Do you like Ravi and Shiny’s chemistry in Jamai Raja?

Ravi Dubey has been the ruling actor in the show Jamai Raja. He has shown his great acting talent by playing varied roles in his previous character Siddharth Khurana. Ravi was earlier paired with Nia Sharma, who played the character of Roshni. Siddharth and Roshni have faced many problems in their lives. Their love, union, separation and struggles were shown. The show got two seasons with Ravi and Nia.

The recent Season 3 marked the exit of Nia. Shiny Doshi plays the new female lead Mahi, while Ravi is seen in a new avatar. Ravi plays Satya, who is Siddharth’s son and raised in poverty. Mahi is Satya’s love interest. Satya and Mahi’s arguments and tashan were seen since the beginning of Season 3. Now, they are gradually falling in love. Satya perceives Mahi as his soul mate. His life’s aim is to win her love and marry her. Satya will be getting the same task of being a good son in law. Jamai Raja’s same concept is taken ahead, where Satya will unite Mahi and Payal, like Siddharth united Roshni and DD. Ravi and Shiny’s chemistry is getting better after their love track started. Ravi is best in emoting romance. Ravi and Shiny make an awesome pair. Do you like Ravi and Shiny’s chemistry in Jamai Raja? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Ya I think shiny is better than nia ( according to my point of view )

  2. Not much
    Nia n ravi pair was very good n hot n interesting

  3. Not much
    Nia n ravi pair is best

  4. Shiny n ravi is not very much interesting
    But nia n ravi pair was the best n i want to see them again

    Nia n ravi pair is best

  5. Love them

  6. Something NEW in ravi-shiny pair… Somewhat its cute than ravi-nia pair. But both are good…

  7. Shiny doesn’t even suit Ravi.. Honestly I think Payal look better than her most of the time. Shiny can never take Roshni place.

  8. I think shiny and ravi looks very nice together…i also dont like nia very much..

  9. No, I think there is absolutely no chemistry there…she looks quite older than him and I don’t think she emotes very well

    I understand Nia is not returning but she set a very high bar which would be tough for any actor to reach or surpass but I feel another younger looking actress could do better justice.

  10. What chemistry, there is no chemistry between these two, she looks older and the girl cannot emotes very well, she is a blank canvas, it said it from the begining she was not the right fit for this role.
    Nia was not my favorite but the but the girl could carry a scene and her facial expression was bang on.
    A wider net should have been cast for this role Shiny does not suit it.

    1. Agreed shiny doesn’t have the Jr magic. I too didn’t like nia but when sidni were their on screen I would just love it. Their chemistry.
      Shiny and Ravi look like brother and sister to me


  12. Kama pair is best.

  13. NIA and RAVI pair is best

  14. I love mahi and satya jodi, they look awesome ,Roshini and sid was ok .

  15. There is no chemistry between them mahi looks terrible with satya and their horrible chemistry there is no jr magic in their chemistry nor their jodi looks best.

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