I like you – Part 5 *LAST PART*

HI friends …this is sri. thanks a lot each and evryone for sharing your views and comments . As i and you all know that i;m a worst writer but thanks for supporting my two ff with ur love. i always wished to a write ff on yuvani and my wish got fulfilled. this is all becoz of u guys and my love for yuvani. i missing them. we love them forever….

The sixth stage-fortune.
If someone likes us though we are unrelated,isn’t it a fortune?as biology text say, tears aren’t just salt water. tears are boon,tears are a fortune such one teardrop.

Vk:I’m not getting you.but what about the boy who truly loved that girl?
Rk:its been half a minute since she left,the boy was lost in thought circling his figure around me. But then,someone dragged the chair.

Yuvraj shocks seeing suhani.
Suhani:pardon my intrusion. An upcoming collector said me to say some words for my bf. I have come to say those words.
Suhani(smilingly) you are a very lucky guy.
yuvraj is at cloud nine listening this.

Suhi:the bf I’ve created is none other than you. Is it hard to believe? Since boy is handsome ,sensible and an upcoming collector. You think’ve I leave my bf?
If you have noticed, I was drawing something when you came to me.
Yuvraj recalls that moment.
Suhani says Look at this and shows him his drawing she drawn.
Yuvi:wow.. Artist!
Suhani: I love arts. I am jack at all trades. I make perfumes of sandalwood and camphor, can make jewellery with shells and beads, can teach parrots how to talk. Likewise drawing too.
Yuvraj is silently listening her.

Its more of a passionate hobby than a profession. I have no idea when I was drawing you,but was just doing it. That’s why I asked you about love at first sight.
Yuvraj and suhani smiles..

Suhani:I am a girl. I cannot propose boldly like you,like you at the first sight.i’ve decided when you talked about family and commitment. I too wished all the time for a person who clearly knows these both, family is the only bond that never breaks no matter what.
Yuvi:if you liked me so much. Why didn’t you start the conversation?

Suhani: remember you saying that its your weakness to follow us? girls aren’t any different. Despite all our pretentious smartness ,deep down every girl wishes for a love story.
Your parents had a love story to say,even if we didn’t have such story, I wished atleast a small twist. That’s why I lied,I acted, as I said that I’m jack of all trades? Are you angry at me?

Yuvi:actually, that’s the best part. I loved it the most.

Suhani: actually, I thought to go out for 10 minutes and ccome back. Even if you leave,since I knew you,I thought I can catch you easily, but then I remember your words. That god tests our guts and fortune giving us very short time. I didn’t wish to get 100 % in that test but just wished to qualify in it.
Lets put aside the thought of photographing my every step. I just wished to be a part of your family photograph. If I dance ,its with you but not with misfortune. So I came in half minute.

Life became mechanical,love became selfish, unable to write love letters, we are forwarding messages,dwelling inside the computer itself,writing off our names on cards made by someone else, unlike the beautiful old private places. We are meeting in the famous coffee shops. That is why, we have many beautiful pen, but not one story to write, for this reason.
I wished for, as you said a micro love story and tried to make it into a beautiful memory, if I follow as soon as you propose me. What there memory in it? That’s why ,I chose to leave and come back again.

Yuvi: beauty, brain. A little of it makes girls arrogant, but how come you are so simple even with both of these?
Whats your profession?
Suhani:I hate studies. I’m the dullard in school, what can I be?
Yuvi: your peers doesn’t even know the current silver price, but you remembered silver in periodic table perfectly.
You ain’t a dullard or just any regular girl. Now speak the truth.

Suhani see straight into yuvraj eyes says..
Suhani: okay . even I attempted for the civil services this year. I’m not state topper like you but, I topped my institute.
UPSC all India 412th rank. First choice IFS.
Yuvraj smiles slightly fades.
I know that our guy stood in the top ten, but I don’t know that his name is yuvraj and you are that yuvraj until I have seen the paper. I’ve opted for psychology and chemistry in the fifth paper.
Suhani by folding her hands together to yuvraj and said.That’s why ,I remembered the periodic table.

Yuvraj smiles bending his head.
Suhani:why the smile?
Yuvi: how come so many surprises in a single day.
Suhani:that’s why, never completely believe a mirror or a girl. There is more unseen than whats being seen.
I’ve accepted your proposal.i’ll make coffee for you everyday.
Yuvi:so? Whats this UPSC 412th ranker’s name?

Suhani moves her head negatively with smile.
Yuvraj: please. It isn’t right to put fill in the blanks in wedding cards.
Suhani: you named me silver right? put that name in the cards.
Yuvraj: Then my mother’s friends say, what’s this pratima?
Why marrying the bald silver when we have pearls and diamonds for your son?
Suhani widen her eyes with her mouth slightly open: ba..ba..bald?

Yuvraj: dimwits. They do not know the value of silver.
Suhani smiling forwards her hand and says Suhani..suhani shrivastav.
Yuvani shook their hands.
Suhani:whats that? Should I dump my boyfriend? Market is flooded with the pirated goods? You have bet your property that I’m single? Now write it off.
Yuvraj: isn’t it I applied just now? How can you ask a bribe so early?
Yuvani seeing straight into each other eyes very lovingly.

Rk: This is the awesome conversation I had ever heard and seen. Whats your opinion about their love story.
Vk: Brother. I’m don’t know what to say but I’m very happy that boy got his love.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you once again friends for showering your love and support through your comments and views. keep smiling..

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  1. Yuvani

    Such an amazing end…..just loved it…..hope you will with another ff, because you are a very good writer…….Thank you

  2. superb end… i love ur ff. u write it so well.
    thank u

    1. Srilakshmi-Sri

      thank you so much

  3. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode….thank u so much..come back with a new ff

  4. Wwoooooow happy ending u write really well plz write another ff on YuvAni plz plz

  5. Yaay its superb sis.i like it sooooooooo much.ur lovely yaar.i am sad that it ended this much sooon.bye

    1. Srilakshmi-Sri

      thank you sis..for showering ur love and support

  6. Its so unique..ur a perfect writer…so many surprises in a single episode…didnt even imagine something of this sort would happen dear..welldone

    1. Srilakshmi-Sri

      thanks for compliment and thanks a lot.

  7. what a surprise ending with so many surprises.. a completely different story n hats off to u for gvng us such, bt little bit angry with u, u finished it so soon.. anyways hope u ll b back with new one.. ty for this..

    1. Srilakshmi-Sri

      thank you for you love and support abi.

  8. Awesome epi.thank u so much

  9. It’s very creative …..the story bought a smile on my face …I was smiling all the time while I was reading…loved it…

    1. Srilakshmi-Sri

      thank you anu…your comment brought a smile on my face.

  10. Avanikamdar

    Loved it

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