Hey guys … I am new writer and new to this ff writing ……here the new story “THE LINES OF LIFE ”
The topic is simple love story based with emotions ……
I will try to keep u all entertained ……..no proof read !
So here is the story ,
Life is full of suspenses , mystery, surprise …..that’s the definition of life ….that’s what we think

When we r born …..the birth date is fixed as well as our death date ..ins’t it weird .
Some are blessed who have a peaceful birth and a peaceful death …
On the other side ……some have a irritated , tortured birth and a tortured death .-…
It matters of luck I guess ……
So here is my story based on the above words and lines ….
I saw swaragini ….I am an regular watcher …..
I see always Swara is Mayan of the show …..then the show should have named only Swara …
Even though I am helly shah fan …I do respect tejaswi …..
So I though to give importance to both ….well I will try my best to have good equalization between them …..

About the pairs …..they r fixed in my mind ….and I won’t change them ….
This story plays with the emotions of each character ….
The emotions of being poor and being rich ……
So here is the character sketch ,
Swara mehra : the only daughter of kamal mehra and leela mehra . A very attitudeous girl , but an understanding girl , and a nature lover …..from an very rich back ground .a very famous girl .all boys get flat seeing Swara .she is a final year student in SBS academy
Kamal mehra : father of Swara and husband of Leela mehra . A very successful business has many branches all over India and international level .

Loves her daughter a lot .CEO of KSL INDUSTRIES ..and SBS academy
Leela mehra : mother of Swara and wife of kamal mehra . A very famous fashion designer internationally ….a very hard worker …loves her daughter
Their life is an typical royal life ….kamal and Leela ….doesn’t spend time with Swara .
Always busy with their works ….only once or twice in a month they meet ……and have a family get together .
Swara has become spoilt of this …….
But she has inner side which no one knows .
An amazing dancer , singer , she has all talent
But she feels something incomplete …….

Ragini kapoor : daughter of Shekar and mishti gadodia .loves her bro a lot ….she is from an middle class family . A very respected , traditional girl ……understands her family background ….she is also in SBS academy . But she is second year …junior to swara .her passion is music that to classical
Sanskar kapoor : son of Shekar and msihti . Loves her sis a lot . He is very dashing , handsome , caring natured guy ….doesn’t pay heed to girls
Understands the family issues …….his passion is dance ….he is an final year student in SBS academy

Shekar kapoor : same as serial …but a very caring father of ragini and sanskar ….he is an pa of kamal mehra
Mishti kapoor : same as serial ……she is an costume designer in SBS academy …a very caring mom …
So about this family
This is an typical middle class family
Both of them work very hard to earn and pay the fees …..
Sanskar and ragini are very attached with their parents ….
Mishti and Shekar care of their children so much ……and spend most of time with them ..
Sanskar and raginin have a brotherly and sister bond

Laksh maheshwari : only son of Dp and ap …..a hot , dashing , handsome . A flirt guy …..heartthrob of SBS ….(even sanky but because of money) close friend of Swara …….his passion is rock music …..want to become a rock star …he is also final year student in SBS . Doesn’t care about emotions
Dp : a very successful business man …equal to kamal mehra ….has many branches in India and international ….an invester in SBS .(SBS belongs to kamal only but he is just an fund raiser ) …..the CEO of LK INDUSTRIES
Ap : a caring mom ….a very famous fashion designer in Delhi (not international like Leela) a very hard worker …..childhood friend of Leela
So about this family ,
$ame as mehra family ,…
Laksh is also an spoilt brat …..

Both Dp and ap doesn’t spend time with him …..
Always works …..
They meet only in weekends ……
(Swara parents only once or twice they meet Swara )
A typical rich family

So friends its an SWASAN , RAGLAK FF
U will see good bond between ragsan …..
Let’s see how destiny plays with them …………
Plz comment and support me
With love ,

Credit to: Deepika

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