Do you like Nikita’s entry in Swaragini?


Colors’ Swaragini has enough drama and multiple grey characters. There is a new entry in the show Swaragini. Nikita Sharma of Do Dil Ek Jaan fame will be playing Kavita in the show. Kavita is Sanskaar’s ex girlfriend. She was assumed dead by Sanskaar. He was taking revenge from Durga Prasad for Kavita. With things getting clear, Kavita is back in Sanskaar’s life. There is a test of love again. Sanskaar has to choose between Kavita or Swara. Sanskaar was shocked seeing his ex lover Kavita. Swara was also shocked seeing her love/husband becoming Kavita’s. Swara has got Kavita at home to reveal Durga Prasad’s past. But she did not imagine Kavita and Sanskaar will get together.


Kavita’s entry in Maheshwari family is new challenge for Swara and Sanskaar’s relation. Kavita was glad to know that Swara and Sanskaar had divorced. She was not aware of the fact that Sanskaar and Swara are in love and had to sign divorce papers due to certain unwanted circumstances. Sanskaar loves Swara, but seeing Kavita’s helplessness, he gets confused. Swara and Sanskaar discuss and she asks him to fill sindoor. Swara asks Sanskaar to marry her again. Kavita stops Sanskaar and expresses her love. She loves Sanskaar and will not let Swara and Sanskaar unite. Kavita is ready to do anything to get her love. Sanskaar would not leave Swara for Kavita. Swara will manage to get her love back. Nikita’s entry has brought new twists in Swasan’s love story. Do you enjoy this track in Swaragini? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Nooo..jst unite swasan yr….swasan swasan swasannnnnnnnn…..i swear swasan ko unite koro…trp apne aap baadh jayegi

  2. Kick out this kavita. We want SWASAN

  3. Noooooooooooo, unite Swasan..

  4. stop dis serial……..

  5. Nooooooo plzzzz unites swasan
    Plzzzz writer unite sawsan make kavita fake or her twin sister who wants to take revenge

  6. Noooooo Swasan is the bestest. Don’t keep kavita fr long

  7. Lol ?. Where is the option of we don’t like looser Sanskar n not interested in Him n his love triangle wat soever n Swasan shit


  8. Bakwas show hogaya kuch dekhne Ko nahin Swara Sanskar bakwas lagte hain
    Pehle ka story acha thaa
    Lakshya better hero Tha
    Yeh Sanskar to hero kam Vilian zyada better lagta hai

  9. We want swasan if not end ur show;>

  10. plz … i request you to unite swasan … whenever kavitha comes close to sanskaar … i feel like killing her … uhh!!! she is so irritating … why can’t the writers unite swasan … what’s there problem … huh? writer log apko trp … chahieyena hum … chutki me deladegenge … bus in return hamare swasan ko meelado … agar nahi milayegenge ….. to …. hum show dekhna band kardengenge …. rit swasan fans???


  12. Plsss unite SwaSan soon………

  13. Please unite Swasan!!! Getting Kavita into the serial was needed to prove DP innocent but then why are you getting her in between Swasan. That is absolutely not required and rubbish. Viewers have been waiting to see swasan falling for each other and now when it has happened finally why are you guys dragging things unnecessarily. Please we will lose interest if it keeps happening. We want to see Swasan’s intense and romantic love story as a married couple.

  14. Plz unit to SwaSan… Don’t like kavita or any1 else in btn SwaSan..

  15. No…i dont like her entry..i want swasan only

  16. Triangle love story is not interesting because now swasan love each other so much and sacrifice trk is sooooooooooooo boring. after seeing swasan chemistry y would someone b interested in watching kavsan. please end this track as soon as possible and UNITE SWASAN

  17. Unite swasan

  18. Sujata, big dumbo. I hate her also. Writers plz unite swasan.

  19. Pooja Awasthi

    Nikita entry in swaragini very interesting track….Aab dekhna hoga sanskar kisko choose krta hai.. Swara ko ya apna pehla pyaar kavita

  20. I don’t like kavita’s entry .
    Swasan only should be there

  21. Don’t drag this kavitha’s intension. Pls unite swasan & swaragini asap yar. Give some fun & happy moments in this serial. Not always shows revenge, tears & heart broken scenes yar.

  22. I wish these writers should get some brain…miserable story track …vahin faltu ka plot…kuch bhi naya nhii…bekar hai….srsly I want some relevant and good shows..not this bakwass..Chiiiii…bekar

  23. I hate kavita. She is kabab me haddi

  24. Even though we didn’t like it u people won’t stop negativity in the show.. so the poll is just waste of time… There will b no peace in the show even for a while… y u always show heavy intensive drama..

  25. we want swasan cute scenes hate kavitha..

  26. Hate u kavita .want sawsan scenes love u swears and sanskar

  27. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

    not at alll
    ppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssss unite sanswa and lakrag ssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn……………………………

  28. Plz unite swasan

  29. Unite swasan… Otherwise yo ll loose your trp…its not a request…. Its warning…if yo don’t take it serious then yo ll lose all fans permanently…so unite them…

  30. Unite swasan..we hv already seen a lot of shit..gve sum happy n romantic moments 2 d audience also

  31. We only want swasan



  34. pls pls pls pls unite swasann pls

    i dont like kavi’s track much pls pls pls unite my swara n sanky

  35. mujhe swra & sanskar ek sath bohat achhelgte h. plsssss plss plsss plsss un dono ko mila do.i will request to colors & bala ji.plsssss

  36. Not at all I hate her she’s separated swasan . I wish she plays a negative role tat she is good to Sankar and his family and bad to Swara (her other face) Swara says Sankar and his family that Kavita is bad and Kavita makes Sanskar and his family believe tat Swara is doing this to take Sanskar away from Kavita and Sanskar and his family will believe that. And then Swara proves Sanskar and his family that told them the truth then swasan will join I wish this happens :D.

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