Would you like to have a Season 2 for Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi?

Its been five months since Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi has gone off air, and the daily viewers of the show and the fans are really missing it very badly. It was a lovely show and it rose to fame because of the amazing chemistry between the leads. Shakti Arora as Ranveer and Radhika Madan as Ishaani played their role very well. Ranveer and Ishaani were immensely loved by their fans and were given the name Ishveer. Ishveer are among the best and most loved couple of the Televison Industry . Their love story in the show has now made place in many people’s heart, and the people just cant forget them. The show had a unique script and story line which immediately won many hearts and the trp was really good in the starting. The show had showcased that how really good friends can become life partners. Ranveer fell in love with Ishaani when he saw her for the first time i.e. when he was nine years old. He and Ishaani became best friend and life partners afterwards. The show shows Ranveer and Ishaani ‘s journey from getting married through many difficulties, it shows the painful sacrifice that Ishaani has done to protect her love Ranveer.

Ranveer had always loved Ishani with his full soul from the starting . The dialogues ‘Uski hain hasrat, Jisse paane ki nahi hain haisiyat’ ,‘Meri aashiqui sirf tum se hi ‘ and ‘ Pyaar agar ek darfaan ho toh woh dono ke liye kafi hain’ became famous instantly after the first promo’s release. The show lost its charm after writer’s kept separating the leads constantly and kept introducing villians to raise the trp but it did not work and upseted the fans and viewers which resulted in the ending of the show. The writer’s tried hard to keep the show going by introducing a very big twist in January , but it seemed that the twist could not help the show and it went off air. The writer’s tried are lot of patience. It went off air of 19 th February 2016 with a very abrupt ending which really saddened the viewers. At the end Ranveer exposed Naina, and Ritika’s intentions and brought the whole family truth in front of Nurbhay, Nurbhay united Ranveer and Ishani the show left us with a happy note telling us that love never died, never dies and will never die. Ranveer and Ishaani were shown hugging each other in the last. The show has given meaning to love and made a impression on our hearts that will never ever go. THE SHOW SHOWED THAT LOVE IS INSEPRALBLE. We love you Ishveer and will always keep loving you and supporting you.

If you really think that show should have a second season please give ur opinions by voting.


  1. Hetvi-Shreya


    |Registered Member

    We want it but not like the previous one. They meet they separate. A simple story with romance and no shit like Milan And nirbhay ….

  2. Nandana


    |Registered Member

    Yes u r right i really misses ishveer and i need a second season . The show was been amasing and if u have time can u plz transalate the meaning of the promo (that dialogue) because i don’t know hindi that much and i feel very tough to understand the english written hindi . But i can understand the speaking hindi

  3. lovely ishveer

    We won’t only like it but wd luv it missing matsh,ishveer and shadhika very badly and want them back

  4. Neelam

    Yes I am missing my best tv serial I want season 2 of matsh it would be great if its season 2 will come😊

  5. backlone

    Hi guys….I’m really a very crazy fan of shadhika especially shakti …. I would love to see the 2nd season of Marsh …… Really but not like 1st one…I want ranveer n ishaani together n leading a happy married life….u can follow me on insta @ backlone_0a_

  6. love ishveer 2 the core

    Yes i want matsh season 2. I m a die hard and really crazy fan of ishveer matsh. This show is like my life and i cant even tell youll how much i miss it. And palak u did a very good job by writing this article bcoz now a days nobody comments here if u had written this in march or april it would have cross 200 comments bcoz when matsh was getting over i remembered how many was supporting and daily commenting here they were saying that matsh is their breath and was loving and caring it like matsh was everything for them. They had become 1 family here speacially sathya,vyshu,payal,keethi, raji,meera,sana and many many more 2day i read their previous comments in matsh written episodes and in narendrans ff and i had tears in my eyes matsh had so great family and now i m missing them so much i want my matsh family back pls come back . Nobody will love matsh in this world how much i love matsh and really miss it every second. I can never ever even think to forget it. Matsh 2 is my dream hope and wish. Palak u r doing a great job by writing ur ff and i was very sad that u stopped it. Ur ff is my most favourite and i m happy that there r some people still loving and missing matsh like u and me. Ishveer are the worlds best romantic couple. Oh i want my matsh back asap .i remember each and every episode of matsh i was seeing with cute and sweet smile. It is my happiness. I pray 2 god may it come back soon. Writing this comment with my teary eyes and matsh family pls come back and comment here like before atleast 4r ur matsh. Missing youll all


    YES !!!!!!! NO need to think..we all surely need season-2……it’s the best show ever of my life……I’m really have been mad for ishveer love….they teaches us true love….can’t live without watching….I don’t know tamil still I watch MATSH in tamil……Please do bring MATSH-2…WITH A BANG……and u people specially Ms. Ekta don’t know what is love……PLEASE if u understand meaning of love then please make SEASON-2……ISHVEER is our lives……….please bring it back…….can’t see them away……and especially Shakti with Neha…..if u do make SEASON-2 soon……then Shakti have to postpone his wedding…..please Ekta mam…..please do make……we really wanna a saeson too !!!!!!!! THAT TOO WITH SHADHIKA>…………:):):):)

    • Julina


      |Registered Member

      Wow dear great article… I miss ishveer and matsh sooooooooo much… can’t even express in words…. I love them soo much…. I want matsh2 at any cost… but not like 1st season… as they just show ishveer in words and sacrifice… but I really want to see them together with a happy life… this serial thought me what is love… and gave meany friends too… it make us a family… I really happy to see these comments… but it should reach them.. they have to make matsh2…. I’m seeing evry episodes atleast 20 times… still not satisfied… I wnat matsh 2… greatttttttttt job palak….

  8. Palak Lunkad (die hard fan of IshVeer)

    No i have not stopped writing my ff i will post it dis saturday dont worry love ishveer to d core

  9. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    love u ishveer . my life lies in that , then how the show doesnt deserve a second chance ?

  10. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    love u ishveer . my life lies in that , then how the show doesnt deserve a second chance ? loveeeeee u ishveer and shakti

  11. Mathankumar

    I read this comment my eye tearing.Still i am crying why SERIAL FINISHED?.ISHVEER won millions heart.I pray god WHEN SADHIKA MARRIED.

  12. Varsha

    Yesss plz bring shadhika again onscreen and plz don’t seperate them like as they did season 1…want my cute ishveer in season 2

  13. Varsha

    Yesss plz bring shadhika again onscreen and plz don’t seperate them like as they did season 1…want my cute ishveer in sseason luv you ishveer

  14. iswarya

    Please it’s a incomplete story they are runing sas bahu serials 7 years then y not this beautiful love story its should get a second chance I love it and missing ishveer

  15. Soma

    It was great show amazing chemistry and superb star cast . Miss them badly n love to see them again n again really love u ishveer n shadhika. Please bring them back with season 2

  16. Mica


    |Registered Member

    i love isveer couple and i hate this cvs team to the max.
    the worst ending i ever saw in a serial was MATSH ending.
    cvs also insulted isveer’s love.
    how can they made isveer’s suhagraat while ranveer under drug. grrrrrrrrr. it was suck.

  17. merlin

    Please Season 2, because this serial verry amazing, in indonesia hope success and real in indonesia succes😄😄.. pleasee season 2

  18. leni juniati

    One word for MATSH ” Awesome ” i love this serial and really missing them badly. I hope they’re back again in MATSH season 2 with amazing stories. Big love for MATSH

  19. nithya

    Yes I want ,we want ,every ishveer lovers want ,meri aashiqui tumse hi season 2 , .I really miss matsh .I love very match ,the way they act ,dialogue delivery ,eye contact the feeling everything ,pls make it possible matsh 2. …..really missing

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