Do you like Uma-Kanak’s marriage track in TSMSP?

Star Plus’ Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji has got an interesting and most awaited track. The viewers will get to see the grand marriage of Uma and Kanak. This time, the couple will be marrying by their wish and understanding. Kanak has found a true life partner in Uma. She has proved her worth as well. They both are madly in love with each other. No barriers could ruin their relationship. Their bond just got stronger by facing the challenges posed by Uma’s Maasi. Uma doesn’t want Kanak to compromise anything. Uma gives her total freedom to live her life the way she wishes.

Kanak has brought a big change in Uma’s thinking. Uma has become more dutiful towards her. Uma mended his ways when his set of traditions started coming between the family’s happiness. Uma wants to keep everyone happy. Uma’s heroic behavior impresses Kanak. Uma and Kanak decide to get re-married. They plan all the pre-wedding functions. Uma wants to create lovely memories with Kanak to cherish all their life. He wishes to rectify his mistake done before when he forcibly married Kanak. The show will get lot of entertainment via this marriage track. Do you like Uma-Kanak’s marriage track in TSMSP? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. We are waiting for this track to see our kanum in marriage attire with full of love care and respect on each other. Umashankar rocks I love umashankar. Kanum is amazing hot lovable pair their chemistry is extraordinary. Avinesh Rekhi and Rhea sharma fantabulous actors very talented #Tusoorajmainsaanjhpiyaji beautiful love story with strong message to the society. Waiting to see all their shaadi rasams uma dance in modern attire in mehandi to impress kanak

  2. super excited love kanum

  3. super duper exxcited

  4. Kanak marrying uma uncle…. ??

  5. Meera1

    Excited to see Kanak & Uma’s wedding, finally they have seen the goodness of each other & are both willingly about to accept each other as husband & wife ?… I am disappointed that the wedding has currently been overshadowed by maasisa’s track though… looking forward to some wedding ritual sequences.

    I really like the portrayal of Uma’s character & the uniqueness of his personality and the shows opposites attract concept. … Kanak & Uma’s Jodi isn’t your typical stereotype Jodi which is what makes their relationship different & interesting… wishing Kanum & tsmsp lots of success!

  6. Excited for kanums wedding n their romance after marriage bt hope they will show all the marriage rituals in this marriage which we have misd in the previous one as it was a forced mariage & don’t over modernized it with their Western clothings n other crap
    Just want lots of kanum? without any vamp Or villain ?

  7. super excited love kanum so so much 🙂

  8. uma and kanak are my favourite couple now they are amazing beautiful i love them so much. and super exited to see them.

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