Do you like TSMSP’s current track?

Star Plus’ Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji recently shifted to the evening slot. It got more viewership since it started airing at the 7 pm slot. The show is trying to keep the audience entertained by the high voltage drama. The current track brings Kanak’s stand for her sister in law Saras. Saras gets cheated by Vansh. She is unaware of Vansh’s intentions. Vansh acts to fall in love with her. He intends to marry her to settle scores with Uma Shankar. Vansh hates Uma Shankar for giving a caged life to Kanak.

Kanak doesn’t know Vansh and Saras’ friendly bond. Vansh secretly executes his plan to trap Saras in his love. Saras commits a mistake by coming in front of Uma Shankar’s Guru ji. She is then punished to serve the saint as Sevika. Kanak doesn’t want Saras to sacrifice her dreams, happiness and life to obey Uma Shankar’s spiritual decisions. Kanak’s relation with Uma Shankar gets spoiled. Kanak has no idea who is plotting against her. Nanda and Poulomi want Kanak to be out of Uma Shankar’s life. Saras became a target of their dirty plan. Nanda regrets to lay a trap for Kanak. Kanak explains Uma Shankar that his decision is wrong. The show is going to add more drama by Saras and Vansh’s marriage track. Do you like TSMSP’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. I love tu sooraj main saanjh piyaji its a beautiful story with strong social messages .Avinesh reki and Rhea sharma are fantastic in portraying uma and Kanak.The lead chemistry is awesome .The current track is all about unconditional love .I thoroughly enjoy this serial its a Eye-opener for many negative social issues of our country.In future we will hw the beautiful story will unfold with many twists and turns however difficulties KanUm face in their lives they will surely will be together as they have immense love on each other.That love will make them diya aur bhati soon

  2. Actually the Bal Brahmachari track that started was good but expected more of Kanak unfolding the truth behind him and opening Uma’s eyes..but instead it just ended up with Saras and Vansh track..need some light drama and meaningful where Uma dharma’s too much negativity to handle…Uma and Kanak are always arguing and Palomi and Masisa is in their plotting world..I am watching mainly for the leads and other supporting actors of the show..story line is so unique but all this high voltage drama is messing it up..

  3. Personally i really love this show coz its story is unique with lots of social msg.It’s also an Eye-opener show for ppl who blindly follow fake ppl in the name of “dharams” and there r lots of fake ppl like bal bramhachari everywhere .And really appreciate kanak’s effort to change uma’s mind concerning all the fake and old dharams

  4. I like TSMSP it’s different from the other show Its is showing that 2 people from different upbringing how they will try to live together through thick or thin & eventually fall deeply in love which you see in their eyes Rhea & Avinesh play their roles beautifully look good together & complements each other .With this Bal bramachari track it has been able to get them two closer there has been some cute moments. It’s showing there are still people like BB who exist in this world and there are stout followers too like Uma Hope this revenge track of Vansh turns in real love for Sara Love the show!!!

  5. It just got popularity basically from being linked to Divya aur bath hum …The fact is its not even up to 20% worthy of the previous one . Much draggery and imaginative type. Just hate

  6. I really like this show, due to the powerful social messages it conveys & an eye opener into the extent people go to in the name of dharm.
    It is refreshing to watch a show with characters who have so much depth & a storyline with a worthwhile cause. I am disappointed with the Baal bramchari track though because I too felt that it would be about Kanak uncovering Baal bramchaari as a fake and it would be the start of Uma questioning his blind belief & interpretation of religion & treatment towards women but so far most of it has been taken up by the vansh & Saras track.
    I feel the show still has plenty of potential due to the depth of the characters. Kanak & Uma are complete opposites but not in the typical serial manner…. Avinesh & Rhea’s casting is really good & they both fulfill their roles really well. I look forward to watching the storylines develop and viewing some hardcore social messages.

  7. i lke massi being bad as its is actually hypercritical not sure why pali is there in that home
    i do not think they shpuld show kanaks brother using a woman as that is hypercritical too and disgusting to show
    Uma cannot be mad at Sarras as he kidnapped Kanak
    so some refinement is required
    i would like Uma to know Massi plan asap
    and his mother to get better ASAP
    and hope Saras does not actually get married without Uma permission
    other than that the show is actually good
    it was good at the start when there was no Vamp and no plots

  8. Although the baalbrhmachari track may have been important to the overall story of TSMSP, it has been dragged way to long. And massi sa and palomi’ s evil plotting is getting really old as well. It has been going on for several weeks and the sheer fact that our mostly intelligent main characters, Uma and Kanak, cannot see through Massi sa’s evil design or Paloma’s planting traps everyday makes it even worse. This is meant to be a light hearted drama about social change but these days it looks engrossed in very typical kitchen politics, which makes it very monotonous.
    This drama has an extraordinary beautiful couple with amazing chemistry who can teach society so much through their example.

  9. This current is okay but missing some humour senes,kanum speech now..But soon it will end after guru track.

    The way unique of TSMSP is
    good Storyline
    Amazing actors crew
    false beliefs awareness
    Good visualization of scenes
    wonderful chemistry of leads
    traditional touch

    These all made hooked to this TSMSP Show.

  10. This is a total sheeeet and only meant for moron and uneducated PPL.

    1. Simple don’t watch and look what educated people see instead of listening your heart.

  11. It’s fun to see all the characters doing their job correctly. Nothing new in any serial some story track get stretched like chewing gum, but overall is fun instead putting so many characters like ishqbaaz here we see few characters justifying their role.

  12. i love this show a lot ,love the chemistry between uma and kanak they are perfect

  13. TSMSP a show am hooked to because of its beautiful Narration n Amazing Leads..
    I am just loving all the drama and excited for coming twists and turns ..Only wish to see more of Kanak-Uma..

  14. I love each and every part of the show. It is necessary to show the last few weeks drama because of the plot and I thoroughly enjoyed it because it is showing loving layers of Uma.

  15. I think it’s time for uma to realise his blind faith on dharma. And what he is taught. He has realised his love for kanak in the same manner he has to realise that what he is following blindly is wrong. Massa has to get well soon and show Nandu her right place. She should make uma realise that he as got a good wife. Drama to be followed in right way and also make Nandu realise what wrong she did with kanak. Paloumi to be shown her right place. Uma should learn about their wrong intensional

  16. Aastha_Reddy

    It may look slow from out side but its steady towards a certain aim of the story..Changing Uma Shankar for good..Kanak is doing that both logiclly and emotionally very well… Slow and steady wins the race. I love Rhea a lot.

  17. Shrilatha

    I started watching it from last two days so I don’t know many characters but main leads r justifying their roles .I just wish they add nok jhok between them .it will be a bit lighter and romantic

  18. this serial is tottly borring .. please of off air with happy ending or sad ending… please change the main lead character in male

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