Would you like to see pairing swap in Udaan?

Colors’ Udaan will be seen getting the cross pairings back. While the show started with Chakor-Vivaan and Suraj-Imli pairings, the shocking twists in the marriage came in, where the brides were swapped. Suraj married Chakor, while Vivaan got married to Imli. With time, Vivaan and Imli’s relation grew with love and trust. Vivaan madly fell in love with Imli. Suraj and Chakor too found their future together. Recently, Suraj and Chakor confessed their feelings to each other and decided to get remarried.

Vivaan gets to know his impotency, which makes him fall in huge sorrow. He starts self destructing himself and losing all his good qualities, to turn himself into Aazaadgunj’s ruler. Vivaan joins hands with Ragini. Imli gets pregnant, and the question about the child’s father arises. Vivaan very well knows that he can’t father her child, and doubts on Imli’s ex lover Suraj. Vivaan refuses to accept the child. Seeing Imli’s humiliation happening, Suraj accepts the child. This leads to Chakor and Suraj’s relation shattering. Suraj lies to Chakor to give a shelter to helpless Imli. Chakor loses trust on Suraj.

Suraj’s confession does not surprise Vivaan much. Vivaan and Chakor will be seen together, against the trust-breakers Suraj and Imli. Suraj has taken the step so that Imli’s child can safely come in the world. Chakor decides to make Suraj and Imli out of the house. Would you like to see pairing swap in Udaan? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. No please team don’t do this please.everybdy lov sukor nd vimli pair.abhi to suko ache se mila bhi nhi or aapne seprate kr dia i know team aapne jrur khuch diffrent socha hai nd m intrested in evry track bt wt about other peole don’t like vikor or vimli pair they including me lov sukor soooooo much.so please do change pairs.inhe lov sukor nd cute vimli pairs mai hi rakho pleeeeeeze.

  2. how many times will they swap their jodi

  3. No please don’t do it. First we liked Vivian and chakor and suraj and imli. Then after the bridal swap sukor and vimli look awesome. Please we don’t want it.

  4. Swragini kya kam tha ab isme bhi same problm….shadi ka mazak bana ke rakh diya colors ne……1.uthran… 2.sasural simar 3.swaragini 4udan…5.thapki…. 6.shakthi….n manymore…… Nothing is shoing any typ of morality…..or value of relationship…….

    1. Agree with you..


    Nooooo…. itni mushkil se to suraj and chakor ko like krna suru kiya hai.. or ab yeh to bhut mushkil hoga ki suraj or imili ko ek dekh pana.. agr team ko aisa hi krna tha to phele bride swap kyu dikhaya tha..
    Now suraj and chakor ka pair hi dekhna hai

  6. No we love sukor and vimli as they are. No swap please.

  7. No we want sukor and vimli always don’t swap the Jodi’s again…we want sukor

  8. Yes afcause drama turns my favourite after pairing swap (yum yum)*)*(*)*)*)*(&(

  9. NO for sure !let’s clear this misundrestang

  10. No…… We want sukor…….

    1. Pls don’t swap the pairs……. V love sukor and vimli….

    2. Pls don’t separate our sukor….. V just love them…..

  11. No plzzzzzz team don’t swap sukor and vimli….we all watched udaan only for sukor…n our sukor looks perfect with each other…..their acting,expression,smile and many more things we all love very much…..as they r made for each other….

  12. After this storyline I don’t even want Chakor with Suraj, he completely disregarded her feelings and definitely does not deserve her. The betrayal is too great, she gave him the chance to be honest,t with her and all he did is shatter her. She didn’t even believe him until he left her no choice but to accept what he was saying

  13. Shreya.

    No dnt do dis…v want our sukor nd vimli pair’s…swapping is nt necessary…plzz clear d misunderstandings…

  14. Noooo …..it is not justice with viewrs …..its looking like cvs make us fool after swapping agian and again if it happen we stop watching this show…. we cant see suraj with imli …. we love sukor……

  15. Disgusting thought

  16. we love sukor plz dont swap again we will stop watching uddan

  17. No i dont want that to happen and chakor will leave the haveli so i dont think she will support vivaan chakor and vivaan wont get close cuz vivaan is evil and chakor is not now chakor will fight for the baasti and suraj will fight for chakors love

  18. Sukor

    Nooooo please don’t end suitor. We only want suitor.

    1. Sukor

      Sukor just Sukor

  19. Nooooo…if pair swapping happens then i will definately stop watching this serial

  20. Bidisha Karar

    No we want sukor I don’t know abt sukor and vimli but cvs r surely playing with our feelings

  21. Bidisha Karar

    No we want sukor I don’t know abt sukor and vimli but cvs r surely playing with our feelings. I want sukor and vimli they look soo cute together.

  22. like seriously??????

  23. The_bandits_girl

    Marriage has become a joke in telly serials

  24. No,please don’t do this.i like sukor so much.

  25. re-swap..awesome idea…thanks…

  26. The makers are just confused it seems!

  27. No there is no need to swap pair
    Then there will be no importance of this programme

  28. Not at all plz . I jst luv sukor . Plz let them continue

  29. Please udaan team, I want my sukor back. We love sukor so much and become our reason to watch udaan. And stop this track please…

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