Would you like to see a love triangle in Devanshi?

Colors’ Devanshi recently had a new entry. Actor Gaurav Sharma was earlier seen in Diya Aur Baati Hum in a negative role. He is playing a positive and cheerful character Shikhar in the show. Shikhar is a magician, who would help Devanshi in failing the fraud Mata Kusum Sundari’s evil plans. Kusum Sundari fools the innocent people of Jwalapuri to reap huge benefits at once. She tricks them about making a huge temple. The villagers donate money in the temple’s hundi. Kusum Sundari aims at regaining all the lost savings, which Vardaan and Devanshi distributed among the poor.

Devanshi seeks Shikhar’s help by convincing him to teach her some magical tricks, by which she can oppose Kusum Sundari’s tricks. Shikhar and Devanshi turn friendly while working together for the same motives. Vardaan is soon going to marry Devanshi. Vardaan gets jealous seeing Shikhar with his ladylove. Kusum Sundari aims to break Vardaan and Devanshi’s marriage. She employs Sakshi for her purpose. Shikhar, Devanshi and Vardaan will be seen in a love triangle. It has to be seen if Shikhar is also planted by Kusum Sundari to break Vardaan and Devanshi’s marriage. There is much suspense and interesting twists upcoming in the show. Would you like to see a love triangle in Devanshi? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Mary christodoulou

    It’s enough with the triangles in Indian tv. Hope the makers will put new exciting, action epis. Can they do that? Both actors are very good!

  2. Meri tarf se agg bhi lag jaye show mai mujeh koi Matlab nahi h… I only love hellu… Only hellu matters…

    1. Kakali

      Aaggr agg lag jayegi toh Helly kaha skoot karegi! Plz dear, don’t say this type of things.! Helly mattered to you na, the same way THE SHOW matters to Helly more than that..!
      Pray that she touches the height of success with the show..!
      Thnk u.. 🙂

      1. fire was on the set of mahadev not devansi 🙂

  3. Kakali

    Ummmmm! According to me it’s a NO now.! Let’s see what happens next.

  4. Mica

    no matter what….Devanshi and Vardhaan should together..
    CVS still seek the best story line for Devanshi to gain trp… well nice try and good luck..
    at least it’s not about love triangle between sisters..
    love triangle ALWAYS happen to all serial right ?so, it’s not a big deal…

  5. Diyaaa

    I would love to see a love triangle in Devanshi but it shouldn’t have devanshi’s so called sister “stupid Sakshi”….It will be more exciting between shikhar, Devanshi and vardaan…..That will be the best with no involvement of that so called sakshi

  6. I will definetly kill cvs if they do that i love devdaan/hedit perfect couple

  7. waaw its tooo goood vll love to se vardaan’s jelus……i

  8. Love triangle would increase the trip but the second girl should be else not Sakshi.

  9. Please don’t show love triangle

  10. Plssssss……. No love triangle……. Only DevDaan…….

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