Would you like Suhani Si Ek Ladki shifting slot?

Star Plus’ Suhani Si Ek Ladki started its air on 9th June 2014. Completing a good run, the show will be shifting its slot to an early one before the story settles and comes to an end. Colors’ shows are also seen shifting to an early slot before wrapping up in next few months. Suhani Si Ek Ladki stars Sahil Mehta and Rajshri Rani Pandey in lead roles. They have earned much fame as Yuvraaj and Suhani. Neha Yadav was also one of the leads, who left the show before the generation leap. The show brought the concept of nature versus beauty. To much extent, the show stuck to its core concept.

Shifting to the early slot, the show would not have much competition from other channels. It has tried all possible tracks in its airing span. The story showed the strength of friendship and love. There was much stagnancy in the tracks in between. Nevertheless, the show sustained to draw good viewership by getting high octane drama with leaps and young cast for portraying the new generation. Alekh Sangal who plays Sambhav, returned to the show recently. His re-entry brought much evil dramatic track. Gladly, Sambhav’s track did not drag much. Sambhav got arrested and may come back in Suhani’s life again. The story now proceeds with Suhani winning her son Saiyyam’s trust and changing him into a better person. Viewers can hope to see more of Yuvraaj-Suhani and Saiyyam-Krishna’s scenes. Suhani Si Ek Ladki will be entertaining the fans on an early slot before ending. Would you like Suhani Si Ek Ladki shifting slot? Let us know in this poll. You may leave your opinion in comments section below.

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  1. Only want to see Krishna and saiyyam scenes in suhani si me ladki

  2. do not really care if this serial ends cause it is going around in circles heard it is going to end soon what a relief

  3. Me too, I am watching this show for, Krishna and saiyyam.
    I have gone off of suhani and yuvraj.
    These two characters have brought back, the life in this show.
    Who, would have thought it, all this drama actually needed was new character and actor’s.
    If this show, was just suhani and yuvraj. The show would have ended, last year.

  4. Yes i like it acha hain time change kiya naki serial closed kiya i am only wait for kriyam love story yadi serial band kar dete to main kriyam ko kaha dekhti only i want to see kriyam scene

  5. For me ssel means yuvani..Ssel aaj Jo bhi he suhani and yuvi se he..

  6. yes ssel should wrap up yuvaani remarriage ho gai kriyam unite hone ke baad happy ending ho jaye

  7. sarita sharma

    yes ssel ko happy note par end kar dena chahiye

  8. i agree yuvaani

  9. sarita sharma

    u r ri8 yuvaani if yuvaani ko sideline karna h to ssel ko band kar do or new season start kar do new character or actors ke saath

    1. Yes…Not wants ie our favorite character to be sideline

    2. Agree with sarita n yuvani… Dos who don’t YuvAni then the show must wrap up…. Coz new generation can’t able to increase trp… When yuvani r together… The trp increases…..Krishna is so dumb character… She can’t stand 4 herself…. Soumya was far better then her… She was strong n her acting was appreciated…

  10. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    yuvani s soul of the show… sahil rajshri…..s best…ssel should wrap up with happy ending.. no more dragging.. if cast wants to continue no prob yuvani fans quit show…tats it..

    1. Yes all fans who are supporting yuvani . Show ab tak yuvani ki wazah se hit he..And how the people are talking like ie Kriyam should become the leads .All yuvani fans supported the new generation .And kriyam story will be started..But ie doesn’t means CV sideline the yuvani..If yuvani will be sideline ..I m not watching the show..

  11. Want only YUVAANI as leads and more screen space for them..the only show i watch is this that too only for yuvaani and rajshri…if they want to concentrate on new shows as per so called nayi soch..then end this on a happy note as said by other yuvaani fans..not interested in kriyam as leads but like sayyam suhani scenes…i think we dont have to bear all this injustice by starplus coz this will soon end coz of low trp at 5pm

    1. Agree with u bhargavi…. If time slot is changing then definitely there will b low trp… N see sahil statement in tellychakkar… His views clearly tell that soon according to requirements his character yuvraj wil b exit…. If this happens …. I’ll stop watching this nonsense ….. If lead exit then definitely I’ll stop…. I stopped when they took leap without yuvraj n this kidnapped track without him was boring…. Hope the show should wrap

      1. Yaa true.before yuvraj character ends up …the show itself will end..whoz gonna watch at 5pm…half of d viewers r working and students i believe…even my clg timngs r till 5pm..so i will see online only..if they had not introduced sambhav…then show would have been on top..they wanna give a controversial message (good & bad) as if we r crimepatrol or savdhaan india viewers

      2. And I think soon his character will be end so what’s the worth of yuvani…

      3. Dat only…. If yuvraj character will exit in future…. Then I too will quit…. Can’t tolerate this cvs

      4. Why to replace leads?….SNS is a long running show which concentrates more on leads and not their children even after d lead became grandma..dont know whats d reason behind their idiotic idea…it may b sahil uncomfortable with d show or cvs started to use their super brains to make kids leads

      5. Dear what we do now.. Wants the young gen to run the show.. What the meaning of yuvani reunion..His statement made me clear is ..CVS only introduce him back as they all know what was hppn after the leap…But now bringing younger gen they kill us ..We are not against of younger gen..But neglecting the original lead’s it’s hurts as Royal fans

      6. Leave it…@bhargavi n @durbi…. We people r wasting our precious time in this nonsense show…will watch till yuvraj character exist… If he quit then I’ll too quit…. Good luck for the kriyam fans… Hope cvs make u happy…

      7. Agree to somi…

      8. Haha..ur right guys…even kriyam fans wont get sufficient kriyam scenes..im 100% sure as weppl r greatly experienced in this..we didnt get enough of yuvani and there came a situation where fans were satisfied with their screen space even though not together in every episode

  12. Agree [email protected],@ssel fan [email protected]…..

    We want yuvraj n suhani….. No problem with kriyam……. But can’t understand the those who r so mean…. They want only kriyam…

    1. Agree…His statement clearly means ie soon his character will be end up by cvs..So what’s about the yuvani reunion… it’s black day for the yuvani fans..So after ie let’s ssel runs by the kriyam fans . Their fans always making fun of the yuvani fans…

      1. @durbi… Agree with u…. Feeling so sad…. Love yuvani as sahil n rajshri only…. If sahil quit then I wish they should end with happy note

      2. Can’t understand how foolish this stupid writers n cvs r…. If sahil will quit then what was the need of YuvAni reunion…..??? So that again the Sambhav come n kill yuvraj…. N suhani to b widow again…. It is going round n round…. After reading his statement I wished this show to end…. Pls end it… I’m watching in online n don’t about rest… I wish trp should go down..

  13. No early slot we will not be able to watch if it is at 5

  14. I want to see kriyam’s part only. I think makers should focus on kriyam’s part.

    1. I agree with you, I don’t understand these yuvani fan’s. They got their reunion. What more do they want.

      What parent do when kids get married. They take the side line, and let the kids take over.
      That’s what parents do. Suhani and Yuvraj has gone old. It is time to act their age. Soon they are going to be grandparents.

      I felt embarrasses, the why suhani and yuvraj, acting like teenagers.
      Even life has it limit, there is a time, when we all have to face our Age.

      It is not like, that these actor’s, are not going to get paid.
      I remember, time when everyone was laughing at Dadi, because she wanted to look young.
      This is the hypothetical, of people.

      1. Esther

        It’s nothing related to real lyf,,,,,Yuvani fans want Yuvani bcoz of Sahil and Rajashri….they are Sahil and Rajashri fans too,,,they are the fans of the pair since long ,,,,bt cvs kept on separating them and introducing illogical tracks,,,afterall ppl are watching the show for their happiness,,none of the serials are giving any moral and this serial dnt even have a proper storyline,,,,,Dadi’s desire to look young is no way related to this…it’s all about Sahil and Rajashri,,,their fans won’t be able to see them getting sidelined

      2. We are no hypothetical… hum ssel starting se dekh rhen and Hume leap nhi chayiye tha..

  15. I agree with you hassan

  16. I agree with you hassan

  17. Saaya I think you understand our points.. Becoj this cvs seperate the leads about 10 month…And ssel is gud only because of yuvani till now..CV never promoted ssel..Many times SP has decided to shut down the show but we save it from end..

    But now we don’t them to be sideline..If Sahil is quiting we all yuvani fans quit..U will understand when after some times theirs is another leap..Then kriyam will sideline

    1. Really agree with durbi… Just don’t rpy to them who always have problem with yuvraj n suhani

      1. Excuse me! Please read careful, what I said.
        I don’t have problems with yuvani!
        I am talking about the character AGE!
        You can’t have old people behaving like teenagers.
        There is a moral standards, when anyone come to an certain age. Everyone except you to have the level of decency. When you become that age, your behaviour has to be accepted standards of morality, respectability and responsibility.

        That is what lacked in the character suhani.
        But at the end of the day, the are actors they well get paid.

      2. You are seeking logic in the story line only for Yuvani…what about Sayyam ..he must be around 20 yrs old by now,,,maybe less than 20…Boys can’t marry before 21 in India,,,
        and yes it’s all about viewers happiness…
        Yuvani fans gets happy seeing their fav pair and Kriyyam fans get happy seeing their fav pair,,,no one cares about logic/story here,which this serial don’t have…..

        If you want logic/perfect story there are other serials….but this one is totally ruined and only thing fans have is their fav pair

        no offence..have a great day 😀

      3. Ahhhhhhh, I am not upset with anyone, my child.

        Please tell that to my stupid daughter, that watch this show.

        Believe me if I had my way, suhani became divorced woman right. I don’t care what people say. Yuvraj divorce suhani in front of his god.

        I would have made sure, that this girl never got married to sambhav, or anyone. Even to yuvraj again.

        As for saiyyam, it does not matter how a child come to the world, children are god gift. Baby’s are innocent. It was god pleasure, not many people out there can have one child. But suhani has 3.
        I don’t believe in abortion either, suhani should have known the meaning of motherhood.
        This is suhani biggest sin’s.

  18. Agree with u @saaya n @durbi…. Some people always come to bash n all… We don’t have problem with kriyam…we were just discussing about YuvAni…. N in this also they have lots of problems

    1. Agree…i think those ppl didnt watch from d beginning of d show…otherwise they would have understood how we feel and what yuvaani are to us

  19. Saiyyam theek hai, pr kriyam story se show nhi chal sakenge. Yuvani me Jo baat thi in me nhi hai, at least IMO. Just compare Shreya to Rajshri. Saiyyam suthar gaya to Jo ladkiyan bad boys pr marte hai use itna pasand nhi karenge. Most important, CVS bekaar hai. Sab bigarna hi aata hai. Is this serial worth seeing now, wid rape, murder, poison, torture, hate? Hafte ho jate hai and I dun see, read updates every few days is asha mei ki kuch sudhaarr aaya par no.

  20. sarita sharma

    nothing is embarasing ye to star plus ke shows ka trend even yuvaani ke scéně to only cute and emotional hote h yuvaani ke couple dance or hug karne wali scéně hi dikhaye jaate h yhm or sns mě to wedding night ko show kiya tha even sns m to gaggi ko is age m shirtless show kiya tha yuvaani ke cute scéně hote h are old ho gaya to kya habits change ho jayegi yuvaani start se aise the ab to fir v limit m rahte h pahle ssel m yuvaani yuvaani the saif ali khan recently father bana h or uski age to sabko pata h or sabko chhodo hum yuvaani fans unhe aise dekhna chahate h isliye ham kahte h yuvaani nhi to ssel should wrap up jaise aap kriyam ke na hone par kahte h or hamare kahne par kya ssel off air ho jayega

    1. My dear, even I have problems with that.
      I don’t believe, when you become old, you should behave like teenager. I know not many of you well, agree with me.
      But when anyone come to that age. You have to accept this. Old age is for everyone. I have my children married. Soon I am going to become grandparent.
      That is the circle of life. Many of these Bollywood or Hollywood, whatever woods.
      They can’t face or accept old age. That is why they don’t have self respect.
      No one well stay young forever!

      Think, always think about.

      1. Wat old age? 40s old age kab se ho gaye? And wat teenager jaisi behavior, plz batae, kya aisa kiya? I not read anything like dat behavior. Aap clarly prejudiced nazar aate hai.

  21. sarita sharma

    aap believe nhi karte to hum kuch nhi kar sakte bcs ye aapki thought h iske aage m kuch bol v nhi sakti

  22. srishti_karan

    we want kriyam scences..

  23. we r eagerly waiting for krishna and sayyam love track…and suhani-sayyam-krishna bonding..

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