Would you like Rangeela-Shivani’s marriage track in Ghulaam?

Life Ok’s Ghulaam will see major changes in the track. The show has been much progressive in terms of storyline. Rangeela had earlier married Shivani on Veer’s orders. He had to obey his master Veer and get a bride for him. Rangeela regarded Veer as his Lord. Rangeela cheated Shivani to get her to Berahampur. Shivani got a shock of her life when she learnt that she will stay as Veer’s wife in the haveli, while Rangeela is Veer’s most loyal slave.

Rangeela had tolerated a lot in his life, but could not tolerate Shivani’s humiliation done by Veer. He took a stand for Shivani. He realized woman’s respect is much important. He went against Veer. He prefered to die than seeing Veer’s misdeed. Rangeela then takes a initiative to fight for women justice. He pledges to rectify his mistake. He gets freedom from Veer. He wants to gift the freedom to each and every woman of Berahampur. Shivani supports Rangeela throughout his journey. Shivani and Rangeela fall in love with each other. They become inseparable. Rangeela professes his love for Shivani. He announces his decision to re-marry Shivani, while deciding to give her his wife’s status, honor and rights this time. Rangeela saves his father Choudhary Pratap. who takes him home to give him a son’s rights. Things start getting fine for Rangeela. Rangeela brings his mother to the haveli. Rangeela and Shivani’s marriage track will be soon entertaining the viewers. Would you like Rangeela-Shivani’s marriage track in Ghulaam? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Of course, the most awaited marraige..Shivani has beared a lot..she deserves to be loved by her love and be happy..Makers should also focus on showing more passion and depth of love from Rangy’s side too

  2. Oh yes of course I luv niti taylor

  3. Seems interesting

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