Do you like Param and Niti’s chemistry in Ghulaam?

Life Ok’s Ghulaam started as a story of violence and injustice prevailing in the city of Berahampur. The story then turned into a family drama, after Veer’s servant Rangeela married Shivani to get her married to Veer. Rangeela has just obeyed his master and got a wife for Veer. Shivani could not accept this deceive. She witnesses Rangeela’s humanity and real goodness. Shivani has now fallen in love with Rangeela. Veer and his family often do much melodrama. The track has fortunately moved a bit from the main track of brutality and slavery. Rangeela is often tortured by Veer, because Shivani is slowly entering Veer’s heart. A love triangle is forming among them.

Shivani declares her love to Rangeela. She romances with him without any fear of Veer. She tells him about the good energy she received by his hug. Shivani and Rangeela’s happy moments are showering in episodes these days. Veer gets to know that Shivani planned to dance for Rangeela. He makes it a tough deal for her. He orders Shivani to dance on the broken glass pieces. Veer plays a game and hurts both Shivani and Rangeela together. He dislikes their growing proximity. Shivani and Rangeela’s love will be turning mutual because of Veer’s strike. Actors Param Singh and Niti Taylor showcase a commendable chemistry, especially in their romantic scenes. Do you like Param and Niti’s chemistry in Ghulaam? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Baby

    Nooo not at all…..
    I just miss param and harshitas…
    Our sanyu n randhir…sandhir…chemistry….I use to love dem n still dooo….n will miss dem forever till dey r bck agn together…hope soo soon…

    1. I don’t think their chemistry is really great. It doesn’t show that effect as Param and Harshita’s were in Sadda Haq. I think Niti is better with Parth. Randhir/Sanyukta still are the best.

  2. Yes definitely looking forward to their all colors of romance

  3. Mona146

    chemistry is between vikas and niti is more good. Although the lead roles param and niti are positive their love story looks a bit like an extra marital affair.

  4. Twinj

    Their chemistry is what I love to see.
    They both r amazing….

  5. Yes their perfect wht with veer its could much bater.wht rangeela n shivani together looks awsm. Veer n shivani’s cham.could be awsm with a little bit change in veer’s hart.he souldn’t so much crual.

  6. Richu

    Honestly…..they dont suit each other……
    Param is only made for Harshita ?

  7. Shrilatha

    I didn’t like param with niti…sandhir is my all-time favorite couple…

  8. I like niti with parth samthan ….they were rocks and param with harshita

  9. I love them both! Her chemistry is breathtaking. ?

  10. No they have no chemistry
    Shiveer is bettr than shira

  11. Yr mind my words agar trp n aag lgane wali chemistry chae toh shiveer hi ek option h wrna itne ache actors ki mehnat Barbad ho jaegi

  12. Pritha

    Not at all…
    Its not that Param and Niti aren’t doing good…but still their chemistry doesn’t seem to be that much mesmerizing, specially considering Harshita and Param’s chemistry in SADDA HAQ.
    Sandhir’s chemistry had a mesmerizing effect which is lacked in case of Rangeela ad Shivani.

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