Did you like Soumya’s identity crisis twist in Shakti?


Colors’ Shakti has got the shocking revelation of Soumya’s truth of being a transgender. Soumya was not aware of this bitter truth, that changed her identity to complete different one. Soumya was living her life with all hope to start a new life with Harman. Harman and Soumya got married.

Soumya’s mother Nimmi breaks out the truth to Surbhi about Soumya being a kinner/transgender. Surbhi gets a huge shock as she regarded her sister to be always normal and never imagined such a thing about Soumya. The bigger shock goes to Soumya, when she faces her life’s worst truth. Nimmi asks Surbhi to keep Harman away from Soumya, so that they can hide Soumya’s truth for more time. Nimmi worries for the worse day when the society will know Soumya’s gender truth and create troubles for her.

Surbhi succeeds to keep Harman away from Soumya, but could not keep Soumya away from the truth. Soumya visits the temple, where she meets many eunuchs and gets to know she is one of them. Soumya shatters knowing her truth. The eunuchs tell her that she can just bless someone from far and not get related to anyone. Soumya has no rights to marry someone. Soumya is regarded a curse for Harman. Soumya thinks where will this truth lead her now. The show has got a bold concept. What do you think about Soumya’s identity crisis in Shakti? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Though its a good concept to open up the so called societies eyes but it is very stupid and non sense to declare a child as transgender by birth.

    This can’t be determined by birth, it could be identified as early as 2-3 Years.

    Definitely it is a poor script who could not even realize this fact. Its better to analize the broad topic before telecasting any serial on it.

    There are many questions which might have answered her way before about her being different from her mother & sister

    1. Rekhavv

      Pls read the comments

    2. Personally think its refreshing to see something new on the screen, that the usual crap. It is a subject area that needs to be discussed and divulged and for people to ultimately learn, that these people are too humans and have a place in society just like anyone else.

  2. Renuverma

    I support the concept which is NOLD ; UNIQUE; KNOWLED

  3. Renuverma

    Oops typo in above.

    I ALSO AGREE TO DR REKHAV N VISWA. ??????????????????

  4. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

    The concept is very different

  5. nice concept

  6. Can someone please explain to me how on earth Soumya’s parents could know that she was a kinner as soon as she was born?

  7. babies can be born transgender but the proportion is fairly low and I think if you have a transgender child, he/she will learn about being slightly different physically, hormones. It is totally stupid to think that such a major part of identity could be hidden away safely. Also I am sure the kinner community is not going to go again and again to take the child away, especially since now the child is grown into an adult. very nonscientific concept and in tune with all the stupidity that goes on Indian soap opera.

    1. Rekhavv

      Agree to Ur point that kinner community won’t keep coming back for the child if parents refuses to hand them the child. And regarding Ur other question. We have discussed a lot in previous comment. And I have seen such cases coming at as late as 22-24 yrs(after marriage) and the person has identity crisis and in confusion.

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