Did you like Soumya’s identity crisis twist in Shakti?

Colors’ Shakti has got the shocking revelation of Soumya’s truth of being a transgender. Soumya was not aware of this bitter truth, that changed her identity to complete different one. Soumya was living her life with all hope to start a new life with Harman. Harman and Soumya got married.

Soumya’s mother Nimmi breaks out the truth to Surbhi about Soumya being a kinner/transgender. Surbhi gets a huge shock as she regarded her sister to be always normal and never imagined such a thing about Soumya. The bigger shock goes to Soumya, when she faces her life’s worst truth. Nimmi asks Surbhi to keep Harman away from Soumya, so that they can hide Soumya’s truth for more time. Nimmi worries for the worse day when the society will know Soumya’s gender truth and create troubles for her.

Surbhi succeeds to keep Harman away from Soumya, but could not keep Soumya away from the truth. Soumya visits the temple, where she meets many eunuchs and gets to know she is one of them. Soumya shatters knowing her truth. The eunuchs tell her that she can just bless someone from far and not get related to anyone. Soumya has no rights to marry someone. Soumya is regarded a curse for Harman. Soumya thinks where will this truth lead her now. The show has got a bold concept. What do you think about Soumya’s identity crisis in Shakti? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. priyal chadoruy

    I thought it was going to be something really interesting like she’s never going to be a mother or nimmi isn’t her real mother and when we found out she’s trandgendee that’s just stupid they have basically ruined the whole serial by this stupid story line



    |Registered Member

    Its new concept.. though i had doubt related to it from so many days in so many episodes-
    1. During kidnapp of soumya in childhood. But was little confused that tym
    2. During her haldi
    3. during her peg fera when nimmi was shocked to see kinner coming…

    But i hope harman supports her against his family and they do not show love triangle with Surbhi turning into negative…

  3. radhika

    stupid presentation of the concept. how could a person be anware of his/her gender from childhood

    • Rekhavv


      |Registered Member

      A kid recognizes his s*x after 2-3 yrs. If he or she are not given knowledge about it they may have identity crisis like soumya. I have seen such cases. So their is nothing stupid about it.

    • Mona146


      |Registered Member

      Exactly. She should have known atleast when she realizes that she does not have regular menstrual cycle like her sister all these years. And then in case of transgenders, they can have opposite feelings unlike a girl/boy whatever they look like. Even if she was unaware because of misconception or being misguided then this show deals with it the most incorrect way possibly.

      • Rekhavv


        |Registered Member

        Read about congenital adrenal hyperplasia from Google and our 2 days discussion on shakti’s page u will under stand

    • Natahsa Johnson

      True, how can one not find out by having a Bath. Other Changes in her Body. Total Bulshit. No Story at all. They Should Change this Storyline Complete.



    |Registered Member

    This concept is not appropriate to be shown on national tv as many kids and teenagers also see such serials either thetly should change this or end the serial as this story is too bold to be shown on tv

    • Rekhavv


      |Registered Member

      Kids can see a bahu getting tortured every day but not this.. They did show anything bad. And if this is bad then wat was dostana??? Can this topic b only used to create comedy and can’t b used as a serious issue on television???

  5. Maya

    Interesting… Waiting to see how they unite soumya and harman now..they are the lead,right? Or is it surbhi harman?? Confusing

  6. Adithi

    This story is something related to the issue of society.. Everyone should understand that the third gender is also human beings just like us.. I never expected such a strong story line from a daily soap.. I really appreciate the boldness of the writters and producers.. I guess this show will not be like normal saas bahu drama but gonna have large impact in the society.. As we have seen lot of romantic dramatic shows I wish something new in this.. Waiting for it..

    • Rekhavv


      |Registered Member

      Transgender is a person who has gonads of one s*x and behaves like the opposite.

      Google it… Their r many female who r transgender and even some of the Hollywood celebs r transgender too.

      • Tia

        Sry 2 sae.Google s not always the answer when you dnt even get the concept.Being a transgender is a hormonal problem.And this show had picturised the worst.Myself being a doctor I can say it is an utter bullshit shown in this show.It is the person himself/herself rule out themselves to be a transgender and not their so called mom and dad.That to when she is a toddler itself.And please if the channel realy wanted to plot a show like that.They should at least have in mind what is the meaning of an actual transgender than showing these bullshits which is nowhere related to the reality..Shame on such writers who don’t have minimum knowledge about anything and start writing such sensitive issues of society as usual pathetic daily soaps.M sorry ma frnd.I dint mean to hurt u.But thot of telling you this mch

      • Rekhavv


        |Registered Member

        Dear tia soumya is an inters*x. They have not shown her which type. Me being a doctor myself would support it if I hadn’t believed it. Andu must b knowing about the term congenital hyperplasia and its symptoms… Thanks…

      • Rekhavv


        |Registered Member

        Tia dear and pls read our discussion on shakti page of last three days their r many people associated with such people and know a lot about this thing and have shared their knowledge. U will b enlightened to know it.

  7. Amy

    ….nobody was/is /will be transgender by birth.
    Its human choice how he leads his or her life….
    This concept is nothing but rubbish.

    • Rekhavv


      |Registered Member

      Dear search on Google … U will find things like inters*x and hermaphrodite.. It is true and such people do exist

  8. Sharita

    Lame concept, how can she never knew being a transgender. The writer needs to do more research regarding the subject.

  9. Ooshi Akbar

    It doesn’t make any sense that she is a transgender who didn’t even look or act like transgender what is this are the serial team is out of mind

  10. Latha

    It’s different and it’s too good….. But v need Harman n sowmya….

    Plzzz still need improvement in story writing

  11. Rekhavv


    |Registered Member

    For all those who think soumya as transgender.. They r not aware about the words.. As she is intrs*x. This is a bold concept accepted.. But kids should also learn that this people are also human beings. When they come to society, the children makes fun of them, though they r so much frank that they too laugh and don’t create a scene. But shouldn’t the kids too know that they r also human beings and have feelings. Family should let kids too watch it and make them understand to never to make fun of someone is different then themselves.
    And without having proper knowledge to this issue u can’t comment on it.

    • ritam

      Agreed with you in all your comments. we should teach kids what was our real society and environment. kids are tommorows generation. if we not teach them properly then we take all tings in negative way. it is most important than allow to see saas-bahu drama, romancing on screen, negetive roles and creating dangereous idea to harm anyone.
      this is ofcourse a bold step towards our society because most of our society or we people not accepted them as human being. we always ignore them but why? they are people and select a way of living which we are not like or support. they not even dancing in ceremonies they becoming beggers as we see in train bus or roads. that was really not accepted. but what they do? we people not given any chance to upbringing them. today government also do something for them but can they really take that chance?

      we should support the show and the tanspeople either they are kinner or eunuch or inters*x. they have right to live in our world or society with us.

  12. Muskaan

    totally disgusting…if she is a transgender then what so big deal..infact theyvare hurting people of this category by making it a big issue..Nimmi said Surbhi to keep Harman and Soumya away from each other for 21 days..what does that mean..what will happen after 21 days..they made a big issue of this case..really disappointed wid the content

  13. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    its a very sensible topic and its not easy to accept. But i liked this concept something diff but colors wala always have this disease to go out of the topic first they start the show very well with a message + the leads amazing chemistry and then later they go out of topic, the same thing happened with ishq ka rang, thapki, udaan, krishnadasi(they still show about devdasi but I feel its slowly going out of that topic) or whatever shows, I hope shakti makers can at least maintain this. And yes haya fans maybe disappointed and romance isnt necesarry that a pair gets intimate or whatever, the chemistry and understanding should be there in the pair also, so no need to be disappointed about this. And i also read somewhere that harman will support soumya even after knowing her truth I dont know if is true, if it is then it will be gr8 and i am also a haya fan and I dont think haya relationship will be affected by this and harman is a very nice guy. I didnt know that rashmi sharma can also produce a show with a diff concept

  14. S. A

    I hope that after a long misunderstanding due to considering Soumya a transgender by her family and all people around her and after Arman’ s insisistance on his wife undergoing medical tests , the truth would hopefully come out that Soumya is a normal person and that she has been a victim of her family’ s ignorance. In the mean time during this misunderstanding and confusion writers of the show could tackel this problem of transgender people, their rights, their feelings and how society should treat them. Finally I hope writers of the show will consider this possibility of making Soumya’s case only a matter of misjudgement . Please do not further disappoint our innocent heroine and the audience as well.ll

    • Kalpana


      |Registered Member

      Even i feel the same… When i first read the twist, my feelings were exactly same. As a baby, her private parts would be seen by mother… Afterwards, nobody will till marriage… During that time, everything would’ve become alright… And everything a big misunderstanding…
      If they take it as transgender only, then should see how they develop it…
      On the whole – Bold concept… But would’ve been better if they had selected a person from the same background.. Transgender.. That way it’d have been authentic.. They need to research more…

      • Rekhavv


        |Registered Member

        Yes dear their is a specific condtion in which only the external genitals of female turn to some what male like. But as she develops she has a normal internal reproductive tract so she develops totally like a female. And even menstruate. They are reproductively health and can even give birth to normal offsprings. And a minor surgery is required by them so that their external genitals starts to look like a female.

  15. naina

    awkward serial saumya does not look like a transgender at all her behavior and phsique is very diff

  16. Rekhavv


    |Registered Member

    They could show that soumya could have a operation and can even have babies by test tube babies. And harman supports her in finding her true identity.

  17. Luna

    there is so much confusion bcoz of lack of s*x education in india. ppl arent exactly understanding prblm of soumya.

  18. Daisy

    Concept is vry bold nd its quite interesting. Writers had done a gr8 job nd dis will somehow change d mentality of ppl towards em. Why u ppl always wanted a luv story…i agree that u all will miss haya scenes bt d title is shakti nd they are showing d power of women. Nimmi as a single mother did every thng 2 protect her bt her husband was never there 2 help her nd now Harman will stnd by her in every situation. This is what called shakti in my views…So plz viewers support this cncpt..

  19. Admin

    I accept that the story is awesome but the way they r representing it is senseless.
    They r raising such a big issue but don’t have courage to show reality.
    If somu is a kinner then show something in her which proves that somu is kinner.she is kinner but have all the features of girl she has quite nature like a girl and even have body structure like a girl having br***st.if she is girl from inside and from outside too then how could she be a kinner.
    They guys r proving that tv serials sirf drama dikha sakte h reality nhi.

      • Rekhavv


        |Registered Member

        I think soumya is a case of congenital adrenal hyperplasia.
        The writer has done awesome research while writing the script, and those who r trying to pick out flaws should actually Google congenital adrenal hyperplasia

  20. Daisy

    Totally agree with u Rekhavv. parents let their child 2 wtch violence agnst women bt when it comes 2 such cncpt they wnt their child 2 avoid such shows this is disgusting… u nver know what will ur child will gain frm such show may they all get involve in such crime nd beat women in future but Why dont they want their child to lrn that all ppl are equal nd they shud get equal chance to do evrythng they wanted 2 do.I hv also seen many children that makes fun of thm nd even pass cmnt on em but they forget that they didnt choose such lyf 4 em bt god did.. So instead of cmntng against this show plz make ur child understand that all r equal

  21. Daisy

    Dr Admin hw can u expect that they will show smthng that proves that somu is kinner. The storyline is not enough 4 u 2 believe that this happens in our society.

  22. Daisy

    Totally disapointed with d fact that ppl didnt like the concept nd r demanding to unite haya…no doubt they look gud together nd i m also haya’s fan bt d demand of d story is diff.

  23. Rekhavv


    |Registered Member

    All of u think that soumya looks like a girl then how can she b an inters*x, but their r many types in it. Some have normal internal reproductive tract just their external reproductive tract developed otherwise due to some androgenic activity in mothers) resulted in female who had external genitals of males, they r female as they have all normal sort of hormones and r fertile. Just a part is enlarged making their external genitals look like that of male, such female can concieve and even give birth and live life as women, however they get designated as interswx and r not allowed to have a normal life.

    I again mention that their r many types. And such females r more than u can ever imagine.

    • Viswa

      Rekhavv no need to give explations about it who.doesn’t have knowledge on it… It would be worth for those who wanted learn n know n support the knowledge would be good … But it’s waste of time to explain for logic questioners….!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  24. Luna

    Guys, Soumya isn’t transgender,she is inters*x, there is difference btwn them transgender r ppl who have typical male or female body but they feel that they r born in wrong body and inters*x r those ppl who have extra male or female organs like Soumya has female genitals. But the word kinnar in Hindi is used for both transgender and inters*x. Soumya is an inters*x and her problem can be cured by operation.

  25. Alisha


    |Registered Member

    First of all this show has a really different concept from all the other shows. Yes, we had predicted it already that Soumya could be a kinnar but we all still had a hope that maybe it’s come thing superstitious cuz they kept on repeating the same tag line over and over again, “AP KI KALPANA SE DOOR!” So I thought that what we all had predicted might be wrong. It might be something similar to Vishkanya and stuff like that but no… We all got disappointed when we came to know that she really is a kinnar and that’s the point! That’s what makes this show different.
    I hope that later on they are gonna show that how Soumya gains strength and courage. Then, with the support of Harman, Nimmi and Surbhi she bravely faces every single difficulty in her way and succeeds in finding her real indentity. Cuz apart from she being a kinnar, she is a human being too. This is what Shakti means I think so.. courage, power, strength.. ✋🏻✨

  26. Meethi

    She’s not transgender but inters*x. Transgender people are clearly of one s*x but believes that they are of the opposite s*x (ie they think they were born into the wrong body/s*x). Transgender people chooses to live as the opposite s*x whereas in the case of inters*x ppl it’s a physical abnormality which is why her parents were able to figure this out at birth. Transgender people cannot be identified at birth.

    I wanted a normal romance but if they are going with this storyline, I hope that they deal with this is a sensible manner. If Soumya doesn’t have female genitals or if her physical condition is such that she cannot be intimate then it would be unreasonable to expect Harman to stay with her as he wasn’t aware of this when they got married. A spouse would obviously want to be intimate with their other half so it’s unreasonable to expect Harman to just accept Soumya. However I hope they go about this is a humane way. She is still a human being with feelings and rights so I hope they maybe show her going to college or becoming a career woman or maybe work in an NGO that helps inters*x people. There are cases where even though inters*x people don’t have normal genitals they can still be intimate and have children, in which case Harman can accept her (but I think they should show him grappling with the decision as only a great saint can out right accept such a thing without even blinking hehe).

    My opinions on transgender people are a little different. Whilst I think that they should be treated humanely and they should be allowed to live without being harassed/mocked, I do not think that living as the gender you were not born as is wrong. I do not think it is normal but I think we should try to help them.

    Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to share my views.

  27. Narendran


    |Registered Member

    This show is little diff.. From all other saas bahu drama!!.. Nice concept.. Leads chemistry is also good.. But.. Transgender.. Is little bitter one.. Anyways.. Nice concept.. Showing how transgender can overcome all difficulty!!.. No writer has wrote this!!..

  28. Sbee

    It would be better to say Soumya is a hermaphrodite (has both s*x organs), which would explain why her father tried to bury her alive when she was newly born. It also explains why her mum is avoiding the wedding night, and wants Harman to get to know Soumya better as a person before the truth comes out. I think the Haya moments will be poignant if Harman continues to care for and see Soumya as a girl, rather than a kinnar, going against social norms. My issue is if they suddenly make Surbhi a b*t*h, and tries to steal Harman away. Sick of seeing the evil sister in dramas. I want to see Surbhi fight for Soumya and Harman’s relationship, rather than turn her into another piss poor vamp type villain.

  29. Mumtaaz

    sorry guys I’m not Indian so I do not know what Indian perspective of a transgender truly is, but what I know is even if inters*x people really do exist they usually have gonads of one s*x and s*xual orientation of another . And as for human hermaphrodites , they biologically do not exist since humans can only be of one s*x , but anomalies that occur before birth can cause a person to have external gonads of a different s*x and such people are wrongly termed as hermaphrodites , an analysis of the persons chromosomes can tell the biological s*x of a person and they can have surgery to change their bodies to the type of s*x they choose. Personally , I am a great fan of this show and a die hard lover of Haya but the show could have been much better if the makers had done more research on the topic b4 airing the show . Also help me out here , if Soumya is transgender with male organs how could she live her life without noticing differences btn her and her sister ? and how can she stay married to harmaan ?

  30. sharnellee

    Who cares if she is interes*x or transgender..How can she be so naive and clueless about herself..Another thing this may be a good social issue but it has bordered on dishonesty and deceit by not revealing who she really is to harman and his famil..
    how cand these ppl be respected when they themselves are dishonest and disloyal..

  31. kanchan

    I strongly support RekhaVV, the third s*x is also the creation of God,they should also have right to everythig.
    I am proud to say that Odisha is first state to include the transgender into mainstream by providing them the basic needs like other people and giving them jobs.

    But yes will miss the HaYa scenes so much,pls do make stand Harman for Somu and also show the bond between sisters to grow more stronger…

    • Rekhavv


      |Registered Member

      Yes actually many government recognise inters*x as third s*x and have included them in all aspects of the society unlike ours where they r just made fun

  32. Natahsa Johnson

    True, how can one not find out by having a Bath. Other Changes in her Body. Total Bulshit. No Story at all. They Should Change this Story line Completely.

    • Viswa

      Please u can stop watching it 😀😀😀😀😀…!!!
      As no answers can be given to logic questions….!!!!

  33. Viswa

    Huh…… Children’s n teenagers getting expolited to this show omg…..😱😱😱😱….
    So they won’t get expolit when they see s*x scenes n love scenes on television ,saas tortures bahu..,ufff how filmy…..And 24/7 love scenes unite them show us their love, we have all the serials with love only, then why again love ,,in that case why should this serial.start ….???these ppl are trying to show something good to the
    society n might this could help the trans ppl to get their identity, n comming to trans ppl n about not knowing if not realizing there are many cases n a lot u guys can research on this u will come to know,…. There is a lot lot to know about these in science,And comming to serial please there is a lot of difference btwn reel n real life, reel life can’t show why somya doesn’t see menstrual cycle , not realising body parts etc etc ……watch this as a serial that’s it n for God sake Harman n soumya will be together only any series will show the same, n let this concept show some messagel, if u Guys are really not intrested to watch the series ur most welcome but my question when u Guys don’t like then what’s the point of reading updates n commenting, either ppl wanted to showoff bad or either a timepass…..!!!!
    I’m so sorry I didn’t mean or want to hurt anyone.. But the comments I see is ridiculous n horrible, especially the vote omg……..!!!😤😤😤.. I guess ppl r not getting g love in real.life I guess, that’s why going to fake love n asking fr love stories how funny 😀😀😀😀😀…..!!! Anyway thanks for those u supporting the show, n pls guys if u dnt want to watch n think.if this is crap pleas stop watching n stop commenting too n mostly on trans ppl n their s*x it hurts a lot,……

  34. py...

    Vry nic concept ….100% vote for ths serial …if people has mind then they can understnd in this world everyone has equal right to live bt due to only our nasty thought makes trans* different to live …..its realy appriciated to writen and producer…

  35. py...

    Vry nic concept ….100% vote for ths serial …if people has mind then they can understnd in this world everyone has equal right to live bt due to only our nasty thought makes trans* different to live …..its realy appriciated to writer and producer…

  36. Rekhavv


    |Registered Member

    I think the writer has done good amount of research work. She has purposefully shown soumya like a girl as their is a condition where a child has ambiguous genitals at birth. (So soumya was considered as an inters*x at birth) but later on it regresses or it can b safely removed and the female can have normal fertility. So their r chances that she may turn this story once she has shown how soumya fights everyone with nimmi surbhi and Harman at her side. Writer might even show that she has a normal life with Harman. But that will b revealed in future we can just wait and watch..

    And for those who don’t even know the difference between transgender and inters*x we can’t keep explaining to u… Sorry…

    • S. A

      To a great extent I agree with you Rekhav that Sou is an inters*x case that could easily be treated through surgery . Her big shock when knowing she is a kinar shows that she does not have any male private organs. Therefore I myself would support the idea that she is a female with some abnormality that can be operated on. The most important thing is will she be accepted by society after knowing she is an inters*x case? Will she be accepted by Harman as a wife? Will he support her? Will he treat her as a normal wife? Will he choose siding Sou or obeyi the family especially his parents who are desperate to have a grand child? How will they look at Sou? Will they consider getting Harman married ? Ok that’ s fine but in my opinion not to Surbi, Sou’ sister. I hope this option is never to take place because this way Sou will never be able to get over this big shock as whenever she sees her sister she would remember her shocking memories.

  37. cp

    Though its a good concept to open up the so called societies eyes but it is very stupid and non sense to declare a child as transgender by birth.

    This can’t be determined by birth, it could be identified as early as 2-3 Years.

    Definitely it is a poor script who could not even realize this fact. Its better to analize the broad topic before telecasting any serial on it.

    There are many questions which might have answered her way before about her being different from her mother & sister

    • Nahz

      Personally think its refreshing to see something new on the screen, that the usual crap. It is a subject area that needs to be discussed and divulged and for people to ultimately learn, that these people are too humans and have a place in society just like anyone else.

  38. Renuverma


    |Registered Member

    Oops typo in above.

    I ALSO AGREE TO DR REKHAV N VISWA. 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖓🖓🖓

  39. Bala

    Can someone please explain to me how on earth Soumya’s parents could know that she was a kinner as soon as she was born?

  40. hp

    babies can be born transgender but the proportion is fairly low and I think if you have a transgender child, he/she will learn about being slightly different physically, hormones. It is totally stupid to think that such a major part of identity could be hidden away safely. Also I am sure the kinner community is not going to go again and again to take the child away, especially since now the child is grown into an adult. very nonscientific concept and in tune with all the stupidity that goes on Indian soap opera.

    • Rekhavv


      |Registered Member

      Agree to Ur point that kinner community won’t keep coming back for the child if parents refuses to hand them the child. And regarding Ur other question. We have discussed a lot in previous comment. And I have seen such cases coming at as late as 22-24 yrs(after marriage) and the person has identity crisis and in confusion.

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