Would you like to see Rohan Gandotra in Naagin 2?

Colors’ Naagin will star the handsome actor Rohan Gandotra. He will be doing a cameo, but a significant one. Rohan will be seen as a snake belonging to Shivangi’s clan. He would be helping Shivangi to take revenge from Sesha, who is Takshika Naag.

The show is soon going to get wrapped up. Viewers can expect many interesting twists heading towards the climax. The battle of the snake clans will be seen. Recently, Rocky was also shown as a Takshak Naag. That came as a big shocking twist for Naagin 2 fans. After dramatic revelation of Rocky’s truth, Shivangi and Rocky’s equations changed.

Rohan’s character will be Shivangi’s new support. Sesha and Shivangi’s battle will continue till the end. Shivangi is close to her revenge motives. Shivangi has overcome many of her enemies. She had Rudra to her aide before.

Rohan debuted with Star Plus’ show Everest and then starred in two of Zee’s shows, Qubool Hai and Kaala Teeka. He has got much appreciation for his role of Akash in Everest. He has left a remarkable impression by his character Yug in Kaala Teeka. The talented actor will surely startle the viewers. Would you like to see Rohan Gandotra in Naagin 2? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

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  1. tania-the fairy

    yesssss.becouse he will help shivangi.

  2. tania-the fairy

    his rule on Evarest was awesome.love u rohan.now help our shivangi so that she can win over evill

  3. I really like her come back

  4. Mona146

    i want rudra to come back. i had seen enough of this sleepwalker in kaala teeka

  5. Jia

    Happy coz shivangi got another partner to complete her intekaam

  6. Nandhini

    Yes i like rohan’s entry…anything that makes us to get rid of rocky and his stupid acting is welcomed? plus shivangi has got a support system for her now…but why did they take off the comment box in naagin page???? tania i loved the scenes where rithik realized the truth of shivanya in season 1 and before that he was so shattered and cried a lot(that was so awesome acting by arjun)…tania i wil watch chandrakanta if its seems interesting…dhananjay you cant comment after naagin ends, we cant even think of missing you in this break…becoz of this i want naagin season 3 to start soon and want you back to comment…

    1. Raheel

      Are you all sure that it’ll end this week???
      Bcuz how can shivangi kill 8 people in 2 days? (Yamini – Shesha – Jadunath – Mahendra – Tanya – Prithvi – Tanya’s Parents)
      Seems Impossible

      1. Nandhini

        Still there is no promo of naagin 2 finale episode so i think the serial will extend further for some days…

  7. Jia

    Its better to see rohan gantotras acting than the dumbness of rocky
    Nandhni Dhi,comment box is not available in naagin page,what happened?

    Msg from Team: Comments were closed because someone was purposely changing names and posting same repetitive comments.

    1. Raheel

      Yeah Its Not Available on Sunday Episode only
      & many Of Our Comments were deleted From There
      I guess there’s A Problem In Their system

  8. Hello every body all nagin lover….ab to nagin2 khatm hi na ho i wish …jab rudra mara to laga nagin khatm. I. Love toooo much nagin 2

  9. He did a great job made rocky see the truth ?

  10. Nagin is the best show . When rudra dided i was so upset . He was my favourite character after Shivangi (Mouni Roy) now the suspense why mahendra pratap killed ritik i am very curious to know

    1. Me too ritik
      Even I like naagin very much
      I’m almost obsessed with it ?

    2. Why don’t u comment on the naagin page 4th June update

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