Did you like Zee’s Vishkanya by its start?


Zee Tv’s Vishkanya started airing on 28th March 2016. By the initial few episodes, the chemistry between the leads in this unusual love story is showcased well. The female lead Debo has never been out of her house and is ready to see the world. Her world has been confined to the walls of her house. She has high hope that she can live her life a normal way. She believes she has right to fall in love too. All her hopes shatter when she realize the curse surrounding her. She does not know what is on the unseen side of the world. Vishkanya brings the unique supernatural love story of the cursed girl and the man who puts his total belief in her love.


The male lead Malay has just returned from London. Malay gets to know about the haunted house in which Debo lives. Debo has a golden heart and she cares for everyone. She changes into a Vishkanya when she tries to step out of house to save a rabbit. Malay challenges his brother that he will get a selfie with the witch. Debo does not know why she turns blue when she gets scared. Malay takes a selfie with her. Malay does not see her face. Debo relaxes in tulsi leaves water, and all the blue color gets off her. Debo screams seeing Malay and assumes he is thief. Malay shuts her mouth to stop her scream. She turns blue by fear and one of her tear falls on Malay’s hand. Malay’s hand gets burnt by her tear. The show is set against Bengali background. Debo’s innocence and unawareness towards the curse keeps the interest of the show. Debo and Malay’s love story surely seemed to have a spark. Did you like Zee’s Vishkanya by its start? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Honey (Sarayu)

    I love this serial

  2. i love the female lead…..interested to see further

  3. Till now…it’s going great….seems promising…hope for the best..

  4. Yeah but I thought the main lead’s name was Apu not Debo.

    1. jee Haa,maybe wise hi soch raha tha ki uski naam apu hain☺

  5. superb show i just love it

  6. i have gone mad 2nd time…..1st time with Meri aashiqui tum se hi show and now vishkanya superb start i hope they don’t dragg like other shows

    1. We all hope so.. I’m tired of all those shows, they turned to be all the same.

  7. This show was liked by many people i hope it get best trp

  8. vin rana age is 28!! what is the female lead age??Anyone knows?

    1. What is the timing of update of vishknya…..I think daily till now it update on telly…but why not today

      1. Samaira Kapoor

        Yeah I m also thinking whether it is telecasted on Friday or not
        Where is the update

      2. everyday they will update at 7.00pm itself but yesterday hasan mam had network problem it seems so we have to wait

    2. I think she is 24

  9. interesting show. i like the lead couple and also Apu’s mom she seems really mysterious and kind of scary

  10. I also liked the show very much

  11. We don’t see this on Zee Caribbean…hmmm

  12. Pls update the episode

  13. What happend today?

  14. We need update of vishkanya for 1st of april

  15. Pls written update of vishkanya for 1st of april we will apreaciate if u can upload

  16. Story is mysterious & interesting.leads r gud with acting but nt so great with luks specially the girl.wish sm1 as pretty as mauni roy hav played this role.i knw its nt necessary for actors to be extraordinarily gud luking everytime but with story like this, an aura & mystrey adds up if the girl is extremly beutiful.

  17. Apu mother is beautiful but behaviour n dressing is cheap lie vamp

  18. Nice serial….i liked it

  19. I luv dis cry much.This is one of my favourite serial.

  20. When is this going to show on zee Caribbean

  21. meghna shanti

    The show was awesome
    But the sences were toooooooooo lengthy

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