I like you – Part 3

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Yuvi :Directly coming to the point.
Yuvraj seeing in suhani eyes says.. “I LIKE YOU”
I’ ll marry you ,if you accept my proposal ,then I’ll love you.
Suhani: after love they commits for marriage , not before it.
yuvi: love just needs a girl, but commitment demands clarity and a caliber to earn and maintain. I have them both.
Seeing in this coffee shop like this ,an immediate fondness, an instant proposal. Don’t find this illogical. You go by same scenario in matchmaking.
First we look at the picture, if we like it. We’ll plan for dessert menu and guest list for the marriage.I don’t find this , logically different to that.

“Life feels bland if you seek logic in everything , then you miss magic in life”.

In case , if you doubt my conduct , then I’ll approach your family traditionally. The brave man looks for the path, the coward ,digs for logic.
Suhani: if you want to love ,just do. Why to put it on a display?
Yuvi(laughing): Dear Silver…
Prasad should be shared , love should be displayed ,keeping any of these to yourself is a sin.
Suhani: wow! dear Silver?
Yuvi: silver. Atomic no- 47,transition metal.
Suhani:11th group, 5th period ,D –block. Horizontally between Palladium and Cadmium ,vertically between Copper and Gold.
I too have read the periodic table in my chemistry textbook.
Yuvi impressed by her dialogue and smiles through his eyes.
Suhani: But. Why did you call me silver?
Yuvi: repeat the previous word.
Suhani: why me… chemistry text…
Yuvi(sighs with his fingers) slightly before.
Suhan: between copper and gold…
Yuvi: yeah , repeat that second element.
Suhani: gold.
Yuvi: well, that corrupts everything
Suhani: what?
Yuvi: Here’s the case , imagine you have a sibling both of you are efficient ,but how do you feel if only one takes away all the glory?
Yuvraj seeing suhani
Silver and gold , we use them both, being candid, we use silver a lot for financial constraints ,these.. anklets, toe rings, turmeric or saffron boxes as religious return gifts.
Suhani sees him being slightly opened her mouth.
Using silver for all these, and yet calling the loved ones as goldie , doesn’t it make silver sad? Poor one! Doesn’t it have a heart?
Suhani smiles listening this..
For this reason ,I call my loved ones silver.
Suhani: what’s with me to a man of this intelligence?
Yuvi: An application letter have to apply. Love , fondness..
Boys have three approaches to express them. The approaches I knew and believe in.

Firstly- They like someone, they feel like expressing it to her but this thing (pointing towards his heart) beats faster than a racing cheetah in discovery channel. Silence predominates vocabulary in that process , fear wins over the desire. We’ll dance to the tunes of misfortune. 6/10 boys are like this.
If I’m am one, this conversation wouldn’t have happened.

Secondly- The way ants whirl around sugar, planets around the sun. These guys stalk you all the time, even after being cursed, beaten and hissed off, they still follow you.
Along with patience in their bodies ,they have a lot of time in their watches ,becoz of them girls look down on boys feels exaggerated only coz of their following.
Uhh… this.. idiot, rogue, scoundrel. These are their hard earned badges, they have become so popular that ,they ar being used as movie titles. Becoz of them ,the girls parents have developed a special image for boys. 3/ 10 boys are like this.
The job I do,sometimes doesn’t let me have lunch. Then how can I stalk you in evenings? Therefore, I ain’t that kind too.

Third – without any apprehension and fear. Facing someone like this, making an eye contact and expressing the fondness. They don’t care if your brother is a karate expert ,that frank they are, that caring they will be. If mistreated, they’ll pay back hard. They’ll do anything you like and will leave if you refuse , they won’t bother you. Not because they lack of love or patience , for they possess sense and duties. These are real pride of boyhood.
That is my brief introduction.

Suhani: I’m not single. I have a boyfriend.
Yuvi: definitely ,no. In this mobile phone generation, amidst this romantic ambience, without stressing your fingers or ears , (suhani smiling)a girl of this beauty , if idle for an hour means definitely no bf at all. You are single , I bet my entire property on that.
Suhani: then get ready to write out your property. I ain’t really single.
Yuvi:fine. I believe you have one, I don’t mind though. God can have numerous devotees, a beautiful unmarried girl, is worth a try to any sensible unmarried boy. Each has his own way, why stop their attemps?
Listen to me, speak to me for a while. I feel the astrology will favours me today.
Suhani: okay …go ahead then.

Rk: if a girl doesn’t walk away and lets you sit before her, it means she likes you. Now turn that liking into a judgment.

Precap: The fifth stage.

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