I like you – Part 4

That’s the fifth stage- judgment.
We always wonder what does lovers talk on phone for hours. It is in this stage , many questions and many more answers. Travel excessively via two phones, all for the judgment alone. Hours travel like seconds in this stage, your battery overs faster than your balance, time flies faster than bullet from a gun. Our numb mind cannot differentiate salt to sugar. Because we just did a shallow dive into love. That’s why we aren’t see or hear anything.

Vk: then,did their judgment match?
Rk: see for yourself.
Suhani: why did you like me?
Yuvi:even lord Vishnu cannot answer this question iflashmidevi asks him. Even if sita asks,rama cannot answer her.
Because this fondness, love, liking….these are all matter of the heart not intellect .
Suhani: hmmm. Since I believe you are sensible ,I’m asking ..is love at first sight exist? Can it be called love.
Yuvi:I don’t know abt love. But, first sight is very pure,beautiful and strong.

In Ramayana,its sita swayamvar,she has a transparent veil before her,facing hundreds of kings. She knows none of them including rama,she looks at everyone from the veil,but the moment she sees rama. For the first time ever,an unknown feeling,she connects to him,though not knowing a thing about him. She believes that only he’ll break the bow and marry her.
If you look at that situation,there isn’t any time for love or belief ,that’s the beauty and power of the first sight.

Suhani: that’s treta yuga and this is kali yuga , as much as difference between a towel and a tissue paper.

After yuvani talks about some film celebrity couples ….

Yuvi: fine .. put this mythology,movies stuff aside and I’ll say you a practical, real life example.
1988 , Allahabad. A girl ran and collides with a boy in the haste of her interview, she dropped her files and papers down. The boy picked them up and handed it to her,their eyes met ,that’s their first sight. Love struck them when elevator moves from ground floor to seventh floor.
After that as you said love letters, private meetings etc everything happened ,their marriage too. After 24 years,their son is narrating the same story to a beautiful girl in a coffee shop.

A girl and a boy if share their life from their very first sight will be happier the proof is this life given to me by my parents. In these 24 years neither they’ve cried nor made me cry. “In the world only the family love you as you. That alone is the diamond ,rest all are coloures stones. No matter how much they glitter today,they will fade off tomorrow.”
That’s why. I want you to be a part of my family.
Suhani smiles..
Yuvi: listen to me , leave that boyfriend of yours.the market is flooded with pirated stuff. Concerntrate on me,step into my home. I’ll capture and frame every step of yours.
Suhani:you’ve prepared all these lines in advance?
Yuvi:hmm..i’ve short term memory loss,fearing that I would forget, I tattooed everything or else what?
For the first time in my life, I’m being heartfelt to a girl and the best part is.i wish her to be the last one.
Suhani:listening you, I’m loosens my grip, where do you guys comes from? You’ll rattle our peaceful lives and leave off.
Yuvi:life isn’t just about peace,it also needs love.
Suhani: conversation with you needs a lot of wit.
Yuvi:not required , a little love is enough.
Suhani:did you ever swallow a machine or gun? Are they words or bullets? I bet you have many girlfriends out there.
Yuvi:on one at all ,as I said that you are the first girl? I’m not finding for a girl who come with to a coffee shop like everyone, but a girl who everyday morning made a good coffee for me.
Suhani: means you need a servant?
Yuvi:the one who loves me. Servant just mixs sugar with coffee, but lover mixs love along with sugar .believe in me and marry me. I don’t gift you a necklace only when I remember you , everyday I’ll remind you my love with a rose.
I’ll take good care of you. I can cook too. Watch your favourite programme I won’t fight for remote. i prefer watching machine and dish watcher do household works rather than girls.
He says Finally a word !! (while taking a sip coffee)don’t worry .though I call you silver, I’ll buy you gold only.
Yuvani smiles seeing each other.
Yuvi:the word out there is boys exploit girls,that isn’t correct or even fair ,with this smile alone (indicating suhani ‘s smile)you’ll sweep us off.Do you how troubling it is?
Suhani:fine.. you said you have busy afternoons and evenings.what actually do you do?
Yuvi:I’m a waiter in this coffee shop.
Suhani:no waiter in this world ever dress this good and he doesn’t propose his customers. So, shut up and say truth.
Yuvi:will you believe if I say I am a collector?
Suhani:yeah. you’re an IAS and I am a DGP. We sat for a coffee and discussing on betterment of society.Please say the truth.
Yuvi says I will while seeing newspaper on other table and went to bring it.
Don’t get surprised if you find a similar face. page one bottom right.

Suhani checks the paper.she seeing yuvi then paper.
Suhani(being shocked) IAS? All india sixth rank,state topper!!
Yuvi: why don’t you say the option all the above?
Suhani:so you ate this guy yuvraj birla. The self taught IAS topper.whom the whole state is talking about?
Yuvi:self taught, yes. whole state talking about ,definitely no ,not even abyone in this coffee shop knows including you.
Suhani downs her face being embarrass and says
I’m sorry .don’t mind all the stuff I spoke till now.
Yuvi:don’t mind? If I want to flirt,I would have come with paper itself. Why do you think I’ve left my name,ego and degree there itself?

At times.got tests pur guts and fortune giving us a very short time.we all like some one in the journeys,in friends marriage ceremonies, in coffee shop or may be in unexpected places.we feel like expressing it to them but are plagued by fear and inhibition,we cannot express then that micro love story dies there itself.
After a while, we remember that day whenever we long for love. Then we regret for ,that day if I darely make step towards then today we make seven steps with loved ones.we’ll mourn over it,we’ll scorn ourselves for our mistake.
I won’t do that mistake,likewise I won’t bother you too.you having a bf,not believing in love at first sight everything may be false.but that way you look at me isn’t false(swaare bgm plays).becoz a girls make up lies but not looks.

When im kid, my mom used to chase me and after catching me she angrily lifts her hand to beat ,she never used to beat me because I used to look into her eyes(suhani eyes shown)she used to say ‘I’ll get caught if you look into my eyes’. you like me,that’s my gut feeling. following you is our weakness no matter how much we pretend but not every fellow is a stupid.

80s,90s,golden days aren’t there anymore,these days doesn’t even understand the words sincerity and honesty.
Yuvi stands to leave and says still I believe you have no bf.sometime my intuition may be wrong too,but if you have really one.he is a lucky guy,say that an upcoming collector said this.

Suhani looks other side.Yuvi says bye and leaves.

He went near his table and suhani keeps her books in bag ,drinks water,she is about leave ,she turns and comes to yuvi table and says..
Suhani:I don’t know if my bf is lucky or not but the girl who marries you is very lucky. If we have met be earlier,this day would have been different. Bye.take care. By saying this she leaves.
Yuvi sees in direction she went being hurt.

Rk stops saying story.
Vk:what happened after that girl left?

precap:the sixth stage…

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