I like you – Part 2

The episode starts…
Rk POV continues…
But my happiness is not stayed for more time. suddenly a sound came…
the girl who held the white cup drops her coz hot coffee fell on. White cup my love my angel breaks into pieces.
My happiness not stayed for more but my love for her will long last forever… hoo I forget to say her name… Ishani .
Vk: bhai I’m always with you. Now continue that story.

Rk: second stage – admiration .
You start finding everything around u beautiful, only in this stage we realize the true beauty around us. evry leaf on tree looks like flower, finding beauty in waste material, handleing everything with care. This all is only coz of admiration.
Love to listen melody songs, feeling romantic movies rather than seeing them ,happens in this stage only.

The third stage – grand illusion.
Alice in wonderland .this made of only two things – thoughts and dreams.
“Thought is a controlled dream, but dream is an uncontrolled thought”.
In this stage, even god can’t beat us in creating worlds. We wake to think and we sleep to dream. This is the uniqueness of this stage. In this stage we sing, we dance …
Based on ours imagination.
End of POV

Yuvi: Every rain drop that touches her body brings such a joy on her face ,even thousand eyed indra too wishes for another to see her.
Yuvraj starts singing a song thinking about suhani and he is dancing with her.
Hum naa rahein hum song plays….
Yuvraj came back from his imagination when spoon falls down his table. He took the spoon, smile on his fades and realizes whiles suhani smiles seeing him.

Rk pov:
In rainy season on sunny day we have to dry clothes, all boys proceed further if girls smiles. Meaning move on to the next stage.
The fourth stage- reality
The real story begins now, get ready for war, the true resistance of a wire doesn’t show up untill the current flows to let power flow, one should turn on switch.
We try so strongly to dig a nail into wall. We need same effort to fall a girl in love , effort here means an attempt to talk. We can’t expect the magnetism ,coz you aren’t a magnet ,she isn’t an iron piece. You need to your show all skills in this stage- poetry, dialog, singing , even fighting and all.
If you don’t have those special qualities ,keep it simple ,straight and honest .the whole story depends on how you deal this stage. If it goes good, you can see next stage , else.
Instead of nail, your hand gets hit , but see how yuvraj deal with this difficult stage.
End of POV

Yuvani with his coffee cup went near suhani’s table and sit in front of her. By seeing him she stop stopped writing. She started eating her moon pie.
Yuvi: please pardon my intrusion. I have been struggling for half an hour to grab your attention. I’m not a kind person of talking something outside being having something inside.
Suhani silently listening him

yuvi seeing in suhani’s eyes syas i like you!!
suhani looks on..

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