So a lion fell in love with the lamb (episode 1)

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Twinky u r right that the ff name is a dialogue of Robert pattinson from twilight series…

Episode 2
The episode starts with everyones scared faces
Twinkle notices this n said
T : why r u guys staring at this man (pointing 2wards kunj) like this. Liken he is gonna eat u all. (sees kunj from top 2 bottom) relax he doesn’t seem so scary infact he is handsome (everyones eyes popped out except kunj having his cruel smile on his lips)
Suddenly a man from the crowd informed her that he is kunj sarna the owner of this company. Hearing this twinkle was hell shocked n went deep in her thought

T : (thinks) Why Babaji??? Phir ek naya siyappa khada kar diya maine. Aur aap babaji aap mere help nahi kar sakte the kya.. aab mai kya karu u know na that this job is very important for me then why did u do this 2 me???
As twinkle was deep in her thoughts kunj snapped his figure be4 her face
K : What happened miss twinkle??? What were u saying please continue as I m dying 2 hear my praises;
Twinkle a bit shocked as he knew her name
T : (stammering) i..ii was not saying anything….it was just (she was searching words) n btw how do u know my name???(arms crossed n was pretending 2 be confident)
K : ohhh hello madam aap jaise mahan hasti ko kon nahi jaanta hai. Bhale he aap mujhe nahi janti ho par beech mall me tamasha karne wale logo ko kon nahi jaanta hai..(full in his attitude)
By the time twinkle understood all the situation n jst leaned her head down in guilt
K : n what were u saying that u will call the police then if this is the plan in ur mind then u r free 2 execute it. N let me tell u that I m Kunj Sarna n no police dare 2 touch me
Twinkle felt that this man is soo self centered but as this job was important for her she ignored all his taunta

T : (tying 2 change the topic) it as nothing like that rather I was praising u n ur company. N I have noticed that u r an Indian n I m also the same aur who bhi Sarna that means Punjabi like me…waah what a coincidence mai bhi Punjabi aap bhi Punjabi..same same (acting like a dumb)
K : DON’T TRY 2 CHANGE THE TOPIC (yelling which brought shivers in twinkles body n she closed her eyes) n to protect ur so called women rights I m challenging u
This was too much for twinkle n her self respect n she decided 2 protest
T : (shouting) What do u think of urself mr kunj sarna?? U r the owner n u have rights insult any1 but not me. These ppl r weak n so this is the condition n regarding ur challenge I m ready 2 accept it…(with confidence)

Kunj was shocked as be4 this none of his employee or any1 dared 2 talk 2 him like this n this girl….
K : U will regret for ur deeds. N about the challenge u r my new PA n I will make sure that I will make ur life hell.
T : Challenge accepted…n there is 1 more thing 2 say that I will make sure that I will change ur attitude n mark my words coz if Twinkle Taneja decides something the I make sure that it is done by hook or crook..get that u better get that
K : Lets see who will win. N u know what u girls think that u can do anything but let me tell u that I is next 2 impossible 2 change me. Becoz of this overconfidence that u girls carri…I hate girls becoz u r senseless selfish n never bother about any1’s feelings
T : ohh is that so then r u the same be4 ur mother??? Do u carry the same hatred for ur mother…
As soon as kunj heard this his eyes turned red in anger n the hit the wall beside him. All went 2 their works but twinkle noticed a pain, anger, hatred in his eyes.

Kunj banged the door of this cabin n sat down. He was crying. Twinkle felt guilty for saying so n thought 2 apologize him n she entered his cabin without knocking
Kunj heard the noise n composed himself. As soon as he saw twinkle his anger was at peak in he shut the door of the cabin n pinned her 2wards the wall with his hands on twinkles shoulder. The grip was so tight the it was hurting her but she didn’t protest him as she can see the anger in this eyes. They were soo close.

K : (at a very high tone) What do u want 2 say now. What u said was not enough for u. I was correct every damn girl in this world is the same…u too n my mom al..(he stopped n tears was running from his eyes)
T : (in a low voice) I came here 2 apologize u for my words ( with teary eyes)
Kunj realized what was he doing n left twinkle
K : (not meeting his eyes with twinkle) 2morow onwards reach hear by sharp 9 n be prepared coz ur bad days r going 2 start
Twinkle ran without responding anything.

Twinkle reached the office by 8:30 am. She was surprised 2 see kunj working on his laptop from outside his cabin. She asked the peon then he said that it was natural as kunj used 2 work all over night n yesterday he did the same thing. Twinkle was shocked cum surprised.
She entered the cabin with a coffee mug n kept it in front of him
Kunj looked up n saw twinkle standing there with a smiling face. He was surprised that she is here after all he have done yesterday
K : What is this??? N u here
T : Hamare language me isse coffee but I don’t know ki aapke language me kya bolte ha (teasing him n she was smiling) aur btw my name is Twinkle Taneja as I told u earlier n above this job I have challenged u that I will change ur behavior so here I am (in her full drama queen mode)
K : Whatever..(rolling his eyes)
Suddenly kunj dropped the mug of coffee purposely
K : opps I m sorry…twinkle can u plzzz wipe this out as u r my PA so my work is ur duty right (he smirks)
Twinkle notices this n understands that it was his plan. First she got angry but then controlled it n with a smile she said
T : sure sir why not this is my duty (she smirks back)
While picking the glass some pieces made a cut in her hand but she didn’t made any sound as she didn’t want kunj 2 wake up. Kunj slept on his chair coz he didn’t slept last night. Twinkles hand was bleeding n she was crying softly which made kunj awake.
K : (rudely) u r not done with such a small work yet…chota sa kaam hota nahi aur challi hai mujhe badalne (he didn’t see twinkle crying as she was hiding her face)
K : hello I m talking 2 u..cant u hear(in anger)

Still twinkle didn’t respond 2 him. He got hell angry n caught twinkles bleeding hands unknowingly n pressed it. Now it was unable for twinkle 2 control her pain n she burst out crying. Kunj was in shock n then his eyes fell on the hand. He understood n quickly left her hand. It was paining very much n this made twinkle 2 fall on her knees. She felt a soft touch on her shoulder. She looked up n saw a guilty kunj standing be4 her with ointment. He asked her hand or rather grabbed her hand n sat down on the floor 2 apply ointment. Twinkle was feeling blanked n didn’t react 2 it.

She composed herself n said
T : (in a low tone) u r not the one u show to the world. U r a mystery .
Kunj was done with first aid n stood up
K : I request that plzzz leave this job coz in this mission of changing me u will only get hurt n nothing else. I thought that u wont come as I did all this 2 hurt u but u r MISS TWIKLE TANEJA u wont back out. Tu bhi na ziddi ki ziddi he rahegi. (his voice had mixed expressions of anger, guilt of hurting her, frustration n most importantly a ting of concern which twinkle noticed) kunj left the place
Twinkle was listening all this with a smile on her face as she saw a new kunj be4 her.

Screen freezes on her smiling face

Precap : kunjs torture……n twinkles full on drama

Hey every1 I hope u liked it n guys let me tell u 1 thing that kunj is not naturally a cruel person but time had made him the way he is……this tashan will remain for long but would be accompanied by ishq…

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