alone
She said all that casually possessing a smile on her face…no no no twinkle u cant do this to me…means I was wrong…but I m Kunj Sarna n will keep trying till the end…
We had our breakfast…n I rushed to my room to make another plan…yeah u all know na plan B..that’s what I was really thinking of but twinkle interrupted me
T : Hey if u don’t mind can u join me for the party tonight…the hotel have organized it…but if u have some work then its okay..
I agreed to it sadly as I was expecting much more from this…atleast from this invitation


Party was full at swing…all were enjoying n the atmosphere was soo good
Here Twinj arrives..the attire was perfect, the surrounding was perfect…n yeah the couple were just Perfect…
Kunj thought of something n went from there…
Twinkle silently had a seat n was left all alone when suddenly she saw kunj surrounded by girls n our kunj was only seeing twinkle n smiling
Within no time twinkle went near the bar counter…she was drinking cocktail…its true
But her expressions were like she is showing all this to someone…one shot, two shot..3, 4 ,5…its was not ending only
Kunj was seeing all this from there n his jaws were literally touching the ground..
He immediately made his way towards twinkle
K : Twinkle r u mad…kya kar rahi hai…leave this glass n come with me
T : (completely talli) Ohh kunj u here…but I think u don’t have any twin brother na…so who is this man next to u
She was saying like a drunked.,.,
K : tune zyada pee le hai..chal mere saath
T : nahi..i wont come with u….u r not good (n started crying)
All were seeing this n our kunj was faking smiles n was trying to control twinkle
Meanwhile twinkle stood on the table
K : Twinkle plzz come with me…I beg u
T : (shouting) OMG SEE THIS KUNJ SARNA IS REQUESTING N BEGGING IN FRON OF ME… it feels great…but u know what I wont come with u…n yeah why the hell r u standing here…just go away n give ur precious attention to that witches… (she was saying all this like a baby)
N yes Aabhi to party shuru hue hai…so how can I leave
Now kunj was left with no option so he lifted her n made his way 2wards the room…by the time twinkles drama was on
T : Leave me…I don’t want u come with u
K : Just Shut up okay
Twinkle pretends to be small baby n places her finger on her lips
Seeing this kunj gave his cute smile
T : (she wrappes her hand around kunj’s neck n sweetly says) U know what u r sooo cute (pulling his cheeks n giggles)…but yeah u r sadu , arrogant n soooooo rude
K : (still twinkle in his arms n walking 2wards the room) I know…(he says rolling his eyes)
By the time they reached her room n kunj places her on her bed
T : (continues) But then too I love ur rudeness, arrogance n everything becoz I LOVE YOU..(SHE SAYS INNOCENTLY)
Here kunj was busy in removing her heels n replied
K : Yes yes I love u too…(busy in removing her heels)
Suddenly he realized what actually happened just now…he was all shocked but then understood
K : (hell happy) WHAT??? WHAT DID U SAY… means u love me …yess u do…wow…it’s the best feeling ever…finally u also love me as I do…yess
All the time he was dancing n shouting throughout the room so he didn’t noticed twinkle standing in front of him…arms folded
T : so finally Mr. Kunj Sarna…again u r trapped in my plan (having a victorious smile)


What do u think of urself Kunj…with ur creepy plans I will confess…but no
T : So where I was..ohh yeah at last u confessed n not me…
I can find kunj completely shocked n was finding words but was unable to do so…I must say that view was too good…hehe
T : n what did u think that making me jealous u can trap me…but let me tell u that I m TWINKLE TANEJA… n no one can trap me…that internet idea was too good but atleast u should keep ur plans safely…remember today morning when I can to call u n helped u in cleaning ur room…u must take care of ur laptop it was open n I read it…
First I had a doubt that u love me or not…but that pool incident gave me the confirmation THAT U LOVE ME…N I LOVE U TOOOOO
Suddenly I saw his running towards me n within no time he lifted me n hugged me tight (Sanam re plays in background)
We both hugged each other tighly…it felt like now our world is complete
I felt kunj sobbing n immediately I broke the hug n cupped his face whipping his tears…tears of joy…tears of satisfaction…tears of contentment…tears of LOVE… n what not
I smiled to him having teary eyes..
He made his forehead touch mine…
This is the best moment of my life
Our forehead touches n we smiled brightly…our tears showed the extend love we carry in our heart for each other….our love is pure n its has a long way ahead


Screen Freezes


Helloo lovely ppl…
Did u liked the episode??
N how was the confession??
I know I know it didn’t had any romantic set up…no preparations n all but I thought as its our twinj’s confession so let it be real….
I also know that I m late today , but what to health is not supporting..this climate change…flu n all…I thought instead of giving a shot episode early I can make a longer one a bit late…hope u all understand
N guys its my 11th episode…it really feels great
So now I think u must know me…so my quick intro..hehe
I m Shatakshi Singh….15 years old but see I m a 11th grader…this only happens when parents send u school at a very early age..n same happened with me…lolz
N Krystal see I gave u a role opposite to kunj….i hope u didn’t mind that…but if yes then I m really sorry
N sayeeda there is a message for u…yesterday I read ur last comment in that ff…plzzz u r one of the most active member of our tei family…plzzz show ur presence through ur lovely comments…it was just an opinion n nobody was at fault…so plzz come back…I miss u a lot…plzzz tha’s a request

N thanks a lot to everyone…I m happy that many silent readers r commenting n more over liking my ff…
Love u all

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    1. Hey zikra thanks for reading… N btw no I m not on tei forum…it might be someone else…??

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    i m here u say something today
    Guys someone is copying my story on tei india forum…the writer is telling that its her storyline…but let me make one this clear that it takes me 2 to 3 hours to complete one episode so that u guys can like it
    but this is not done
    there r some silent readers on tu page who questioned on tei forum…but the writer said that she post it on tu page as well as forum
    but let me tell u all that i wasnt aware of this tei forum site earlier…
    thanks to zikra who informed me in after this i searched it n yes its true…u can read the above comment of my n zikra

    N guess what its completely a copy paste…she ditto copy paste it on that site
    i hope no one is doubting my honesty n my hard work becoz this tu family has important part in my life as its a schedule to write a story n post it…also to wait for ur lovely comments..
    but its really heartbreaking…
    if someone feels that i m copying the story so plz tell me n i will end this ff within 1 or 2 episodes…
    then i will see how that copycat writer continues its ff..
    n btw i post my ff daily…i wake up at 4:30 am just to complete my episode n post it…
    its very important for me to know that whether u all trust me or not and its specifically for the some silent readers active on tei forum…
    This was just to make u all aware of this happening becoz in future i don’t ant any misunderstanding….
    Hope u all support me…

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