Are you liking Raman’s lost memory track?

According to the current track of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, the main male lead role , Raman’s memory has been lost due to the medicines which were given by his own sister, Simmi.

He has forgotten his own daughter and wife too. Though he later recognized his little daughter, Pihu, he couldn’t recognize his wife, Ishitha.

Ishitha was in jail for two years and during that time , Simmi and Parmeet has taken over Raman’s business by making him forget everything. Simmi has made Raman do what she wants.

But Ashok gets Ishitha out of jail because his life is going to end soon and so that he wants to do good things. Ashok teams up with Ishitha and they plan to save her family by getting Raman’s memory back.

When Ishitha gets to know that Simmi and Parmeet are giving medicines to Raman which makes Raman loose his memory, she somehow manage to make Raman refuse those medicines.

Yet, Simmi and Parmeet are still giving Raman those medicines secretly. That’s the reason why he is unable to gain his memory back. Ishitha and Ashok are unaware about this.

YHM fans are waiting for a long time to see Raman remembering each and everything. So, are you too waiting?

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  1. lavanya neredi

    too long extending story about raman’s memory loss its becomig as boring as long extension so i wish to close the track as soon as possible and i wish take a new turn for the story

    1. Agree 100% simmi n param story is too much i change the chanel everytime they appear

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