Would you like to see murder mystery in Star’s Ishqbaaz?

Star Plus’ recent hit show Ishqbaaz brings thrill always, when it comes to the rivals plans and attacks on the Oberoi Family. The show is now getting a murder mystery track. Oberoi’s enemy Gayatri will be killed by some unknown person. The track will bring high end drama in the Oberoi house. Shivaye Singh Oberoi gets a call from someone and angrily goes to end Gayatri’s story. Shivaye is called at some place, where Gayatri is thrown dead.

Shivaye does not see Gayatri’s dead body at the spot. He is not aware of the trap he stepped in. Shivaye is blamed for Gayatri’s death. The police finds all the evidence against Shivaye. Oberoi family tries to save Shivaye from the murder case, but does not find any solution to clean the dirty blame. Shivaye gets arrested by the police and interrogated. While the family believes Shivaye is innocent, they lack the proofs. Anika gets the news of Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s arrest and rushes for his rescue. Anika gives the statement to police that Shivaye was with her at her place when the crime happened. Leading to this, Shivaye will get freed and indebted to Anika. Would you like to see murder mystery in Star’s Ishqbaaz? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment to state your opinion.

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  1. Geethanjani Jayasekara


  2. ofcourse it will be good

  3. If it means more Shivika moments, I am all in for it.

  4. yes its good

  5. oh shivika…………………………. but i heard anika x omkara

    1. Sat

      That is fake richa, they are just close off screen not on screen

  6. anything which brings shivika closer will be ok for me . lets see what happens….

  7. I hope this will unite Shivika… Really waiting for the upcoming episodes.

  8. Of course it would be indeed thrilling

  9. Akshaya


  10. If dadi uses this reason to get shivay and anika married pinky will go thru the roof ha ha ha. Of course shivay and his mum may think snika did this cos she can get a rich hubby

  11. Actually..i want SHIVIKA to get closer..but I don’t want their forced marriage without the realisation of love..we’ve already seen many shows where the leads fall in love from hatred post marriage…but this time I want some new concept..which includes changes shivaye’s thinking and he accepts anika as a person.

  12. Sat

    I really want the twist. Let go that damn Gayatri, she always creates trouble to my shivaay and annika.
    And this will make surely shivika closer but not that much
    We have seen see will support shivaay and protect him from the case
    But our shivaay Na, he will think that she might have come to support him because he would give her job again. We can never change him. God knows when he will change
    And because of that rumor, I don’t want shivika’s forceful marriage. Agreed to nishi, Really, the concept would be nice if both accept each other before marriage and not like other serials, they will marry forcefully and then they will have hatred relation which will turn into love. That will be the same story again.
    We want new concept ishqbaaz amid shivika really???

  13. Aarya

    Yea sure ….it will b good and thrilling…bt i am also against the forced marriage concept… Its too old fashioned nd monotonous nw.In Ipkknd 1&2, hthghp , nd many more serials we have already seen this track…but we want something new nd special for our ishqbazz….

  14. yes 🙂 very different from rest all serial dramas… Thrilling suspense 😀

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