Did you liked 42 year old Rishi look and personality ?

Guyz, this Luna , hi to all. As the rebirth story of Kasam has finally started which was shown in the initial promos of the show.
A lot of things have changed in Rishi in 20 years leap, from his looks to his personality and behaviour. Rishi is no more the fun loving guy, who doesnt
takes things seriously, who makes everyone laugh. He has became matured, rude and bitter.
His look has also changed a lot. He now wears spectacles, has thick beard with white patches. Though he still looks very handsome. So my question is which look
of Rishi do u all like ? The 23 years old Rishi or 42 years old Rishi. Also tell me which personality of Rishi do u like ?
The fun loving casanova Rishi or the stern businessman Rishi.

I am personally loving the 42 years old Rishi’s look and personality. I think Rishi is looking much more handsome with those spectacles and thick beard.
And Rishi is also looking very convincing as a 40+ man. Also I am loving his stern personality. It is looking awesome.

Ssharad Malhotra is a very good actor and portraying two distinct characters convincingly. So tell me which look and personality of Rishi do u like. Tell me in the comments section.

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  1. I luvd new look…bt personally I luvd naugty side of rishi….I fell in luv with his fun luving nature….nw I’m missing that badly…even I luv sharad I can’t watch kasam…as I can’t c another girl in kratika place…I’m die hard fan of her from jkr pv days…missing tanshi( krasha) magical couple

  2. i just luv this new rishi.but the old rishi didn’t look like 22 years old(as per the story).he used to look like 27 or 28.

  3. Siddhi

    I love new Rishi’s look and personality.I love his behaviour too.Love new Rishi

  4. Jayatasamtani

    I loved both his look&personality bcuz both are very different.First look he was very naughty,funny&loving&2nd look he is very rough,tough,rude&egoistic businessman who hate girls&started hating the word called love.So overall both are very different from each other

  5. I loved both of them but mostly old funny rishi….

  6. Looks more handsome.

  7. Both the part of Rishi is awesome. Sharad Malhotra is doing is great job in kasam. But the charming Rishi is missing?. Love you alot Sharad ??

  8. I m also like the new look of rishi but i would like more 23years age rishi

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