Do you like Shorvori’s return in Dil Se Dil Tak?

Colors’ Dil Se Dil Tak got its prime protagonist Shorvori back in the tale. The characters get absorbed in the story line quite well. One has to applaud the show for planning exits and entries with a clever write up. The track has got high intense drama with Shorvori’s return. Shorvori survives the critical illness. She gets a new life and returns in Parth’s life, only to witness his marriage with Teni. Shorvori makes a big sacrifice and leaves from Parth and Teni’s lives for the sake of their new start and happiness. She also leaves behind her little daughter.

Parth and Teni learn about Shorvori’s existence. They both start finding her with a clean heart. Teni doesn’t let any insecurities affect her. Parth finally finds Shorvori, who first refuses to know him. Parth and Teni succeed to convince Shorvori to head home with them. Shorvori’s return creates complication for Teni. Teni doesn’t feel she belongs to Bhanushali family. Teni decides to sacrifice her happiness by leaving from Parth’s life. It doesn’t get possible by the twist of fate, which connected them with a unique bond. Parth and Shorvori stop Teni, who has completed their lives by bringing their child into the world. Their interpersonal relations will start facing hurdles by the society. Do you like Shorvori’s return in Dil Se Dil Tak? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Fenil

    Fabulous an very interesting track…lets hope everything came into perfect picture soon and Jalpa Bua’s problem also solves by family without any complication.
    Missing Sid as Parth…New Parth looks nice with Teni.
    Sid + Rashmi=PaRi.

    1. I think new parth is look nice with shorvori also
      Hope DDT story go Interesting in future???

      1. Fenil

        Yaa somewhere i can tolerate him with Shorvari….but In romantic chemistry Sid is perfect.

  2. Karine Zakaryan

    Personally, I do not agree, because what happens in that show is humiliating for the legitimate wife of Shorvari.Instead of elevating a noble person, like Shorwari, you gave great importance to the street girl who ruined the life of Shorvari, and from Parata made an idiot. as it was shown, what a strong love between the spouses, why it was necessary to destroy this family. And, this your move proves only one thing, you had to raise the rating of Jasmine, against the backdrop of two talented stars like Siddharth and Rashami. And now, it seems to you that you have achieved, what you wanted, but fortunately, no. You should have known, peopl e are much smarter than you think. Your show is an insult to the Indian people.You thought about it.

  3. Stupid show… I felt happy for Sid leaving this…

  4. Shit se Shitty tak

    Shitty show. I don’t know what new twist they introduced! It’s same like every other indian serial. No logic, shaming women instead of making them strong. Promoting bigamy and affairs! I wonder why people put up with this shit!

  5. Do you think India is a perfect country, there are rich and poor all over the world even a poor person is allowed to be happy.

    You should have never had the creamation of parths ist wife, this is the mistake you made , yes flung from the car but never the creamation so you burned a body and then she parths wife returnes, what is this all about, no get him with Teni and the baby and end the drama. Sid played natural part in the serias

  6. Karine, parths first wife was not honest with the family, Karine what part of the world are you living in , you talk about noble family, let me tell you my dear giirl, they are the worst, the noble ones and the rich are the worst for having woman behind their wife back , (a noble family i do not think so) in reality of life man is like a dog with his tongue out going after woman ,

  7. Shorvari is best fot parth and ipshita i dont like teni

  8. her return has made the show cliche…at least she could have returned in parth’s life later-the timing was would’ve been fair if parth-teni’s happy life after marriage was showed.They couldn’t even spend a day after consummation and shorvari was back!

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