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Colors’ Ek Shringaar -Swabhimaan is a tale of a single mother Sharda. She got her daughters educated by facing many struggles in her life. She has gifted self esteem to her daughters. Sharda did not wish them to be dependent on anyone. The society gives respect to her daughters as they are capable and deserving. Sharda’s daughters Meghna and Naina make her proud. Sharda’s efforts pay off well. The girls make their own name by their qualifications. Sharda finds such in-laws for them, who values their qualification and give them independence to make a career. Meghna and Naina are asked to leave their dreams and career, in order to marry.

Sharda wants her girls to pursue career and always have their self esteem intact. Sharda has made many sacrifices in her life. She does not want her daughters to make any sacrifice. Meghna and Naina are determined not to hurt Sharda’s self esteem. Sharda’s family values get carried ahead by her daughters. Sharda left her dreams for their success. Now, the daughters get on their new journey to fulfill Sharda’s dreams. Both the sisters love each other a lot, but they get married in the same household. They stand against each other with same motive, but different ideals. Prachi Shah, Ankita Sharma, Samridh Bawa and Sangeeta Chauhan plays the leads in this new show by Rajshri Productions. Paintal, Vinay Jain and Sahil Uppal play the supporting cast. Would you like to watch Colors’ Swabhimaan? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Pls kill us it is better than asking to watch it

  2. i really hope swabhiman will do better than swaragini because sooraj barjatiya give good story preference to all leads of swabhiman if it got good trp then it would be a tight slap on the face of writers and producer of swaragini because they never give importance to all four leads which lead to all fights and show turn off soon

  3. Copycat of swaragini

  4. Amrutha

    Don’t worry, If story goes on interesting twists,people comes and joins.

  5. You r right swasan o support u in this . i am crazy ragsan and raglak and swaragini fan….

  6. Astra

    We want swaragini back…!!

  7. Mahavir

    i hate colours i wont see this serial…

  8. no v dont need … v need our swaragini back

  9. Fairy

    Teja plz come back sooon…eagerly waitng for urcome back in some other show !!! n i also wish dat Rashmi ma’am “ll soon start SR season 2 ,n”ll gve equal importance to each lead 🙂 missng u ragz love u teja 😉

  10. ARs

    ?Missing swaragini and sanlak….?

  11. Zzzzz (Charming)....

    The plot seems almost same to swaragini which is also tale of two sisters…

  12. Anurta

    I want swaragini back
    I can’t stay without swaragini
    Plz..plz… bring swaragini back

  13. no never in my dream also

  14. It’s better to bring season 2 of swaragini, or replace casts of swabhiman with raglak and swasan..
    Anyway don’t like ankita, so big no for this.

  15. Plzzz…..get back our swaragini

  16. Mica

    well everyone deserve to get good wish, soo..good luck Swabhiman.. #watchcoloronline

  17. Not at alll

  18. get back swaragini
    give us swasan and raglak

  19. Saba

    Good luck Swabhimaan.. interesting concept..

  20. Plss send request to RS for sr 2 we wnt it back

  21. We want Swaragini back but with same cast and same leads

  22. Spam colors channel they didn’t care about the viewrs

  23. Sparkle

    It looks very much like swaragini with some modifications. If it Is good, people will watch this.


  25. I want swaragini back!

  26. I don’t want to see it..not interested cast..bari beti toh itni bari dikhti hea ki ek bacchi ki ma dikhti..agar character interesting ho toh boring series bhi accha lagta hea..so absolutely big no..just want swaragini..season 2..with teja, helly, varun and namish..Totally useless series just like srk..so let’s cheer for colours barbadhi..

  27. Well said nupur we are sr fans and allways be

  28. Namra

    a BIG Nooooooo…. even if it’s the last show coming on TV I’ll rather switch off the TV than see it… because we are loyal swaragini fan… n the show because of which our serial ends we’ll never watch it… We just can’t forgive you colors… plz bring s2 of swaragini…

  29. Hy swabiman looks like a good one

  30. SRSL

    This stupid serial will remain down in the dump…you guys have been cursed by many..a big Noooooooooooooo to this serial….cause we Sr fans can’t even dare to accept this fact…we want SWAEAGI SEASON 2….

  31. Aasthu

    Nice concept……….I hope it will gain trp’s…..it is diff from sr’s concept…….

  32. my dear swaraginians swasanians raglakians chill! being a swaraginian(i am raglakian) i know its too sorrowful to waive a goodbye to sr but don’t let that affect other serials just bcoz it replaced it and other thing to be considered is concept to swabhiiman
    guys we have many things in this world other than swasan and raglak romance
    girl’s education and status in our country and swaabhimaan is dealing wid it in a excellent way
    sr never gave any moral to us but swabhimaan is trying to do it so don’t let it fail
    sr never showed proper women empowerment but swaabhimaan is trying
    acc to rs women empowerment is swara and ragini fighting and playing holi with goons(with ya devi playing in background)
    if they rs would have thought she could have shown swara or ragini handling their business but noo she stereotyped them to be typical housewives
    i have hardly seen swra or rag even playing music(even if they do all they do is jugalbandhi with same music nenesasaaaaaaanenesaa)

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