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Sorry for late post & thank u so much for all who comment on my first part , & again sorry because I individually can’t replay u all .
First part of this ss ( intro + 1st part)

Shot 1

First lecture got over , as the time increases swara’s heartbeat also increase. Now one handsome good looking charming man entered in class room . all students r staring him , his hairs r little bit drench (remember swara pour cold water on him ) all students stand up & wish him he replay with sweet smile. New students r giving their intro to him then after few minutes Swara’s turn come she stand & give her intro (she is somewhat try to relax as he didn’t show any anger to her ) now she end up with her intro , she is about to seat but sanky speak something…
San : I didn’t told u to seat yet now.

Swara stand silently with pout face.
Sanky continue
San : miss Bose how dare u to mess with me , & what r u said bandar (monkey ) spoil brat , late night parties & all ……. Before giving ur rubbish , ridiculous, foolish nonsense advice to any one check who is he , he is correct for it or not . u foolish girl.
Saw : I am really sorry sir (puppy face)
San : u r little sorry word can’t affect on me so better keep this with only u .

Saw : but sir lucky is also behind all this .
Swara’s friends node in yes to support her.
Now lucky stand try to cover up
L : no sir she is telling something nonsense.
Saw : no sir
1 time swara says no & other time lycky says no , they r blaming each other continuously Like this Swara & lucky r debating like tom & Jerry . sanky & whole class get pissed of this & make irrigated face , then
San :(shout) enough is enough leave the class immediately & solve ur matter(problem) in 10 min & come fast or I will punish u both.
They silently leave the class but after going outside they again start their tom & jerry fight. Now 10 minutes over sanky call both of them .
San : u solve it na then tell me who is behind all this?
“I am not” they both said this on same time.

San : ( clear his throat ) OK , then I have to give u little punishment. Swara u really want to tell me sorry na then whenever I should come in front of u then u have to sing apology or sorry song for me & u didn’t seat for my lecture, actually u have to wait outside the class in my lecture for only 20 days.
Lucky smirk at Swara without notice of anybody but swara can see it .
L : ( little voice ) now what will u do miss witchy witch.
Swara give him death glare. Sanky continue
San : don’t worry wait lucky also accompany u outside the class for 20 days.
(All widened their eyes but this time Swara smirk at lucky)
L : but bhai (shocked)
San : (little dangerous voice) lucky this is college not our home. (He keep his professional life different than personal life)
L : sorry sir
Now today’s class end with some more discussions & all & all went to their respective house.
In evening Maheshwari Mansion
Sanky come home from office its quite late than previous time to come home.
Sanky call his maid & ask her
San : marry aunty lucky had his dinner ?
M : no bady baba , choty baba did not have food from when he came from college . I had tried every possible thing to give him food but….
San : ( interrupt) OK , take one plate in lucky’s room .
M : OK baba , but u had dinner ? Or I will bring 2 plates
San : no aunty , we will eat in one plate.
M : OK baba
Sanky come to lucky’s room . after seeing sanky lucky turn other side of bed & sleep to cover his whole body.
Sanky come near him with smile & take off his razai( soft blanket) . lucky is still closing his eyes.
San : lucky why don’t u have ur dinner.
Not response.
San : (little louder) luckyyy
Lucky open his eyes & sat on bed with fake anger. Sanky seat beside him.

Sanky : what happened lucky ?
L : bhai why did u gave me punish , wo bhi 20 days outside the class .
Sanky : oh mera bacha , don’t worry it’s only 20 days .
L : only (make faces)
San : lucky u know me very well right , its only little punishment for both of u Warna mai kya kar sakta hon u know ( u know na I will not spare any one with only little punishment)
Lucky node silently. Sanky continue
San : & I know what happened on first day , what u did so I have to give equal justice for both of u .
Lucky wide his eyes . marry aunty come with food plate. & give to sanky. Sanky make one bite of food or morsel & feed lucky.
L : No I am not hungry , & sorry bhai.
San : its OK lucky , now plzz eat yaar I am also very hungry . (they both had dinner & breakfast together its their daily habit )
Sanky feed food to lucky .
L : u also eat na bhai
San : my stomach is full now, to see my little devil have his dinner. U eat.

Lucky smile . sanky continue
San : I have one surprise for u
L : really , show me
Sanky takes him to balcony ( guys don’t think romantic bonding yaar ,hehehe, they r really awesome brothers)
Sank point towards parking area of house & tell him that I bought new car for u ,see .
L : its Black BMW na woww bhai it is really looking awesome .
San : yeah
L : give me key bhai we will go on ride.
San : not now it’s quite late go & sleep tomorrow I will give u key.
L : but bhai
Before lucky complete his sentence sanky run from there . & lucky chase him. They both do some masti & does off (sleep).

In morning @@
Sanky got up early & get ready & try hard to wake up lucky its daily habit of sanky & both had their breakfast & leave to college. Now lucky have its new car & sanky have its previous one.
In college @@
The lecture is start sanky enter in class all students greet him & seat on their respective bench but Swara is standing & looking towards sanky.
Sanky : miss Bose u can leave the class & stand outside & lucky u also. They both leave the class .
They both stand outside the class & sanky began to teach students in the class.
Swa : u idiot devil because of u , ur Hitler brother give me punish.
L : hey hey wait not only u r bearing punish but also I have to bear this. (Realize what she told ) Hitler what what u told just now
Swara bite her tongue & said no no nothing devil .
L : me & devil then ur chodhel (witch)
S : oh Mr.devil shut up han
L : u miss chodhel (witch)
Like this they again start their tom & jerry fight . after some time lecture got over & this is last lecture so all students leave the class , sanky also leaving from that place but Swara stop him & tell him to wait & she goes in class & bring her bag & holding chocolate box with white rose. She come near sanky
Swara start her singing in melodious voice.

Maanti hoon ho gayi galti
Ab maan bhi jaao……..
Haan ho gayi galti mujhse main jaanti hu
Par ab bhi tujhko main apna sir maanti hu
Ek aakhri mauka de mujhe
Aaj bhi main tujhe apna sir manti hu.
Galti to sabse hoti hai
Galti mujhse bhi ho gayi
Ab maaf bhi krde mujhe
Kyu aap ne mujhe saza di
Ek galti ke liye ………..(2x)
Ek aakhri mauka de mujhe
Aaj bhi main tujhe apna sir maanti hu
Sir manti hu…………..(2x)
Haan ho gayi galti mujhse main jaanti hu
Sanky enjoy her song from inside & awestruck to see such a girl like her. Then she give chocolate & 1 Whit rose to him & again apology to him.
San : oh I forgot about song but nice one. & what’s the need of all this miss Bose & I forgive u yesterday itself so only give small punish . (he smirk)
Saw : thank u sir & ha plzz take this from my side I feel nice when u take this & forgive me .
San : OK , but don’t think that u will seat in class before completing 20 days ( & give her winning look )
Saw : OK sir , I don’t mind for this.
Lucky come towards them holding his sak .
L : wow chocolates bhai I want it. Who gave u (Looking in sanky’s hand)
San : miss Bose

L : what !!!! Bhai don’t come in her any trap she is very dangerous chodhel (witch) beauty with brain.
Saw : u devil (& run towards lucky to beat him)
Lucky take chocolates from sanky & run to other side while taking chocolates lucky told
L : bhai u don’t like chocolates & all na then plzz give it to me & he snatch chocolates. (& run , Swara chase him)
Sanky : stop it guys & lucky share this chocolates with her because she only bought this & seems like she love chocolates like u , but I didn’t like chocolates so give my part of chocolates to her & then directly goes to home , I am going office & will come back in evening.
L : silently node in yes
Swara laugh whole heartdly seeing both of them . & both get mesmerized to see her . then Swara snatch chocolates from lucky & began to run & this time lucky try to catch her . & sanky leave from there giving “disbelief” & “ do what u want to do “ look to both of them.

Evening @@
Swara is seating in one of the park. Her monologue.
Really I made one new song with my own first time , woww superb Swara ur genius but what yaar I have to made it for that Hitler (sanskar) yes I give new name to him , nice na . & what that chocolates & Whit rose , my foot & I have to stand outside for 20 days aaahhh….its irritating && what I said I don’t mind for this , don’t know why I became sweet & good girl in front of that Hitler (sanky).
Next day of college again they both (Swara & lucky) stand outside the class room . like this days are passed & they both become best friends of each other . but always continue with their tom & jerry fight & irrigated to each other in play full manner.
On the other side sanky also like Swara now a days her cuteness , childishness , bravery , boldness & all. But he always try hard to not show his care or like towards Swara.
How’s the chapter friends ? & again sorry for late post.
Precap : trio (swasanlak) bonding & some more masti with leap of year.
Bye …..take care…….keep smiling always ……& spread happiness.

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