Do you like ongoing Preeti’s marriage track in MAM?


Star Plus’ Mere Angne Mein is currently focusing the track on Preeti’s marriage. The show has many characters and parallel tracks. Recently, the show has cut its one hour air time to half an hour. It is going on proper pace now. Unnecessary drag and lengthy detailed scenes are no longer seen. Preeti’s marriage track is going on since long time. With the track progressing, there are less super twists seen now. The show is a family entertainer with women politics and drama.


Shanti is conspiring to make Riya leave the house. She regrets to let Shivam marry Riya. She did not know Riya will challenge her domination in the house. Shanti’s problem is one and only one, that she can’t see anyone taking over her rule in Shanti Sadan. Though Shanti loves her family, she can’t let her family love Riya more. Shanti has made many plannings against Riya during Preeti’s pre marriage functions. Mohit’s attempt to marry Preeti by forcing her fails. Mohit gets kicked out from Shanti Sadan. Shanti managed to cover up the matter. Riya gets all the blame on herself. Shanti and Riya’s challenge to rule Shanti Sadan continues during pre marriage functions. There will be some surprise in Preeti’s marriage. Whom will Preeti marry at last remains a suspense till now. Do you like ongoing Preeti’s marriage track in MAM? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. plzz reunite mohit & preeti happily. plz Don’t spoil mohit image anymore.I feel irritate from this marriage track.

    1. I feel the same Asha. They love each other. Don’t separate them more please. It’s all because of Sarla. A witch ??????

  2. Ya i agree with u bcoz parents respect is more than love

  3. Worstest serial ever seen and worstest charecter on indian tv serials is Kaushiyaa donkey…buffello..pig..cowdung..sewage…comod …..xxxxxxxx…we have seen evil saas but this khusi moron is dangerous than them….blo*dy senseless..brainless…stupid..anything happens in Shanti sadan…she blames Riya for it..I guess tomorrow even if earthquake comes she blames riya for it…this serial has only one story line sarla n shanti tormenting Riya..khusi senseless creature blaming riya for everything..n Riya still loving her family….nonsense

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    This show is just going toooooo much….. i feel irritated reading and watching this show..

  5. Super acting by all actor. Very entertaining serial. But Riya’s character should be more strong. Too much negativity.. Show some positivity. Common sense and (little) logic is missing plz writers do something..

  6. please don’t seperate preeti and mohit.

  7. Nimmi marrys vyom

  8. so boringggg serial.i hate it

  9. too much boring stop this nonsense

  10. Who will Preeti finally marry?

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