Do you like Saath Nibhana Saathiya’s current track?

Star Plus’ Saath Nibhana Saathiya has seen the death of a prime character Ahem. Gopi’s Saathiya Ahem has left her forever. Gopi is seen gone in depression and living in Ahem’s memories. Gopi’s strong character got changed. Kokila being the ideal Sasu Maa is at Gopi’s side always. Kokila pleads to Lord Krishna to keep Gopi’s devotion alive and give an answer to the devotee. The recent entry of the new lead Khalid Siddiqui opposite Devoleena Bhattacharjee starts the new track. Khalid is playing a doctor’s role who would aid Gopi’s recovery.

Ahem dies after meeting an accident. Gopi gets a huge shock seeing Ahem’s dead body. She goes numb and non reacting to anything from there on. Gopi loses her partial senses and ability to react. Ahem’s death shock gets much bigger for Gopi. Kokila will be seen becoming Gopi’s shadow and sticking to Gopi all the time. With such a helpful mother in law at her side, Krishna will also try to get back Gopi to normalcy. Krishna would bring Gopi out of the shock and would gradually fall in love with Gopi. Kokila will see Krishna as a suitable life partner for Gopi. Kokila would then convince Gopi for remarriage. The show is really going to have huge dose of drama with Krishna and Gopi’s track. Do you like Saath Nibhana Saathiya’s current track? Let us know your opinion about the show’s track.

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  1. it is nice but missing ahem in the show .

  2. Can’t understand what’s happening in this serial……

  3. Please bring gopi out shock fast and we need strong kokila and we can’t bear that paridhi. SNS Fan fiction is more interesting than serial

    1. I never liked pari since her entry in sns i don’t know why I just want her to die omg she is a shit

    2. Lol ikr.

    3. Ik I Am Missing The Old Koki…But I Know Why They’ve Made Her More Innocent Etc….Its Because Of All These Sns Haters They Are Saying That Kokila Shouts To Much…Things Like That And Viewers Get Annoyed From Her Overreacting…But I Loved Her Overreacting..

  4. I very well understand to that to add a new crisp in the story, leap is a must but with this leap in Saathiya, I feel that there is no value for relations…
    1)Pari:She has just cross the limits, she should have understood Gopi ‘s condition, being a women
    2)Meera: Meera is shown as a selfish character.I don’t think that she is a good daughter…
    3)Vidya: Star plus promotes NAYI SOCH but Vidya is always shown as a character who is very meek

    this is what I feel

  5. End the show ASAP


    I like the track as its ok but i do not like how they have changed all the character of family so much…. tooo much

  7. Sathiya is not interesting to watch. Please bring back old Gopi who values family and relations. Same goes to Kokila also. Without Ahem the show has no value. Meera! What do I say arrogant person need to be taught a lesson. Rishty and colours are showing better series than star plus.

  8. Leap is a good idea but if gohem be together….and the worst thing is that jigar…paridhi…meera…vidya…too much negatively….simply i feel pity on kokila once she ruled the modi dynasty and now she became like “Kahan raja bhoj n kaha gangu teli”…..Not at all i dont support dis leaps….

  9. I don’t like this show. Miss you Ahem. Now story in so boreing and not intersting. Please do something.

  10. I think this serial should end soon with a happy ending.

  11. Its very boring to watch after the leap…the fan fictions are thousand times better than the actual show….

  12. There is a limit to how much further this serial can go. 30 years after gopi marries ahem, she must be pushing 50 by now. There can’t be too many more leaps!

  13. They can not make all leading characters to dull, now really boring. Main Koikila and Gopi. Bring them active or close serial.

  14. I used to love this show. I am now confused and don’t think I will be watching anymore……I was hoping this was a dream sequel and Ahem really wasn’t dead.

  15. It is nice…but upset for koki and gopi

  16. I think this serial should end is boring and most of the characters are going negative

  17. I m nt happy with ths leap ahem must be nobody can replace him end ths serial now.

  18. What was the purpose of the leap? If the family has been bound by certain values how come everything has changed? Where are most of the fringe actors? All died in a span of 5 yrs?What kind of rubbish is that? Why do you think a negative Meera and a stupid Vidya will keep the show going? Everything looks so unreal and stupid.Why do you think you can take the viewers for a ride? Time to stop this show nothing is working

  19. So Much negativity. Nonsence show

    1. i know ENGLISH okayyy??

      NONSENSE is spelt wrong suhani didi please do some english dictation classes

  20. pls stop showing so many marriages in every life. show some reality or just end before it becomes worst


    what is wrong with these writers

    if you start a show with lead characters you end it with them. who in the world marries someone else as soon as their husband dies?????
    god i pity the man who died.
    how sad is it to watch their loved one marry someone else while being up in heaven| hell
    all he would want to see is the wife looking after the kids and waiting not to marry more people.
    this is not going to work work work work
    ohh myyy bagwaan
    im going to go in depression if someone else takes my beloved most precious heroes place
    please dont do this to me this is my hummmble request
    i typed this soooo many times until it was perfect. please take your time to read this

    last but not least i would like to thank everyone who helped me to type my precious speech, my cat who drinks his milk without troubling me
    and a huge shout out to my wifi connection because without it i wouldnt be able to express my feeling

  22. poojani bhalla

    PLEASE stop talking about unwanted stuff like your cat, wifi etc… please mind your business
    we are here to comment on the show NOT to jabber like you
    stop doing this we are too human beings who are very sensitive. we love our show very much AND BTW work by rihanna is a very nice song yeah>? i love it soo much

    my opinions to the writers is to kill gopi also and end the show and the moral will be IF LOVE DIES I DIE!

  23. itz too boaring…this serial startz when i was in 4 std..

  24. by the way what happened to the rest of the them? where are the husbands and hetal??

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