Do you like Woh Apna Sa’s current track?


Zee’s TV Woh Apna Sa currently has Nisha’s highly dramatic memory loss track going on. Nisha raises a question on Aditya and Jhanvi’s relation. Nisha believes she is Aditya’s wife and keeps Jhanvi away from him. Nisha doesn’t want Jhanvi near Aditya. She asks the family to support her. She gives an option to Aditya to choose his wife or some outsider. Aditya helplessly chooses Nisha, seeing her sensitive state. Nisha’s drama hurts Aditya and Jhanvi’s heart.

Jhanvi gets distanced from Aditya. Doctor informs Aditya and family that some stress can be worse for Nisha. Nisha’s fragile mental state makes everyone worry. Doctor suggests them to limit Nisha from receiving any shock. Aditya and Jhanvi get concerned for Nisha. Jhanvi holds herself responsible for everything. Nisha decides to not question Jhanvi again. She announces that Jhanvi will stay with the entire family. Nisha doesn’t change for anyone. Aditya and Jhanvi find hard to accept the unwanted situation. Their married life goes downhill because of Nisha. Nisha apologizes to Jhanvi for hurting her. Nisha decides to formalize Aditya and Jhanvi’s relation for the society. Do you like Woh Apna Sa’s current track? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. This serial is really illogical and boring I lost interest months ago. I catch it periodically but even then I do not see any changes. The same plot weak Adi, maniplative Nisha, Stupid Jhanvi and not much chemistry with the ML with either of the FL’s.

  2. ‘Woh Apna Sa’ is heading down a path of complete ruination!!! Why do the producers of these shows always ruined them by quarter-way or mid-way of their TV lives!!! There is absolutely nothing entertaining in this overused, abused, misused and totally crappy ‘Nisha memory loss’ storyline!!! Is there no end to Nisha’s evil, calculating, manipulative, psychotic …. ways in the show? Nisha gets away with all her evil deeds all the time and to make matters worse, we’re now being given an overdose of her dialogues or ‘yapping’ (as NAZ accurately puts it) in every episode!!! She keeps on giving these outrageous speeches and goes on and on and on … like the bunny in the Energizer battery advertisement!! Give us a break CVS- we’re all tired of Nisha dominating the show with her evilness. There needs to be some balance for the show to be tolerable and entertaining- evil cannot and should not always keep winning over good and this is what you CVs continue to show us viewers in the name of contrived drama!!

    I am from Jamaica in the Caribbean and I am not of Indian descent but I have gathered from the different comments on the forums, social media etc. that most viewers love the unique concept of the ‘other woman’ (Jhanvi in this case), being the good/pure one who tries to rescue a husband and his family from a pure evil ‘so-called’ wife and most viewers including myself, love the Aditya/ Jhanvi pairing and love how their love story was developed. However, instead of showing us viewers, Aditya/Jhanvi living together as a married couple, with Jhanvi adjusting to being a second wife and step-mother as well as both of them fighting against Kaka’s and Nisha’s evil deeds etc., we are instead being subjected to Aditya playing husband to an evil Nisha whom he detests and who has made his life a living hell ; and Aditya and Jhanvi despite being married and truly being in love with each other, hiding and sneaking around to spend a few moments together or rather stealing love on the side!!! How can anyone find this entertaining?? I certainly can’t and nowadays l read the updates and if there are interesting Aditay/Jhanvi scenes I simply fast forward to those while watching online or when I tape the episodes via them being aired on Zee Tv.

    If the producers continue down this path of disastrous story telling, I am afraid that very soon they’ll also loose their Trps viewers India and then the show will be kicked off the air!! Not everyone is fortunate like EK that even when are shows are total rubbish (KKB) that they still rule the Trps’ charts!!

    I am imploring the producers of this show, please change your disastrous storyline and get the show back on track. Since you’ve gotten Aditya and Jhanvi married, (despite his divorce not being finalized from Nisha), then show them as being a true married couple living together, that is, sleeping in the same room and bed, consummating their marriage, sharing good moments as a married couple etc., and fighting against all evil as a married couple!!! Can’t you people give Aditya a break?? He deserves to be happy for a change!! The poor guy despite being married to his soul mate Jhanvi, continues to be tortured mentally and physically by both an evil Nisha and a ‘too goodie- goodie’ Jhanvi, who has now become totally stupid over her ‘so-called ‘ guilt re Nisha’s condition!!! Jhanvi is being so stupid nowadays that sometimes I wish that she had gotten shot and lost her memory instead of Nisha- except that poor Aditya would probably die!! Only for his sake, I retract my awful thoughts!!

    Come on writers, give Aditya and Jhanvi some good moments as a married couple in the show and give the show some balance between evil and good. One has to be a sadist to continue watching and enjoying a show which has evil triumphing always over good!! Although evil is necessary in a show to keep the drama going, viewers also love to be positively entertained with the love, peace and happiness being experienced by the leads/true couple(s) of the show. Please bear this in mind in going forward and don’t let ‘Who Apna Sa’ fall by the wayside and get trampled on as others have.

  3. I hate this drama…. Does the story writers or Directors even check these type of comments?
    Go and write another story if you want to exaggerate.. but don’t think people are idiots

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