Do you like SSEL’s surrogacy track?

Star Plus’ Suhani Si Ek Ladki has probably brought all the tracks and twists. There is a new entry in show. Barbie’s character has been introduced to separate Yuvraaj and Suhani. Dadi has turned more cunning after she has lowered her pride and accepted Suhani. Dadi did not realize her mistakes till now. Dadi is presenting a bad example of an elderly person in the story.


While Suhani is shown smart and spying too sometimes, she has suddenly changed to less sensible person now. Suhani started believing the devious Dadi, who always stabbed in her back. Even Yuvraaj has forgiven Dadi as usual giving her a clean chit. Dadi is never out of her games. This time, she is playing more safe and fooled Suhani that she can’t have a child.

Poor Suhani has fallen in Dadi’s trap and agreed for Dadi’s suggested method of surrogacy to get a child, most importantly.. a heir for the Birla family. Suhani who acted brave and intelligent at Gauri and Pankaj’s court case matter is now being just dutiful for Dadi. Dadi’s evil ways winning always has turned down interest of the viewers. We expect SSEL brings something good for viewers to enjoy and remember. Extending the show with bad tracks is not worth watching. Do you like SSEL’s surrogacy track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. What to say…..
    If a new concept is shown in a serial is adopted by almost all serials…..
    Is there any serial without surrogacy.merely one or two…
    The same track in this one too…..

  2. Definitely NO. I no longer watch – I just read the written episodes

  3. hope suhani get some brain and this time suhani and yuvraj does not forgive dadi at any cost this time

  4. dadi character should end or she should be is high time suhani as a smart girl instead of following dadi
    dadi character should end
    dadi character should end

  5. No , very annoying, if the writers cant write something good then this series should end.
    I always liked it but this Dadi / Suhani story is getting old and annoying.

  6. this film is dragging,please stop this as my family is fed up now watching dadi evil ways/plans,make the story more with love,,,just fed up

  7. Disgusting track yaaaaaacccccckkkkkk……..

  8. Please stop this nonsense. I watch from Europe and I don’t understand why this evil has to be showed in this serie. What kind of an example is this for people? That evil person will be evil and they never will learn a lesson or become someone good? You have to give a good message threw series, not this kind of messages. A lot of people don’t understand the writers of this show…… give the vieuwers a good story, there are more people in that house but they never have any problems or a good story. I will not look anymore, this is more and more disgusting….so much evil, so much hurtness…….
    Bad choice writers…….

  9. I love SSEL but why is dadi doing all this?? Either punish dadi or end this track asap…
    current track is ?

  10. I used to watch this everyday, but mow never. I don’t allow any other person I know also to watch this, since this drama is disgusting and a horrible example for the society. People will never be scared to do bad and evil if they keep on watching these type of series. I think if we continue to watch we will also be insane and mentally ill.

  11. Earlier the show was interesting but somehow now it has lost it’s track……..the surrogacy track is boring and it should end fast …dadi’s real face should be shown and her track should end. Thats my opinion….

    1. dadi’s real face as shown many times… still people trust her back n listen to her… nonrealistic drama it is

  12. Noooo didn’t like the surrogacy track

  13. Surrogacy tracks are never good -.-

  14. Please,dont give us the impression that bad wins over good,@least let Dadi’s truth be shown and this time around,if Yuvraj forgives her then surely he’s not worthy of Suhani. Pls end this track and come up with something sensible

  15. The first year of the serial was really entertaining especially the way Suhani has problems at her in laws and how she handles them. For the past six months they have not shown anything new. Same old dadi plotting, the leads are dumb in the begining and only towards the end everything is resolved. The current track is really degrading and they are giving wrong ideas. Instead they should capitalise on the excellent chemistry of the lead pair and give them some solid story and some side tracks for the rest of the characters. They should make it more entertaining and appealing to the viewers like in the first year of the show.

  16. Noo never
    how can cvs got this idea to ssel disagree with this waste track of ssel trp already droped wt take risk on this

  17. Cvs frgot ssel sometimes on top 10 trp chart also top 5 this time slot is not work anychamnels previous but SP through to top atleast there story line and acters chemistry will they gave an amazing outcome begining of the show outstanding one and two mnth before ssel on top ten never turn on back but the gauris track spoils all.. leads get beside characters…alredy some loyal fans quit to watch the crap now..
    but in UK rating ssel on top before the YHM..

  18. This is the most disgusting track of SSEL. Can’t stand it at all. All of a sudden from no where she wants a child and no one could guess what s she upto. Don’t fool the audience just because they want to see your show. There is a limit for disrespecting some one’s choice. How many times, you will try and show the same thing in different formats? Dadi and team in different formats want to kick Suhani out. You portray as if women in the world has no other work apart from plotting and trying to do things nasty.

    The serial has to send a message to both urban and the rural audience “stand for your right” “you can achieve things in life” “let the color of your skin do not the decide your fortune”
    “problems are there everywhere, no one can save, until you put an effort”

    Please think in those lines! Else how this track started will fade soon…

  19. Too many lies in the track, in this modern world, which Dr will give test results to someone else? How is it possible for Dadi to bribe 3 Drs whom Suhani visited? Does it mean to say that 75% of Indian Doctors are corrupt? Remember your shows is aired all over the world and your reputation is at stake here. We think that most shows potray the image of the society shown, I expected other Dr to follow Dr, patience confidentiality and with sensitive thing like that most of the time the results are given at the Dr. office after counselling. They are not like Bank statements the way they are potrayed in your shows. The writers should understand that we are not dumb so they shouldn’t treat us as such. Finish the track by showing us that Suhani has conceived she has fainted and the Dr. say she is pregnant! easy peas!!!!

  20. what the helll is going on
    horrible track
    i dont know why all are agreeing to dadi
    when she did mistakes all the time
    stop this surrogate track simply fed up with this track
    nd dadi she shd be in mental hospital
    now this new character jyada hogaya

  21. In the name of drama why toy around with the idea of surrogacy! Surrogacy is for those ladies who can’t be preganant due to health reasons. But, here Rags wanna try it just to maintain her figure!!! Suhani & Yuvraj though educated at tyms are shown worse than illiterates! I don’t understand why in all serials husband and wife only come together whn there is a leap & baby is the order of day! Other times they are just pointing fingers at each other…Come on, don’t treat viewers as dumbos & one after another don’t create unnecessary illogical drama just to prolong the plot

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