Do you like Nikitin Dheer’s track in Ishqbaaz?

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz recently got an interesting entry of a new villain Dr. Veer Pratap. Actor Nikitin Dheer has joined the cast of Ishqbaaz. Veer is a respectable doctor and keeps a clean image in the society. He has a shocking dark side. He turns cruel, evil and dangerous for his enemies. He hides her true face from everyone. He rules on Goa as Raavan, considering it a Lanka for him. Veer is known to have far relations with Shwetlana. She asks him for a favor to ruin Shivaye. Shwetlana bribes him with Anika’s beauty. Veer turns obsessed for Anika. Veer begins ruining Shivaye. He initially tries to break Shivaye and Anika’s relation.

Veer executes his plan of turning Anika mad, just in Shivaye’s sight. He aims to turn Shivaye against his mad wife. Anika gets tortured by a scary woman. Anika fails to prove herself in front of Shivaye. Nevertheless, Shivaye figures out the real cause of trouble. He understands someone is trying to prove Anika insane. Shivaye and Anika team up to catch Veer, who has befriended them and won their trust. Veer will be abducting Anika in the upcoming track, which will be similar to Sitaharan incident. It will be interesting to see how Shivaye saves his wife from Kalyug’s Raavan. Do you like Nikitin Dheer’s track in Ishqbaaz? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Amrita Kumari

    Ye track bilkul bhi aacha nahi hai

  2. How can you compare the holy Ramayana with this .And how can you say that Shivaay is like Ram and Anika is like sita.Ram and Sita are the God and goddess in Hindu scripture who are worshipped by the Hindus .To compare their God and goddess with this people is rubbish .

    1. Sonakshi just stop typing stupid things like this
      And the track is boring

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is just a picturisation of Ramayan… In real life also many women of society are similar to character of sita and abducted by the ravan in disguise of social evils..
    Hope in show this track ends positively

  4. Mona146

    most backwaas track of the year. salute

  5. The makers of the show are just repeating the same kind of tracks on the same couple again and again to glorify their presence.. The viewers surely need new tracks on all the couples equally.

  6. It’s just Daksh track repeating

  7. Pushpa

    i hate veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr….

  8. Riana

    Its extremely rubbish track no rudy no somu no rikara scenes no shivika khidkitod romance…Chiiiiiii…And i hate that JUMBOOO ! ??????

    1. Omg.. soo true. Even i thnk the same.. i want all couples to b treated equally.. rikara rumya r my favourite

  9. What a boring track, so we will see that Ravan will abduct Sita, doesn’t make sense when Sweatlana was planting bomb on Rudra, Shivay gave some weird hints which Anika picked and now she is not getting at all showing her bechari, boring track. STOP IT.

  10. Why is this website not updated

  11. Candiva007

    I do not like this track at all. Where is evil Swetlana? Why is Tia helping her, why did she become bad again? They tried to destroy the Oberoi’s once before with their mother about their dad, why do it again. Old story, move on now. Let Shivay and Anika finally have their “wedding night” and let her get pregnant. Let Om and Gauri get pregnant too and let Rudy find his love in Bhaviya. Swetlana has to die and take Tej with her. LOL

  12. Couples r always facing problems that to same type separating. Can’t they live peacefully at least for some episodes.

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