Would you like to watch a ghost drama in SSEL?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki shifted slot to 5pm recently. The show got high voltage drama after the disgraceful crime-addicted Baby married Yuvraaj. Suhani and Yuvraaj got separated in Baby’s eyes. Yuvraaj did not marry Baby and is fooling her to find evidence against her. Dadi’s death drama will be seen next. Dadi who loves Yuvraaj a lot, will be scolding Baby for not respecting him. Dadi can’t see anyone shouting on Yuvraaj. Baby does not take Dadi’s anger easily. She plans to kill Dadi in a fit of rage.

Dadi and Suhani along with entire family will get convinced that Baby is not the right person for the family. Suhani could not find out how and when Baby killed Yuvaan. She regrets to hide Baby’s evil when she was supposed to alert the the family. Baby makes an evil plan and attempts to kill Dadi. Suhani gets to know Baby’s plan in nick of time and saves Dadi. The family plans to scare Baby with ghost drama. Dadi acts as ghost and frightens Baby to the core. After Amma Mai’s track and mystery around Yuvaan’s death, the ghost drama track will mark the end of Baby’s chapter in the show. Guess, it would be a big relief for SSEL fans. Would you like to watch a ghost drama in SSEL? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Kriyam all the way♥️♥️

  2. I want kriyam scenes and saiyyam & suhani mother- son bonding scenes

  3. I ain’t watching if there’s no Kriyam track

  4. Hafsaaa

    Ofc not ? NOW WE WANT KRIYAM ♥️

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    Kriyam!!!!! Can’t wait anymore to see them onscreen with a decent amount of importance. We all kriyammates want more of kriyam rather than more of daby drama….

  6. its k if they show ghost drama to end baby’s chapter but pl bring yuvaan alive. its very dry without him n even yuvani s missing since long… bring some cheerfulness to the story nt always death, marriage, missing of characters.. pl show some happy family moments

  7. Aaravjaikar

    Hmmm ghost drama .. huhhhh loved ittt. And the kriyam.. man. .. loved.ittt..

  8. Yuvani

    I think I can tolerate any drama if baby is gonna out of ssel

  9. Sarita

    we can tolerate any drama if baby out ssel

  10. better to stop this disgusting serial.

    1. Not only disgusting, it is just does not have any standard, all the characters are stupid as the writers. this garbage should end,if star plus has such money to waste then give me some ALSO THE PPL WHO WATCH THIS SHOW ARE LOSER IDIOTS


  12. Dadi herself is a big ghost in this serial, make her also out of the serial

  13. Why ghost drama,death drama again??Cant cvs go beyond this both drama.cvs should stop dragging baby’s track and end as soon as possible.Why cvs r trying to handle multiple tracks,this is not their cup of tea.
    They should bring Yuvan alive and re-unite YuvAni again.

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