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Zee’s Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani gets another ten year leap. Raja and Rani’s love story has gone ahead with time. Rani was taking revenge from Iqbal for killing Raja. But, when Raja came back alive, Rani wanted to tell truth to Raja and run away with him. Iqbal comes between them again and forces Rani to kill Raja. After all the drama and action, Iqbal’s character dies by the car accident, while Rani gets severely injured.

Rani will be seen in a more younger and bubbly avatar. Raja gets a don avatar, and loses his smile. Naina’s face matches with Rani. Naina is a cheerful girl and her connection with Rani will be shown later. She is very much opposite of Rani and lives life to the fullest. Inspector Vijay Deshmukh will be the one who will be in love for Naina. There will be love triangle between Vijay, Naina and Raja. Suyyash Rai will be seen as Inspector Vijay. His role is inspired by Salman Khan’s inspector Chulbul Pandey of Dabangg. The show will have new cast along with the old leads. Vijay’s character will be a negative one, who will create troubles for Raja and Naina. Sudesh Berry will be part of the show. Raja will be entering the don’s world and play an intense role. Eisha Singh and Sartaj Gill’s fans can rejoice to see them in never before avatars. Did you like new leap in ETRETR? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. i have had enough of this crap as th saying goes ‘enough is enough’ no more ek tha raja ek thi rani for me at least i will get some more rest after a hard day’s work i meant ‘the and not ‘th’ did not want to go back am feeling too lazy and do correction another serial gone to the dogs will there never be a serial that gives some one diabetic[sugar] lol all villain are winning wow they directors have gotten promoted for directing shit my opinion right so i beg to differ bye bye ETRETR

  2. I don’t mind the twist and turn and even leap but the original Rani must be part of it. I don’t want any new girl replacing the original Rani. I hate this. Raja is fine and his intense role much anticipated and fine with me as I am a huge fan of Sartaj Gill. But I want Eisha to continue as the Rani. If she is gone, then so is the soul of “Ek tha Raja and Ek thi Rani” on which the serial is based on. and that is turning off viewers. So yes I welcome a new twist and… NO…I don’t want Eisha out of it as the original Rani. How can the role of Rani have a new girl in some magical resemblance to the original Rani when the original Raja is still there? What about all the promises and the soul-merging and matching and all those words? What happened writers???? You’re making me upset. And I was nicely supporting you guys for a nicer story. You broke my heart writers. That’s hurtful :(. How could you do that?? I can’t stand the new girl. Dislike her much. Dislike her much. Go away new girl. Only the original Rani is for Raja.

    1. very well said i agree 100%

  3. Enough of this crap in the show as well as the other shows. The writers need a wake up call. Every show the leading roles are having all the trouble in the world thrown at them and it’s happening over and over again. And teaching that it pays to be bad. Get a grip writers and be better creative. Life gets better not worse as depicted. All the good people die off.

  4. It’s all okay but don’t replace rani ‘s character with naina ..,or show later that naina is no one else but rani…otherwise story will be really hated by viewers.

  5. Now…… I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided to continue watching etretr with an open mind, it’s only a story and I’m not going to take this as a personal disappointment to what I believe the writers think they should give us or not. In my humble opinion…..i believe that if the story, like all Indian serials, went all perfect, we will get bored….its human in us to experience ups and downs in life with a myriad of problems, so that’s what happens in these serials as well. It’s a depiction of the life or lives of people portrayed by actors, in which we get a glimpse of the story of individuals. We all have our own identity and unique experiences in life, everyone has a story to be told, my life is a story and so are everyone else. So this is the story of Raja and Rani, how their lives converged, the supposed betrayal by Rani, their separation and reunion, betrayal again and I believe they will meet again….truly. No story is perfect, whether real or fictional, there must be something to keep us interested, otherwise we will be bored to death. Raja is portrayed as a man who doesn’t deserve what he was brought up in, that it should be Rani’s privilege to live in the palace, that he was a non achievor at school, was spoilt and got no love from his father. We saw a little of Rani growing up minus the palace, so now it’s interesting to see Raja ‘s adventure. I hope that the writers help him discover himself and make him strong but at the same time, don’t take away his feelings for Rani….. Please….. They belong together…. PERIOD!!!!

    1. I agree with you and I too have tried to keep an open mind to these things. You would recall that I have implore the writers nicely on many occasions. And yes, I have seen that the writers try to meander twists and turns, and give us a story amidst bumps and disappointments. Yes, stories have to have setbacks, disappointments etc. I agree it makes for interests. But if the story heads into lookalike, facial surgeries, replacement of main leads, then this is what upsets me because it takes away from the story. But still, I will watch it hoping that the real rani and real raja Unites again,and not a begum, or a lookalike rani. This part is what I have issues with as it is in every serial and I’m loss at how they all can take a story down that path. Surely there must be different more creative ways to add interest.

      1. It’s me Jess…My keyboard keeps doing this and one typo in my ID and my profile
        Vcolour keeps changing. Sorry.

  6. this story is entirely crap

  7. Please fix the story soon at least let raja know that rani has not betrayed him.and please show that naina is no one else but rani…don’t spoil the show by creating such a stupid story.?

  8. Yes yes yes I like this twist now!! ??? I saw today’s episode 12 Jan 2017 and I love it. It made me very hopeful and happy. It was beautiful, full of suspense and intensity from raja’s acting. He’s such a brilliant actor. I felt those emotions. Now I’m very eager to see what’s next and I can’t wait to see the rest of the episodes. Im full of suspense and this is exciting to watch. I’m very, very excited to see this twist. After seeing today’s espiode I changed my mind and I am looking forward to seeing this new twist. Writers….I’m sorry for being upset. I just love the story and characters so much that I got carried way. My apologies to you. Love you lots. You and I are good, right writters?? ???????

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