Would you like Niddhi’s re-entry in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein had the shocking entry of advocate Niddhi Chabbra in Raman’s life long time back. After the legal cases and family politics, Niddhi was seen joining Ashok to take revenge from Raman for betraying her. Niddhi kidnapped Pihu and then ran away with Ruhi to hurt Raman and Ishita forever. Fortunately, Raman and Ishita get their elder daughter back. Post leap, Niddhi was seen more stylish and determined.

Raman and Ishita manage to send Niddhi to jail once again. Even Ashok does not help Niddhi in her second stint. Niddhi’s character was again wrapped up. After Ruhi and Suhail’s track started, viewers are waiting for the twists to come. The track will show Suhail as Niddhi’s brother, who has come to take revenge from Raman and Ishita. Ishita doubts Suhail to be the MMS blackmailer. Suhail proves Ishita wrong, which makes him more closer to Ruhi. Niddhi will be soon making a powerful re-entry, giving major shock to Ruhi, who will be left heartbroken by Suhail’s deceive. There will be many twists and turns after Niddhi’s entry. Viewers can expect to see Ashok back as well. Would you like Niddhi’s re-entry in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein? Let us know your opinion in this poll. You may also leave a comment.

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  1. I’m sure niddi will end up coming back caus writers love torturing us viewers

  2. It used to be my favourite show not anymore. Don’t watch the show at all.

  3. Don’t watch the show now used to be my favourite show.

  4. i WAS a die hard fan of yhm but now I hate it lyk anything……. Just don’t wanna see ishras face also

  5. bakwas chaal raha hai band karo ish serial ab kahani mey koi maaja nahi aha raha hai… ish serial key writer ur producer other memerber pagal hogayee hai….

  6. Rubbish more revenge never ending . Why intentionally ruin this show by the CV’s. That is all we need. Poor Bhalla’s & ISRa Are bullied for doing good. Are u Guys also happy by ruining the viewers too. Param coming ???? what nonsense, where is the Love Story.??? this is all revenge & Hatred . Must be given a gold to Ekta & her crew for ruining the whole show. we are not going to watch what little if u bring those two & not bring back the old YHM… Thanks for ruining a good show.

  7. seriel puri tarike se barbad ho chuka hain. band kro iss serial ko

  8. Riana

    Nooooo…..Niddhi is not needed anymore….they already destroyed the show..

  9. who cares hardly watch it please end the show

  10. SP always has an habit of ending good shows nd run pointless shows instead………HATE IT………….

  11. come out of all these negative thinks (khushyan bantnay ka waqt hay kab tak hamara dimaag chatogay) be sensible

  12. The show has lost its charm. It is time they think of wrapping it up.

  13. Want to see Ishra’s love, romance, cute fights and etc………. Plz stop this MMS drama…….

  14. This is robish I have start hating this show u guys are always running ur shows

  15. Please don’t bring Nidhi again

  16. nooo..i used like the show a lot..pls dont keep going round and round back to the same characters..It would get more boring and people will stop watching..

  17. Apurv porwal

    Yes I would love as I love this show very much

  18. pls close this serial itself….there was a time when i never missed a single episode…but from last 1 month…stupid sohail track…is just irritating…and that actor is also looking pathetic in front of our beautiful Ruhi….pls end this track or close the serial…..
    no more shagun nonsense,,,,no more nidhi nonsense…no more Ashok nonsense!!!

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