Would you like YHM’s Spin-off?

Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to stay back on the channel for more coming months. The channel is cutting down substantial shows because of the TRPs. Star Plus plans to launch new shows on different unexplored subjects in March-April. A spin-off of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will also be seen on the channel. The spin-off is named Yeh Hai Chahatein, starring Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel as leads. The spin-off will be based on the lives of Raman and Ishita’s children. The love stories and relationships will revolve around old and few new characters, forming parallel tracks. Divyanka’s character of Ishi Maa will be the main highlight.

The spin-off news recently got confirmed. Ekta Kapoor had also launched Kumkum Bhagya’s spin-off Kundali Bhagya, focussing on the story of Pragya’s sisters Preeta and Shrishti. Kundali Bhagya has succeeded to garner wide viewership. Though Ishqbaaz’s spin-off Dil Boley Oberoi was pulled off because of low TRPs. The viewers can expect Yeh Hai Chahatein to hold a remarkable charm. Adi-Aaliya, Ruhi, and Pihu’s lives will take interesting turns in the spin-off. Would you like YHM’s Spin-off? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Do the makers think that we r nuts to watch this show… Actually some r still there who this show and provide it with so much of trp that its still ongoing and the worst part of it a spinoff I gonna come… Wen will ekta stop showing the same old crap with shit superficial scenes?? Sp is only giving space to trp and not concepts…. I used to love sp but now with its revamp it’s charm Is only within logo… Yaar kon ab tak uss overreacting Raman Ishita ko jhel pata hai?? Even kdb had a baseless storyline wid a set of gud actors…. How can ppl waste their precious tym in dis?? Okk if I start complaining its never gonna end…. But ppl tell me one thing
    Switching over to new concepts is not imp. Accepting them is….im really fed up

  2. **Who watch this show
    **If I continue complaining

  3. What the heck! Are they mad to start a new one ,?? First just end this yhm and then start a new one!!!! They spoiled the show and now starting another one to show more craps to us!!!!!! Hoi we r fed up!!! Do you hear me???? Omg!! Seriously!!!! Stop showing load of shit first!! You showed that Mihika was in Simmi’s side before, and I’m really very sure that I didn’t see any sign of her pure heart or good intentions or whatever at that time!! And suddenly you showed that Mihika is in Ishitha’s side!!!! Is it possible?? Are we fans morons??? It’s like we are waiting for a blue moon !!! Because not even once a week we get a good episode!!!! After months of load of crap they showed Ishitha marrying Raman!!! And now they r starting another one to show Ishu’s children’s problems??? Please please we are tired . Can’t you just bring back Raman’s memory soon. These days he’s working like an idiot with no feelings!!
    Now I’m pretty sure that Ekta mam is going to show that Nikhil’s stupid cunning tracks… After all they have to end it too..
    The only good thing I saw in these episodes is that Adi & Aliya along with Shagun & Mani are spending their marriage life without this abnormal problem! But Aliya and Adi did have a problem so Mani and Shagun are the only couple who doesn’t have problems between them.. o I forgot. Mr.and Mrs.Iyer and Bala and Kiran too.

    I can’t even believe that star plus is going after TRPs! I’m sure fans watched yhm for the past few months just because they had a little hope of good things. But now after that good thing,:; Ishu marrying Raman , ; bad things over flow!! Terrible!! We should not watch this show again!! So the TRP will reduce then the Star Plus itself will ask Ekta Mam ,, “”MADAM JI , WE DON’T LIKE THIS SHOW. WILL YOU END THIS?”” but from mind thinking that, LOW TRPS = KICKING OUT. Really very bad of them to do this. I even heard that Ishqbaaz is going off air on June !!!!! Why isn’t yhm going off air??? I’m pretty sure that yhm ran a lot of episodes than isqbaaz … So first yhm should go off air. Infact in isqbaaz we can see Shivay and Anika are together but in this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You are not alone,I have same opinion. There were lots of good shows in star plus onece.nowadays I’m not finding a single which is worth watching in any channels.most of the shows are flop from beginning and old shows are just dragging.

    when they will show something like old YRKKH,kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi ,Diya aur baati hum and beyhad till Mays engagement.

    For naamkaran I always waited for avanis happiness but she is still crying.once in a while I go and check whether avani is happy but no.

    Regarding yhm earlier it was shagun and Ashok who were planning and plotting.at that time simmi supported ishita, now vice versa.nothing new.

    1. Anjana ur watching naamkaran noa days it is really gud but now opposite is happening neil is crying now and avni is happy in her new life.

      1. Now a days spelling mistakes.

  5. Riana

    Ye hai chahatein…My foot !!!…Yhm needs a pull off…It has turned awful and bullsht !!!…& Now Ekta is planning to introduce her so called spinoff !!…Somebody pls sent her mental asylum…????…How can she think about a spin off this yhm…which has already 3 leaps and infinite no. Of seperations !!!!!…Disgusting !!

    1. R u sure only 3 leaps???

    2. We should gift ekta a ceiling fan, a stool and a rope??

      1. Gud one.

  6. Total agree with you guys. Yhm toh theek se chalao phir spin off le aana actually no thank u yhm dekhna hi sar ankhe aur sari health par bura asar pad raha hai and u want to bring a spin off now if u bring it gud luck for that.if we yes or no u will bring it anyway. but 4 million yen please don’t bring spin off please humble request and begging you, humhe baksh do please if u want to end yhm we welcome that.

    1. Dekhna nahi dekhne se hi and if we say yes or no

  7. this show needs to end in peace no spin off is needed cos the show is already garbage i wonder why people watch to give them trp which is making them continue the show, i stopped watching years ago now am in a better show tsmsp at least that show story line is much better

  8. This is what happens when you compromise, some people think they’re doing good by watching a less than bad show bc they are big fans of this or that actor but what they are really doing is giving people like Ekta the power of spoiling the content of TV show… how can a decent serial with a good story can compete with a bad show like kdb ( a spinoff of an other bad show ) when Trp are always high ??? So now BAD SHOWS ARE HAVING UGLY BABIES !!!
    We really have to start thinking about the damage, we as audience, and especially the active audience in social media, it up to us to give a chance to those who are trying to change the content of Indian TV by bringing something different, something progressive and something challenging for our minds. It’s up to us to start reacting to all this clichés repetitively used in serials and all that nonesence they are feeding us.

  9. Akiatta

    I think you got the info wrong,… The spin-off is supposed to be similar to Kundali Bhagya, in the sense that the show would feature a new lead who’s character would be partly related to Ishita but the show would most be it’s own show. Only thing is that it would be set in the same world.

    1. I think u didn’t read that top information properly because they said divyanka and Karan Patel means same hero and heroine in which yhm are there.its not us it’s u who didn’t read properly that’s why we saying such things about this show.akiatta

  10. Nikk

    Just tell me why you folks squander your valuable time in composing such long sections for such crappy shows? You folks act as though Ekta Kapoor is listening to you

  11. I’m new here. I suggest all of u to watch naamkarann. It is worth watching. New storyline.
    I agree show lost its track in the middle but now it’s good. Please do watch it and I’m sure u will not be disappointed.

    1. Manasa i do watch i am big fangirl to avneil characters and naamkaran and plz guys u do watch naamkaran on tv from mon-fri at 9pm and if do have time atleast watch it repeat telecast.

      1. If u people watch naamkarann u will not regret watching it. It’s worth watching repeated episode also. Except for saisha u will not regret watching it. I can give u that guarantee. Once u get addicted to avneil u will love the show. Give it a try and u won’t regret it.

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