Would you like to see Helly Shah in Ishqbaaz?

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz will see a new entry soon. While two pairs Shivika and Roumya are already seen romancing in the show, the third pair of Omkara and Ishana was broken long time back. Viewers were waiting to see Vrushika back in Ishana’s character. A long delay brought possibility of Ishana’s character bidding bye forever. But, the current track shows Omkara in limelight. Omkara and his father Tej Singh Oberoi have a huge argument over Omkara’s marriage for a business deal. Omkara wants to earn his living and identity by his own talents. Omkara’s belief on person’s truthfulness than the surname is much seen. This track would be getting a new entry in Omkara’s life.

The viewers will very soon see Omkara’s love interest. Earlier, Sana Amin Sheikh was rumored to be entering the show as Anika’s younger sister Chutki, who will become Omkara’s love interest. The news doing rounds right now is about the popular actress of Swaragini, Helly Shah aka Swara, who may enter the show instead Sana and Vrushika. Helly is a talented actress, who has won many hearts by her prime time show on Colors. Viewers are waiting for Omkara’s love track to begin since long. It seems the long wait will get over soon. Would you like to see Helly Shah in Ishqbaaz? You may leave your comment and opinion in this poll.


  1. Ck1234


    |Registered Member

    Dont know why gul wanna exploit a beautiful show by bringing in some pathetic actress… Either she shld get Vrushy back or shld get Sana on board… Even a new bie actress will also do… BTW India Telivision have lots of talented actress who wld compliment Kunal (Omkara) in Ishqbaaz..

    • SRSL


      |Registered Member

      helly is not a pathetic actress from any angle …just because you love teja more does not mean belly is bad..I love heltej…so pleez don’t bash helly…

      • Ck1234


        |Registered Member

        I did not name her… I said some pathatic actress… And as much as I know some is not used for a particular person… Its used for more than one

    • Aasthu


      |Registered Member

      Hey neither Tejaswini nor Helly are pathetic actors….they BOTH are brilliant and have their own unique ways……

    • Kakali


      |Registered Member

      CK1234… Ufffff… lemme count… 1234 get lemme get on d dance floor…. u know ur this comment shows how pathetic,Hippocratic as well as jealous of MY HELLY… UFFF BABEE I CAN SMELL U… u r burning alive… ulllaaa laaaaa….
      Teju is damn beautiful n talented actress… gosh but dunno why she is not in place of HELLY….
      Try to talk some good also… DEAR…
      urgh let it b… u carry on ur jealousy session… i will make OMLET in ur JEALOUSY HEAT…
      Taaa taaaaa…. have a great day ahead…. 😉

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        i told you already naa.. if only Helly join Ishqbaaz, and paired with omkara, there are
        few people will die for sure as i ever saw a ff about omkara and ragini….gooossshhhh, it’s kinda MY WORD COMES TRUE 😀 😀

    • Ck1234


      |Registered Member

      Hey u, I did not name anyone… I just said some pathatic actress… U ur self assumed a name…. I still maintain that Gul shld bring vrushy back…. opposite Kunal.. or someone else

    • maria

      “by bringing in some pathetic actress”

      Don’t think anyone is assuming here. In the article, it states Helly Shah and you commenting on this with those words mean you mean Helly.

      Just so you know, this is a serial world and no matter who it is, all the actors and actress are talented which is why they are up there and we are here so we should respect them. it’s sick how people abuse each other. i mean, don’t we have any manners?

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      ohhoooo.. good answer… but here, in this article, they mentioned about Helly, soo please don’t act as stupid fellow otherwise you will be blessed by stupidity

    • Nidhi


      |Registered Member

      hey just a small suggestion bfore ppl come up here with talwar and armory just say dat it ws spell error and she’s helly!
      Genuine advice dont want u to fall in any trouble my frn 😉

  2. Sanchi


    |Registered Member

    Just want Om’s love track to begin..
    It just doesn’t matter anymore now as to who gets to play the part of his lady love..
    Its high time

    • Nainaa


      |Registered Member

      I totally agree with you Sanchu..
      But if they really want our opinion on Omie darling’s live interest then they should reconsider their decision.. No offense I don’t like Helly opposite Om..
      Let’s wait and see what more GK has..😉

      • Sanchi


        |Registered Member

        Npne taken cutie pie..
        Either way is fine with me but I just hope they find someone awesome for Om..
        Like right now how Shivika and Rumya are being total dhamaal jodi’s
        Om should also get such a girl for himself..
        Th makers might have some real good tricks up their sleeves, we can only wait and watch

  3. Jingle

    Helly is a wonderful actress.
    So pls dont abuse her.
    I am more than happy, if helly will be a part of ishqbazz. Hope for the best. Luv u helly.

  4. Samaira


    |Registered Member

    Kya kare yaha beth ki helly di ko na tho nahi kar sakti. She only goes better with varun. This lets we may dont like this. Coz both side of fans are upset.

  5. Adeeba_zain


    |Registered Member

    nope not at all ishqbaaz is such a nice show but by bringing helly it wiill bcom worst….so much talented actresses are there but helly she is such a worst…

    • Kakali


      |Registered Member

      Yeoiiii dear…. gimme hifi… even i also think of helly comes to that show… WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO UR FAV COUPLE… omgggg… just think…just think… it’s my HELLY’S magic u know…
      have a good day babe… 😊

    • Feriha_Tanu


      |Registered Member

      Oh darling “Adeeb” …we know how much talent our helly is …If u don’t know then let me tell u she is the 3rd TV personality position …and not ur any jamsmine u know😉😉

      • Liya


        |Registered Member

        Yaa dude why helly or why other actresses as on pair? Why can’t they bring ishu back, I have no hard feelings for helly even though I am a tejwaholic…its that the electrifying chemistry between ishkara can’t be ever erased off..

    • Ck1234


      |Registered Member

      @Liya exactly they shld get vrushy back & the way Ishu’s character was thrown off it was bad in test… Abt another actress i just want one who wld complement Kunal & can also play grey shade…. If they get vrushy back it will be best thing…

      I was unable to comment down so commenting here….

  6. Jaya


    |Registered Member

    If vrushika isn’t coming then We want nobody. We are happy to see om alone. It’s not about tallent. Omkara hain jabtak dekhenge show tabtak.

  7. Sally_blr


    |Registered Member

    Swaragini ended but Swara and Ragini fight did not end. Thank you Rashmi Sharma ji for making people hate your characters who were actually soul of your story. What worst can happen.

  8. Ameen

    They didn’t confirm it yet,,it’s all rumours..,..Helly is cute,but I used to hate the character played by her-Swara…so imagining Swara opposite Om…It’s a big NO…bring someone new/Vrushika

    ps:-it’s my personal opnion

  9. Avi009


    |Registered Member

    Guys we should not comment such bad things about any actress at least they are trying and if we can’t appreciate her then we don’t have any right to abuse them. It doesn’t matter whom you take as omkara’s love interest until the story line is good it automatically create interest in viewers and please guys they have asked you for your opinion should they take helly not her acting certificate

  10. SRSL


    |Registered Member

    I would love to see helly acting again in screen..I don’t see ishqbaaz but if helly starts acting in it I would surely see it..

  11. Madhu

    I dont understand one thing…..why the hell some guys are behinds helly?? What she did…..??? She is a talented actress…..dont bash her….really guys grow up……i am not saying this to all but who bash helly….stay away from her…..if u cant see her success so back off….
    Coming to the this article ….of course we would love to see helly in ishqbaaz….in different character….let see what will happen ……good luck helly…….😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    • Madhu

      And forget to tell….guys she is actress ….she has to act with other actors too not only with varun….that is the reality guys…..if i hurt someone im really sorry…..😊😊😊😊😊

  12. Vrushy


    |Registered Member

    Helly is good, but she won’t suit kunal. The pair would be a mismatch. We need some one tall, bold and sharp opposite omkara. Helly is more of the sweet and bubbly type. Omkara’s love story would be quite intense so I would prefer vrushika over helly !!

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      well i disagree with your opinion, it’s not because i love helly as i surely don’t want her in ishq baaz, but judging pair based on posture won’t suit with the reality.
      being a man, SRK ‘s posture is tiny to comparing with Kajol ( man-woman posture comparison) but no body can’t deny how good their chemistry.
      in MMZ, Arjun- Radhika ( tall, serious vs tiny, cute) more cute than Arjun-Samaira
      ( tall vs tall )
      in MATSH, we ehjoy to see Ishani -Ranveer than Ritika-Ranveer…
      well mostly in a pair, the opposite character will make it perfect, they will complete for each other.

  13. sanam

    No ways yaar… Don’t want jelly in such a nice show… please no hello shah…. Any other actress would do but not helky

  14. Chella

    I like her(helly) back on on screen…..but if happen wth vk…its became..like..diwali gift… .but am happy for her

  15. Love_forever

    Crap. Crap. Crap.
    Cut the crap, Helly is good, and so is Vrushika. Sana won’t be too good for him. Stop the comparison betweem helly and tejaswi here, SR has gone off air, it has been a long time.

  16. AnuAnn


    |Registered Member

    Guys I know for some omkara fans it is difficult to choose helly over vrushika or any other actresses .. So your frustration is justified… But you have no right to abuse helly and her acting… Especially people who r tejasswi fans toooo .. In twitter fb insta even in telly tooo ..you have more prlm with helly’s entry in ishqbaaz than ishqbaaz fans and taunting and bashing her and her fans too.. Alrdy SR is ended now swara and ragini is over .. Then y you people can’t move on .. Just becoz hellu played a character called swara , y u guys r still back of her .. And bashing for her any project.. Yourr actual prlm is that not a new girl for omkara but it is helly .. So plzzz stop abusing her .. And my opinion abt poll .. I w’ll always support for whatever project she choose..

  17. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Nope.. i dun want Helly here… Vrushika looks more better with Kunal… not MY Helly… hope that it all becomes rumour…Thnk u…

  18. Omie

    No way..No Hell for my om, vrushika is much much better or bring Sana.. If not someone like Nia or sanaya but please not Hell….


    i want vrushika mehtha in ishqbaaz pls bring her back she is perfect for omkara becz she has that chanto mind character and she can handle things so beautifully.. i love so much pls GUL bring her back tell her to finish her vacations and tell her to come back fast as possible.. she is the best role of ishana and her acting is aswome.. she changes according to the situation and her wet eyes makes anyone fall for her and as ishqbaaz omkara he hears heart and not mind so she is perfect opposite role for omkara

  20. NABANITA626


    |Registered Member

    Just want omkaras love track…….
    It will be more good if the new partner is vrushika,but helly Shah is also a beautiful and tallented actress..
    LOVE💜💓💛💚💖💗❤💙 HELLY SHAH and VRUSHIKA MEHTA both👭💃👌 so much……….

  21. maria

    Helly is great! she should totally be there! Idm Vrushika or Sana even but Vrushika is done with. Her story is over.

    And really, if people don’t like her, their bad. we can’t work like them so the least we can do is appreciate their talent rather than abusing them. If we are humans and have some decency, we would respect people no matter what their flaws. Insulting them here just means that they have no manners or have been taught that.

  22. Nidhi


    |Registered Member

    My opinion please bring palak jain the one who acted opposite kunal in Buddy project they were such a cute couple!!!!!! If not Vrushika palak will be the best for him
    Nonu and moti were so cute <3

  23. Priyashini


    |Registered Member

    I think vrushika is better for this show because our helly is very sweet and bubbly…she won’t suit for omkara, because he is playing some different(in character & even thoughts) role here..so helly shah will not suit here.and guys….don’t fight and spoil their reputation here …all are awesome actresses and sweet by heart.so pls…its my request.take care keep smiling

  24. Feriha_Tanu


    |Registered Member

    Yup i I’m with u vrushika and kunal fan though I’m a jabra fan of helly …I would say ki My Helly doesn’t suit kunal
    It’s my opinion guys ..
    Thank u

  25. Zenna

    Don’t spread rumours,,,helly is not gonna play this role,,,she won’t look good opposite Kunal,,,,she’ll look like a kid with him,even Sana won’t look good with him..bring back Vrushika or anyone like Vrushika

  26. ash

    Nooooo helly shah…..shes a great actress bt i think vrushy will look more great with kunal…..even sana bhi chalegi😑😕😟😟

  27. Ridhima

    Vrushika is best … I want ishkara …. Enga vanthalum intha helly tholla thanga mudila DA sami … Engarundhalum kelambivanthurathu … IMSA ….

  28. nithu

    Big no…Infact I’m big fan of helly, I like her as swara in sr, I used to watch that show only for swara. But I don’t think, she would suit him also I don’t want this pair…
    I just want vrushika aka ishana for my sweet om..

    • nithu

      And also y sr fans fight here, itz just for our ishquies.. Its just a request don’t argue here about helly or tejas, after all both are fabulous actress.

  29. maria

    Helly is super cute but kid like. She is so bubbly and jolly that she would not suit Om. I am not saying this 100% because she is an actress and maybe can do the role differently. We might think she will not suit but she could totally surprise us by playing this challenging role but I feel Teju would look good against him.

    She is tall and looks like someone who can have a good story with Kunal

    • mahima

      I so agree with u dear ………. teju can b a good option if the ph considers her . I’m not saying this as I don’t lke helly ot anything lke that but thestory needs someone more intense n a grey shaded person n teju can perform better ……

    • shahabana

      Yaaa im agree thats what im saying….helly wont be fit in intense look….i think she is very young to play the charecter of omkaras lead

  30. Gayathri.visu

    Yes i eagerly waiting to see helly shah in ishqbaaz. I just loved om’s character in ishqbaaz. Waiting to see om’s love story. I miss helly very much……….

  31. aamias

    Tell me one thing do u ppl really like vrushika bcoz no girl without respect must stay in the show the way she was outsted if she comes back it will be insult to her.
    About sana anybody watched krishnadasi will understand dont ask for someone bcoz of name
    About helly there are three kinds one who are supporters second one they love one actor think her to be competitor but u only said both treat each other as friends thn why bash others it means she is different .
    Next the male lead fan who are behaving like she has signed an contract or it is her who betrayed him . It is not a colors decision it is the ph decision . Being an intelligent phphh it blame d colors even jennifer plays maya she looks great in it though I am not defending the char it is the actor who looks mindblowing. She never played such role
    Its high time omkara love story must begin.we will never be able to do anything abt it if helly comes she is famous so minimum gul will give some screen space and most importantly that nafratbaaz will bid bye
    If some other persons come then wait for more screen space
    Dont worry about jodis bcoz gul make awesome jodis but storyline is something which gul needs to work on

  32. aamias

    Lastly fans are mostly male lead fans so they will either bash helly or bash kunal after so time so that kunal fans bash helly . Dear move on sr has ended she has got a project or rumuored to be. U very well know the male lead doesnt feel comfortable with her she is jovial she will manage but why make him more
    uncomfortable he will also get a good show. So stop fighting and enjoy if helly is a pathetic actress it is a good thing ppl will understand that she spoiled sr and others were simply dragged into it. About kunal he is a fab actor he will rock with anyone dont worry abt him just trust his acting skills. Now ib is all about shivika need something abt omkara too

  33. Om ka fan

    Its high time for kunal love story to begin helly to grope another serial and move on from sr
    Kunal needs screen space and any famous actress like helly will bring it . Kunal will do wonders with anyone and about Gul she makes hit jodis they both will look good

  34. Hkhan

    Polls me jo peeche rehta hai vo to definetly hota hai so its time waste to give advice to them who r not going to listen

  35. mahima

    i think helly wot suit kunal … don’t take me wrong I’m not bashing her .. its just that om’s love story will b intense n helly wont get that intense look n moreover she wont fit kunal on screen …… may b vrushika or any tall actress who can portray an intense char can b chosen ……

  36. Manisha

    Look guys vrushika aka ishana is playing a con girl but she is forced and next thing if there is a person who sees her talent then tat is omkara as he is artist and Ishana is dancer they match accordingly and it’s not tat a con girl is bad in omkara life there r so many problems with swethlana tia and romi all r back of Oberoi brothers if Anika and somya are helping shivaya and rudra then ishana can help omkara more as she is very intelligent in all these things and one more thing



  37. Mynalove


    |Registered Member

    i am starting to like ishqbaaz but really i won’t be able to seekunal with helly
    and in my pov helly won’t suit omkara much
    so i am for vrushika and kunal or ishkara
    and if i remember correctly dadi once told om in the 2nd episode that someone would mix lies in his life so ishana is the more suitable one
    well this is my pov and sorry if i hurt anyone

  38. shahabana

    I dnt want helly shah has omkaras lead…..
    And im happy to bcz helly is not entering ishqbaaz comfirmed by helly shah herself and sbs also comfirmed this news
    And i want vrushika has omkaras lead….if she wont i want some mature actress for omkara not a baby type
    Now plsss dnt bash helly fans…..bcz im not bashed any actress…i just told my pov….everyone has a right to share their thoughts….and anyways everything on gk hand not in ours..
    And ib team comfirmed that helly is not entering ishqbaaz…so i think kts an off topic

    • aisha

      if that’s true wht u r saying tha helly is not entering than dairy ilk silk in ur mouth my dear ……… muahh !!!!!

  39. Naz

    If it’s a soulful love story den it had nothing to do vth who the actors are…..if helly feels she can do dis n take dis offer then I m damn sure she’ll give her 100%to it.she had done it in the past too.u can’t neglect the fact that she is not just a pretty face….she’s talented much….I can’t understand y tejaswi n helly fans r bringing tejaswi in dis…she had nothing to do vth dis….u r free to indicate ur opinion bt not to force it on others…if u can’t c helly in the show simple don’t tune starplus at 10pm…….

    • shahabana

      We dnt need to shut the channel starplus 10pm bcz helly is not entering ishqbaaz….so we can watch our ishqbaaz peacefully…for ur imformation helly herself and ishqbaaz team confirmed news to sbs that helly is not entering ishqbaaz…
      Helly visited ib sets to meet her friends surabhi and lalith sir….
      And for ur imformation everyone has a right to share their thought…

  40. puneet jain

    Mere Angne Mein ,Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai yeh show ad to band kar do .. kaahaanni mey kuch nahi .. inn show mey bi bakwas chal raha haii. ekta ka do demaak karab hioo gaya hai … suru 2 show bhaut achey chal rahey ab nahii..

  41. Swadheenta

    I don’t want Helly Shah in Ishqbaaz…I don’t want anyone to think I am saying this because of anyone’s talent or beauty or anything…it is just that that I love Kunal Jaisingh and Vrushika Mehta’s chemistry…missing Ishkara so badly…

  42. Kalika

    Haha as if, Helly should just disappear after Swaragini. If they really want to bring someone else in why not someone new that we have no expectations on

  43. Kavina


    |Registered Member

    Vrushika Mehta is the best. I am not saying that Helly is not good its just that the chemistry we saw first with Kunal and Vrushika is not going to live up to the expectation with Helly and Kunal together and it seems like Helly looks way to young to be paired with Kunal

  44. Helly

    Seriously helly is best to omkara!!! Ishana character is not good for om..
    He really need something great…

  45. stutii

    Guys we have seen ishana (virushi)as omkaras pair so we want only ishana not helly but I also want virushi in ib so let’s see what will happen but helly got so many votes maybe she can win…….😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  46. jui sorkar

    Helly is indeed a talented Actress ever for me . she is ready to do the show will surely support her ….N don’t go to her age n also don’t underestimate her skills .only time will say that she can match with the new look or not 😌 all just wait n watch ….
    N helly bashers don’t u guys get bore ..doing the same work again n again …😪
    N here is talking abt #Helly n #Vrushika …so what tejs fans r doing here ??😏
    Plz if dont have work …go n sleep 😴😴

    Dont fight here😁😁
    Have a good day ..n bye☺

  47. Tarn

    Don’t get me wrong I think Helly is very talented, but I just don’t think she would fit in with the rest of the cast well. I also think that her and Kunal (Om) would are very awkward looking couple. This is by no means an attack on Helly just me thinking that the two actors would not fit well together as a couple. I personally loved Vrushika and think she fit the role well, but if she is not who is cast opposite to Kunal I will give whoever is the chance. In all honesty we have waited long enough for this track to start so I’m looking forward to it.

  48. Helly

    It’s my opinion
    Omkara is sweet and humble ,emotional and down to the earth person
    Helly is really cute and bubbly,little notorious too so it ll be best if they pair…eagerly waiting..i don’t say ishana is worst but it doesn’t suits to om..moreover chutki character is really needed as di and chotie ll balance the oberai mansion and keep everyone happy…

  49. Mica


    |Registered Member

    being Helly fans, i disagree to let Helly in ishqbaaz, i want Helly to take a break for awhile, and back with a BANG, either with Varun or other actors, ..
    i don’t want Helly to interfere on other pair as i respect Ishkara fans..
    since i do upset if only there is another to interfere my swasan.
    for matching or talent…. well we can’t say that Helly won’t suit KUnal or what..
    we don’t see it yet.. and from my experience, Helly is very talented on romance scene..
    on Swaragini, she was good as either Swalak or Swasan…

  50. POGO


  51. Khyati

    helly is such a bubbly cute lil girl……omkara is a serious kind of man…..helly wont suite omkara.
    helly is a good actress….no offence in dat but I want vrushika or sana….

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