So a lion fell in love with the lamb (episode 10)


I know I m silly to do such types of drama but what to do…I cant bear kunj ignoring me….whole day he was trying to ignore felt like something was bothering him…but what???..Ohh God I cant understand this person
But wait a minute…we r in the same position kunj above me….i don’t mind his closeness but don’t ask me why coz I really don’t know…urgh my shitty head filled with nonsense stuffs
We broke our eyelock but the intensity of his glare got Goosebumps on my body n shivers in my spine…he got up from me but not again some filmy scene…his legs slipped n our forehead meets…actually not just meet but it was a bang..a harder one
It was so sudden that I closed my eyes n I think he too….now we were very close hardly any space left…I was enjoying this moment coz I never felt uncomfortable becoz of him
I got carried away with the flow n I think I was not in my senses n I leaned my head up n sucked his lower lip…yess I did but he didn’t respond nor I was expecting him to…actually I was not excepting anything it was all within a fraction of second…but I found him shocked…too shocked that he was unable to respond
I backed off becoz suddenly I realized n tried to get up….with my immediate reaction he got up or can say he jumped off the bed n stood on his heels n so does I .
There was silence all around as I was regretting for my foolishness n he was still in a great trauma.
Suddenly he ran out of my room leaving a guilty me behind
Yes I m totally an insane n I know that…why did I do that?? Such thoughts were giving me a guilty feeling. A guilt of playing with someone’s feelings n that too of the most sensitive person from inside…yes he is
I felt to dig up the land n hide myself inside it… how will I face him tomorrow??? What will be his reaction??? Thousands of thoughts are going on in my mind. I m such a badass….urgh I hate myself…after what I did I really do..

(Now the Reality time guys)
All of a sudden I woke u…sweating badly as if I have done a sin…really it was a terrible dream….but a sweet one….but really twinkle very bad u r dreaming a romance sequel with ur boss..that sadu arrogant sarna…ohhh God silly me (hitting her head)kunj left long back..but see my nasty head
But I must say ki it was a dream n I was cursing myself like hell….kunj sahi bolta hai that I m a drama queen… I really like this khadoos boss…ohh twinkle what happened to ur taste (smile) but anyways he was ..sorry sorry he is one of the most lovely thing happened to me (smiles)
Twinkle curled herself with her blanket n her head digged under a pillow n she was smiling…a genuine smile
Today for the first time she dreamt of someone…a guy n it was a sweet one. An unusual feeling was surrounding her…
Suddenly she got up, switched on the speaker n started dancing
Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi
Tune aake bin kiraaye ye jagah li
Kuch keh bhi na saki , ye kaisi bebasi
Yun chupke chupke aaya bin bulaya mehmaan
Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi

Humko na khabar kab kaise aaya wo
Dil se khus phus kya farmaya wo

Uff..mere dil me thodi..uff
Mere dil mein…uff uff
Mere dil me thodi khaali si jagah thi… (Uff from bang bang)

All the time she was dancing like an insane through out her bed with feather all around…
Suddenly her eye fell on something n she got a big shock of her life.. n she says
T : (hell shocked) w..hat r..r u doing here
(yes u guessed it is kunj…he was standing at the door frame with arms crossed n smiling)
K : (sarcastically) why did u stopped…plzz continue ur junglee dance (n laughs loudly)
Twinkle was seeing him laughing his heart out for the first time n was mesmerized in him
Kunj snapped his finger be4 her
Kn : where r u lost…plzz continue
T : (not in her senses) In u
Kunj narrows his eyes on listening this n his eyebrow up
T: (back to her senses) I..i mean what r u doing here in my room n that too at 1am..(crossing her hands n making efforts to sound confident)
K : oye psyco…at night 1am who play the speakers so loud n dance like a witch… (having a grin on his face) thank God I was having an extra key with me as I kept it after that ghost incident so I thought ki tu pagal ho gaye hai n opened ur room…but guess what I was right ki tu sach me pagal ho gaye hai
Twinkle rolled her eyes
T : so now dekh liya na…now go

As soon as twinkle said this…kunj made his way towards her with a smile…rather say a naughty one which brought shivers throughout her body….by the time he was too close due to which she closed her eyes in fear or can say in nervousness….he leaned forward n our twinkle…she was standing there just like a statue….she opened her eyes to peep the entire scenario but to her surprise kunj leaned forward to her face n removed a feather from her messy hair….(funny tone plays in the background)
He backs off n gives a smile…she was standing all blank…By the time kunj turned to leave
K : (left the room but returned back n said) must say u dance good (n ran away)
Twinkle was smiling…she closed the door n went back to her bed
Twinkle thinks , “ He is so caring n cute too but a weirdo….its difficult to understand him…today whole day he was ignoring me, at night he was angry n now…drastic change I know something is bothering him….i feel it when Abhi is around me…maybe he is jealous….but why would he be???..i think he likes me as I do…no this cant happen I m only his PA n nothing else….WAIT…WHAT DID I SAY…that I like him…yes I do..but like???…no no I love him…yess” she had a 440 watt ka smile on her face
Thinking about all this she slept


Kunj was ready n headed towards the hotel canteen but to his surprise twinkle was already present n the big shock of his life was she was sitting with Abhi
Thousands of thoughts were revolving in his head,”what is he doing here??” “N why twinkle is laughing with him??” he was standing at a distance but then moved towards their table n Abhi notice him coming
A : (looking at kunj) Hey Bro…come sit with us
Kunj fakes a smile n then sat
A : I n twinkle were talking about u only…(but kunj was least bothered to listen his talks)
K : (to twinkle) u came so early??
T : yes he called me as u were not picking up his calls so I m here
A : haa yaar I called u as I was going from here only so thought of meeting up
K thinks: haa haa I know all ur plans…..i agree u called me once but cant u call again…no twinkle is there na…actually u wanted to meet her only (kunj super jealous)
A : hey twinkle was saying that she wanted to visit a church so shall we go to Mount Mary Church…what say
T :yess it would be great

Haa haa it wont be great but super great…she is such a siyappa queen that sometime I wonder how can she behave so matured??? But in my case she did so…n this so called Abhi such a chipku person…I know I m behaving over possessive but what to do…I cant see her with someone else
I ate my breakfast…or can say I stuffed my mouth unwillingly so I can ignore his nonsense talks…at some point of time I felt twinkle bored with Abhimanyu..yess twinkle u r going in right path..he is not the one for u…my eyes turned bright….but this twinkle..she always have to keep every1 happy…she was still listening to his boring talks with a non interested smile…this is the reason I love this girl…my girl
We had our breakfast n made our way towards Mount Mary Church



AMAZING…was my first reaction as soon as I entered the Church…it seemed that the place was meant to be Perfect….everything was so pure, so refreshing n the entire environment was filled with positivity…
I turned my view to have a look 2wards kunj n to my surprise he was staring me….yess its me….his eyes conveyed various feelings which even words cant define…there was a contended kunj standing be4 me as if he is trying to speak many things but something resist him to open up…maybe his nature of being isolated…but anyways the face was calm…we shared an eyelock but was interrupted by Abhi as he excused himself for a call n went….Ohh I forgot that he was with us…like seriously Twinkle u r becoming insane in kunj’s love….
We prayed…felt the beauty of the Church n ofcourse selfies how can I forget that??WE had 1, 2,..n many more snaps…we made our way towards the exit…
I m stressing on WE becoz it was not Abhi to accompany..but kunj…shocking na
Although he gave just a small curve in all my drama queen selfies but smile is what matters the most….he is changing..yes he is
N I hope he too loves me…I know it will take time for a person like him…but I cant loose him…becoz I love him n its true

The trio went from there n were walking…must say walking gives much more fun than driving…we can explore the sights
Suddenly Abhi broke the silence
A : hey twinkle can I ask u something??
Be4 twinkle could say anything kunj paid his complete attention on him as it was far more important than anything becoz obviously it is related to twinkle….n the best part twinkle noticed it n smiled
T : Yes ofcourse (casually)
A : umm..i wanted to know that whether u have a boy friend (preventing his gaze to meet twinkle’s)
Twinkle looked at him in surprise
A : (continued) no no don’t take me wrong…I just asked becoz u r so beautiful so u might have a boy friend…or maybe a crush or something like that
By the time twinkle thinks, “ Why the hell he wants to know all this…what a dilemma…if I agree that yes I have a crush…not just a crush but a love…love of my life then kunj will think that I love someone else n if I disagree…wait…I can’t disagree becoz I really love him a lot
T : (hesitating) I must say its really a personal one….but yes….there is an incomplete story or can say a newly started story…n I’ll make sure it will complete (all the time twinkle was looking at kunj)

A : (faking a smile) That was confusing…(sarcastically)
Twinkle was not at all interested in answering his questions…but her eyes gazing kunj..expecting something to speak…but he was lost somewhere


N this girl what did she say?? An incomplete story n all that stuff…means she feels for someone…but I know that I m not the one… This can’t happen…but yess she loves someone else
I m really heartbroken on hearing this n that too from her mouth…urgh…I m really done with it now
As we were walking a sensed a soft skin touching my hands…yes it was twinkle….she caught my right palm with her left one n gave a bright convincing smile…
Thousands of questions were popping up in my mind…but were unanswered…but for instance if I think that she loves me then…yes I can
But if its just my assumption then I m not gonna live anymore…n I m serious
I have a good feeling…maybe I m that lucky guy…I have to find it out
Guess what she is still holding my hand…wow the feeling is great which ultimately made me smile

Screen Freezes
Hellooo lovely ppl…how r u all
I hope the episode was quiet long
Ahira was it really okay??? or the length is still needed to be increased…
Hey Shreya…sorry dear I didn’t replied ur question becoz I write ff from my PC n I m unaware of mobile functions…sorry again
Hey Misha I was hell happy when u commented..becoz u r one of my inspiration that I m writing…
N Hey Fan thank u for commenting for the first time…n I liked ur name…lolz
Mitali yaar loved ur comment..i was jumping like hell on reading ur comment
Ritzi I hope u r not quitting after my long pravachan
Thanks to all the readers
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Plzz share ur views n I will surely look into it….

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