Did you like the sudden twists in Dehleez?

Star Plus’ Dehleez recently got a shocking twist with the terror striking the newlyweds Adarsh and Swadheenta. The lead couple just got married, while they both lost their beloved brothers on their wedding day. To add more to the drama, Swadheenta’s uncle Haider is targeted by the terrorists. Haider got the blame to place the bomb in Adarsh and Swadheenta’s marriage venue. With Haider being in shock about his son’s state, Haider could not explain much. Haider gets beaten up by the police personnel and gets taken with the terrorist tag.

On one front, there was much happiness and celebrations, while the other side had lots of bloodshed of innocent people. Sinha family lost their son Abhay in the blasts, while Swadheenta loses her brother Asad. Abhay gets much honor as he has sacrificed his life for the country. Asad who has also been helping the serving the country by helping the police and army officers on time, did not get the right reward for his life’s sacrifice. Asad is declared a terrorist by Yash, who has been in love with Asad’s girlfriend Radhika. Yash takes the wrong decision because of the personal differences between Asad and him. With two cute and sweet characters dying in the show, the charm of Dehleez would really get down. Adarsh and Swadheenta’s married life starts with such a shocking twist. Did you like the sudden twists in Dehleez? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment about your opinion regarding the show’s current track.


  1. Komal rani

    This is a very sad movement I Think that abhay should not die .Every one has to know the truth about Ashad also that he is not a terrorist but now the Adarsh and swadheenta’s married life will be totally split and i dont want to see the split in their Life.

  2. deepthi

    asad and abhay will br missed badly. i really hoped abhay would br alive this is the end of adarsh swaadentha story it wilk be all court kacheri with so much hatred between the familes and witg that tortur of being called a terrorist…. should say i realy dont have the guts to watch dahleez now

  3. Fatarajo

    Show was going fine but killing Asad and Abhay was a bad move, but must wait n watch to see how the story unfolds

  4. Chamanthi

    There can be a better way rather than killing Abhay and Asad. How could writer justify Simmi’s portion, as she has weak heart. This serial Dehleez was going on smooth with good story but now I don’t think it would give the same kind of exciting feeling this way.

  5. ramsha

    it will surely go downhill as swadhneeta’s family will be blamed for abhay’s death due to abhay mentioning asad’s name before he took his last breath. jadiev and adarsh will assume that abhey was trying to say this happened bcx of asad. on the other hand, poor mamu will be tortured however, it will be interesting to see how yash opens his mouth and reveal the truth or how swadhneeta will prove her family’s innocence.

  6. tani

    Killing Abhay and as ad always not the right thing.The twist was fine but now the relations will turn sour…how does swadheenta prove asad n Haider innocent will be interesting

    • poornima kumar

      There is no other way left to prove asad and his father innocent. One way is there i . e yash should come forward and open his mouth as asad is the person who saves life of the people

  7. nisha

    earlier it was a good serial but this twist in the story has made the serial pathetic
    N no1 would like to see the serial becausr of the bad n pathetic track

  8. Vrinda Mehra

    Abhay should not dies…He should reveal the truth of a sad so that his family get the reward for asad sacrifice

  9. I was sucha gr8 fan of this serial….m hating the present storyline….absolute injustice….so goodbye to dehleez….will miss the good episodes!!

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  11. Nitya

    Will stop seeing dis serial now. Bad twist……. Atleast abhay should not die. Yash….kaha gai desh bhakti. Pyaar ne khatam kardi. Naam kharab kar rha humari Indian army ka. Infact abhay ki jagah Yash would have died.

  12. DocFouz

    I guess now swadheenta will fight as a lawyer defending assad and maamu to prove them innocent. Due to this her in-laws will be angry with her as she is defending the people responsible for abhay’s death. Plus the accusations of being an abshakuni bahu, whose dewar died the day she got married and entered house. Swadheenta has to fight all these. It’ll be interesting to see how the newlyweds handle this turmoil in their relationship. Sad for assad n abhay’s death. Swadheenta has to do a lot of research to prove assad as innocent.

  13. Shrija Mandal

    i don’t like this recent episodes…..how will asad get justice….this is not fair….!!!!!

  14. Chaithu

    Can’t digest abhay nd asad dead…..i ccant imagine simmi situatiion after know d abhay ……..sooooo SAD….

  15. shyla

    I am pretty sure now swadneentha and Adarsh will be separated as swadeentha will fight for his brother justice and Adarsh will be against that and now serial is spoiled

  16. Sonpari

    I actually don’t like this twist. What a nonsense!!!?? now freedom’s whole family will be accused. Even they will b blamed for Abhay’s death. It is only Abhay who knows the truth. So please grow up.. Show such twists that will be realistic n can be accepted. Otherwise DAHLEEZ will sound like other drama serials only.

  17. Akansha

    Thru some miracle abhay shd b brought back. Plzzz
    Like swadhu d his be married n look at d problems.
    Pls bring back abhay. Like atleast he ll save asad name.

  18. Wellwisher

    Killing Abhay doesnot make any sense…….other twist would have worked out rather than killing….

  19. Uttakarsha Kumar

    pls save abhay because ashad was done brilliant job for anti terrisom ,so abhay only man to saw the truth .He was only proof to realise ashad’s parents that ashad jalani was a proud to his parents and country. So ,pls pls do something miracle to save the abhay…..

  20. Amardeep Shukla

    I think this episode will be good but this very bad twist…..i was really like this episode but now i think this is very disgus…g serial.

  21. Shreya

    Not liking sudden twist at all. Asad and abhay must not die. And mamu is innocent, why he is blamed to be terrorist? Quite shocking and sad moves in the storyline..

  22. They shouldn’t have kill asad and abhay at least they should have keep Abhay alive to reveal the truth of the sacrifice done by asad ,now the story have become full of worries and wrong blames which is no more interested to watch

  23. sachin raut

    it was not good of kill abhay n asad in the show…..asad is also give sacrifice of his life to the country so he have the right to take reward…..so plz save abhay’s life to prove asad as not a terrorist

  24. miffed

    Ok the makers have killed both Abhay and Asad. And to make things worse both Asad and his father are branded terrorists. Of course being a Muslim helps! Enough of enmity and hatred to create a rift between Aadarsh and Swadheenta. Now I’m only hoping that Mr Farhan Salaruddin who earlier gave us the sensible Beintehaa will give us a plausible and happy ending this time too.

  25. Priya nalla

    Abhay should nt die
    May asad dies but
    Abhay is lovely character
    We want Abhay to be alive

  26. disha khan

    Plz bring our sweetest asad back.his famous word “freedom” cant be heard anymore.bring him back.and of course abhay.his love for mom and wife simmi ohhh so beautiful.bring them back.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.wothout them dahleez is lifeless.

  27. Partho

    I loved the serial but now showing both abhay and asad dead was a bad move it has lost its charm

  28. Rashmika koundinya

    I really miss cute charm of dehleez asad& abhya . plzzzzzz come back to the show

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    • MRk

      Well you were right .. We don’t need filmy twist because always showing same means what is the use of watching serials instead of watching movies , last but not least we don’t need this crap twist.

      Any way writer already killed viewers aspiration. So need to find another good upcoming soap.

      Guys any one let me a new good upcoming serial .

  30. mani

    Want abhay nd asad back.. seems lyk d charm of d serial has diminished.. plz bring them back on shw.. :'(

  31. Hinal

    No.I hate this twist.brng back Abhay and Asad. Adarsh is an IAS officer but he acts to the situation as dumb.

  32. why everything has to close on a negative note, why can’t people accept good things in life ? If it could be shown that t they combated the terrorist attack successfully and were still alive , this will restore hope in people rather a melodrama would start, before a beginning of life, mourning and blame game has started . and what a mean behaviour shown that Asad does not get his due even after his death just because the other person is jealous . Where are we showing values ? Oh God ! Please show positive in life rather than all negative which all of us are aware of ?

  33. evan

    no, didn’t like this twist.Its v. nice serial but Asad is terrorist ,and yeas roll is so typical.

  34. NEHA

    Its affects humanism by showing such track. It’s been the victory of terrorism n lost of humanity.. please change the track asap

  35. So sad….such a heart wrenching sequence..but how is asad n his family gonna get justice?..y did they die so soon?n y is dahleez gonna air off soon….it’s a good serial with a good theme..always such kind of serials end soon .,sad to here tat both charming characters r dead….bring such a twist so tat viewers get happy watching the further episodes..

  36. pritty

    Twist shld have been tht abhay is in coma…n would save asad..army officer yash has shown us tht more than any personal jeaslousy is imp..asad gave all the clues…he helped d country…city n wht death he got….terroist r always should more smarter than r dumb police officer

  37. Urvashi

    Yash shud take the right step. N must put his personal differences aside. Its a matter of humanity now.. He shud nt blame the innocent n must show the courage to accept the truth… With this good deed he woud surely get accepted by the girl in future..

  38. Fatso

    Totally devasted, can not even watch the show . Why to kill Abhay? Totally absurd
    I just read the updates .
    Unfair this was one of the 2 shows on Star that I really liked .

  39. DD

    I agree with Urvashi. Yash has taken a completely wrong step in going against Asad. Swadeenta is left all alone to fight for truth in the show. The way the current episodes are shot, it shows there is no humanity in India. Everyone believes the fake and buries the truth. Suhasini, being a senior lawyer can’t she think on different angles of the case, has she become totally blind after her son’s demise. This is totally absurd.

  40. neha

    this is just unacceptable.. one of the most beautiful track in the serial was a lovely brother sister relationship of swadheenta and asad.. and abhay and simmi their relation was awesome too.. nothing is left in the show.. just didnt like the track at all… no more like to watch this show .. not a single episode..

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