Do you like Vidyut’s track in Naamkarann?

Star Plus’ Naamkarann recently got an interesting track by Karam Rajpal’s entry. The actor is creating waves by his shady role. Karam plays Vidyut, who is Ragini Pandit aka Gurumaa’s son. He runs illegal businesses, by maintaining a clean image in society. Vidyut is psychotic. He is very much hot tempered. He doesn’t think twice before hurting his enemies. Vidyut’s entry has posed a big challenge to Neil’s duty towards law and family. Neil and Vidyut’s action scenes are much appreciated. The viewers will get to see more of action and witty games between the two.

Vidyut plays his sharp moves. He wants to secure his mother from the police. Gurumaa is on the loose, since she got conscious from coma. She believes Juhi has died. Neil and Avni fake Juhi’s death to protect her. The track will soon reveal that Vidyut is the father of Juhi’s daughter Mishti. Juhi had lied to Neil before, so that Neil selflessly gets Mishti home. Juhi’s insecurities get high when she gets compared to Avni. Vidyut’s track will go on for some more episodes. Neil determines to collect evidence against Vidyut. He wants to punish Vidyut for ruining innocent lives. Karam is much appreciated for his negative portrayal. He has made his character stand out by his superb performance. Do you like Vidyut’s track in Naamkarann? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. I like Vidyuts track but not Juhi

  2. Nikitansx

    No. This show had many negative character already, we can’t bear to have another one. Vidyut is honestly kinda fine, but i dislike that chutiya juhi. Dislike? Sorry i mean hate.

  3. I do not understand why serials have to show only NEGATIVITY all the time. Why can’t the shows portray positivity to educate the viewers. Most of the time people want to relax after a day’s work but what we get is nothing but hatred, revenge and all the negative things of how to hurt the innocent and the powerless.

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