I Like Ur Smile-os by ufaq to alina di-h.b.d

suman was roaming in the market shop to shop in order to buy an amzing gift after all it was his brothers birthday
sumu;com om sumu do it quck u r really gettting late com on
she sees a beautiful gold watch damond studed
suman;should i buy it????
she goes in the shop
sumu;excuse me how much for that??/
salesman;mam XXXXXX
sumu;ok plz pzck itand ya cash or credit card
salesman;mam card

she handovers him credit card
she takes watch and turns to leave but collides with someone
suman;opps sorry yar
man;i wish u had eyes
suman;excuse mei have two eyes wo to by mistake sorry
man smiles;its ok
suman;and yaa i have eyes u can check
man;no need of that will u plz let me go i m getting late
man;raasta plzzz

suman;oh sorry
man again smiles’its ok
he leaves
suman;nice smile
she also leaves to her home

party is running in the malik mansion for their son pushkar malik
pushkar;sumum where is my gift han???
yes sumu and push are siblings
sumu;u have to wait
push; dnt tell me u forgot to bring my gift
sumu;nope its nothing lke that yar
push;phr nikal
sumu;not now
suman father calll her
sumu;i will be back push
she leaves
suman;hi dad
samrat;hi i want to introduce someone to u
sam;ur fiance
sumu;oh he came
sam;yup lets go
they go to some one

sam;shr beta
he turns
sam;suman he shr shr malhotra and shr she is my daughter suman
shr;h pleasure ,meeting u
suman;same here
sam leaves
shr;i m really glad u have eyes
suman smiles;yeah thank god
shr smles;so in the morning u were buying gift for ur bro
s=sumu;yes actually i forgot his birthday but when i remembered rushed
shr;thats gud
sumu;so wht u do???

shr;not lawyer liar
suman;same thing
shr;oh so taunting
sumu’nope is nt it strange that we r getting married and we dnt even know about each other
shr;yup but strange thing happen
shr;so what u do????
sumu;i m a doctor and i will never ever leave my practice got that
shr; hahahha yup got it
sumu;hmmmm gud so
sumu;whats ur hobby i mean what u do in free tme
shr;ammmm sleeping sleeping is my hobby
sumu;seriously ????
shr;yup i love my sleep more than anything in this world
shr;yup but thing
sumu;oh ok ok
shr;and ur???
sumu;painting i love paintting

shr;oh wow thats gud
sumu;hmmmmm and
push;what u guys r doing its my b.d party not ur marriage that u r behaving like this
shr;wait hold on what we did???
push;u guys r busy with eachother
sumu; its nothing like that
push ;ok so lets go on dance floor
sumu;han chal

shr; u guys go???
push;and u will not come???
shr;i dnt lke couple dance
shr;yeah seriously
sumu;u dnt lke couple dance or u dnt know how to dance
shr smiles suman gets mesmerized
shr;i know dancing but i really dnt like to
sumu;thats weird
shr;i m weird
push;ok then u enjoy we wll be leaving
both leave suman starts dancing with pushkar but than the couple changes suman goes to someother person but he was kinnda batammez he starts to pull her closer more closer moer closer she feels awkward
she moves aside but he holds him
shr goes on dance floor and releases her from him
man;who r u???
suman;my fiancee any problem
shr smiles

man;no he leaves
shr;thats y i dnt lke it
sumu;hmmm thanks
no problem
sumu;u r cute
shr;hold on u can call me handsome dashing hunk but not cute girls r cute
sumu;hahahah u r reallly sweet mr sweetu
shr;r u fine cute swweetu u r really fine naw
sumu’yup i m fine
samrat comes;so?????
sam;anyproblem with the relation???

sam;thats ammmazing we will arrange abig party for this
he leaves
sumu;so u dnt have any problem with this relaton
shr;what do u mean by why???
sumu;i willtease u by cally cutu sweetu
shr;dnt u dare
sumu; i will
shr;whatver y u dnt have any problem with me??/
sumu;cuz u r cute sweet and most important i like ur smile
sumu;yeah i do
shr;hmmm so someone likes my smile
sumu;yup alot
shr again smiles
sumu;this one
shr;thanks btw u r amazng
shr;cuz u r different
sumu;i know i know
both laugh together
scene splits on their smiling face


helooooooo guys i wrote this for alina di
happy birthday di may u have many more to celebrate
may ur alll wishes come true and u enjoy a dignified life
i know u must be thinking b.d to kal h
but i have some internet issue so jb internet aya to post kr dia kal ho na ho
happy bithay agan beas was also askng to post something so i did
hope my family members like it specially alina di
love u all guys
take care

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  1. Nikita

    This was amazing! It was so cute!
    Though each story requires a confession, but this was so damn enough without it!
    I loved it!
    Alina would love it!
    Lovvee youuu

  2. Hey ufaaq awesome one yaar.
    lots of love…
    keep writing…

  3. Beas

    It was damn amazing. Loved it. Thanks for writing. Will wait for more to come. Loads of love ❤ Good night ?

  4. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey ufaq !!!! It was grrreat one yar ???? i like it to the core ????
    Awwwwwesome ???
    Btw a very very???????????????Happy Birthday?????????????? to alina di ???????
    May ur life be full of happiness nd prosperity ahead ???????????? Have an awesome day ??????

  5. Ariana

    Awwwww it was so cute!! Just loved it

  6. Hey ufaaq it was really cute ……… Just loved it….. It was awesome. Lots of love.

  7. Diya

    Such a cute story !!! Loved it !!! ❤❤

  8. Alina

    Ohh.. Uffi so sweet of u..tmhe yaad tha mera bday.. N koi bast nhi u posted one day before but I read it on my bday na..its good..u stole my heart dear..u made my day!! Thank you so muchFor taking out time and writing such a cute story for me..i loved it to the core of my heart..
    Love u ufffi ..my choti began??
    May Allah bless you..
    Take care?

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