Do you like the new love triangle in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has always got many angles in possibly all the main character’s lives. Raman loves Ishita, but Shagun wanted to marry him. Mihir and Mihika’s love story ended because of his marriage with Rinki. Later, Romi came in Mihika’s life and they got married. Romi now has Sanchi in his life. Shagun and Mani got married, but Mani was wishing to live his life with Ishita. Ashok had live in relationship with Shagun, and then forcibly married Mihika. Then entered Raman’s crazy lover Niddhi who then had an affair with Ashok.

The story has now got the next big love triangle of Aditya, Aaliya and Mihir. While Mihir and Aaliya have a much age difference between them, Aaliya has fallen in love with him. Aaliya realized Mihir’s genuine nature and his concern for her. She develops feeling for him. On the other hand, Aditya is her good friend, who started liking her. Aditya confides to Raman about his feelings for Aaliya and decides to propose Aaliya. The sudden incident of Mihir getting stabbed by the attacker gets Aaliya’s love confession for Mihir in the open. Aditya too gets a big shock after knowing Aaliya loves Mihir. He gets much hurt and is upset with Ishita too. The new love triangle seems like catching up viewers’ interest. Do you like the new love triangle in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Isn’t he old enough to be her grandfather! Seriously!

    1. Tara

      haha so true..

  2. Amina2000

    its just stupid how can they think of putting mihir and aliya together mihirs like the same age as Mani

  3. i agree with u msd he is so old

  4. Ruksy

    too unnecessary

  5. someone pls kill dis shagun i feel irritated by seeing her so called moongoose face yaaaaak

  6. ARs

    Even if we say no.they will never mind that…they will just do something crap and make it worse…… This was such a gooddd serial..But now it has lost all its charm…….and I’m sure many of them has stopped watching this……

  7. Actually Raman ishita shagun triangle was nice but others are the worst of all mainly the latest one aliya mihir and adi .???

    1. This always happens in Ekta serials. Each will marry as many times as they like. True Mihir is of Mani age and Aliya having feelings for him it’s so stupid and they won’t change also. Adi and Aaliya kissed each other in the beginning thought they will have a love track but everything changed

  8. Tara

    i was expecting this pole.. i really find it stupid.. when aliya called mihir by nam and addressed him as ‘tum’ i mean WTH.. u r talking to a person of ur father’s age.. like seriously..

  9. Tara

    more surprising is few ppl said yes.. just see the results lol

  10. i think mihir and and mihika should be together and be happy

  11. Megha123

    Worst love triangle ever . Hopefully they bring a new girl for adi coz that stupid aliya doesn’t deserve him .it’s nt at all catching viewers interest . Agree with you zaira raman ishitha shagun’s love triangle was far better than this

  12. Sarayumane

    Is aliya pe to koi barosa nahi hai, first she told that she loves mihir and if he rejects then she may say that she loves raman

  13. Nonsense track.. Love triangle is happens real or reel OK but they should concerns mihir age..ADI’s uncle also like aliya uncle too…

  14. I agree Mariaa!

  15. QueenB

    Aliya likes big men lmao
    it’s disgusting
    i think this track was unnecessary
    come on
    if they wanted a love triangle with the youngsters they should have included one of aliya’s australian friends
    not adi’s mama come on!

  16. this is happening bcoz if anybody here remembers in SPA2016 raj singh arora jokingly said that “i dont have any girl opposite me ,i hope she(krishna mukerjee) is paired opposite me” then abhishek came and said “mamu yeh meri wali hai:)”
    so, CVs did not find any new idea and they r writing this track

  17. Disgusting

  18. adi’s mama mean also aliyas mama how Aliya loves her mama so cheap!!!!!!

  19. Why has everybody forgotten that mihir was only 8 when raman and shagun got married and he’s only 9 years older than adi they had mention that in the early episodes anyway why suddenly have they got him acting like a 40+ even raman was trying to get mihir married to a 21 year old but all of a sudden it’s a different story now because it his son

    1. Tara

      when ishita married raman adi’s age was 10-12 max
      and at that time mihir was having an affair with mihika.. so do u want to say mihir was only 19-20 years where mihika was working in a private firm and said she completed her MBA?? Like seriously?? u blve all this?? ekta and her stupid reasons…

      1. if you bother to watch the early episode mihir had mention this to ishta even raman kid sister had said that when adi was a kid how old they were an as for the script it a rip of popular movies

      2. Tara

        listen m not telling that what ever u said is fake.. just that they dont make sense

  20. Hope adi married another girl who likes him and is prettier than aliya

  21. This is truly hilarious! I’ve now started hating Aliya more than Shagun. I mean she is too immature and she loves a person who considers her to be his niece? Yhm has lost all its charm..How many ever times a character in yhm falls in love they end up marrying somebody else and later they divorce and get married to a third person.
    Mihir- First love Mihika but married rinki and now this Aliya
    Romi- loved sarika,married her and later married Mihika
    Mihika- Loved mihir, married ashok, and later tied the knot with romi
    Shagun- Married Raman but later she loved ashok, then manoj now married Mani and wants Raman back
    What the hell is this?? Is this the meaning of relationships we ought to learn from these serials? This is just too intolerable Ekta mam…

  22. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    Holy Marshmallows!
    Makers, please don’t take ‘Love has no age limit’ too seriously and create pathetic tracks

    1. Tara

      hahaha true

  23. Serial makers think audience are stupid whatever is shown they believe and accept meaningless serials and useless hopeless serial makers. They can’t survive anywhere accept in the private medias

  24. if rumours are to be believed aliya is supposed to get Acid through on her face by adi



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