Did you like Naamkaran by its start?


Naamkaran started on Star Plus this week. The show brings a tale of a little girl Avni, who will fight for her legitimate rights. Avni is bold and daring, and does not get afraid to ask any question. She is mature enough and understands what a normal family means for the society. Avni wants the society to respect Asha and Ashish’s relation. Asha is a muslim lady, and did not get accepted by Ashish’s mother Dayavanti.

Ashish madly loves Asha and started a family with her, though he did not marry her shockingly. They both keep a husband and wife’s relation. Ashish could not give his name to his children, just being scared of his mother. Dayavanti stays ill most of the time. Ashish is limited to just have a joyful chat with her. He does not give her any sudden unpleasant news, which may put off her health conditions. Dayavanti is shown indebted to a noble man Hemant Bhai, who changed Dayavanti and Ashish’s lives by giving them an opportunity of lifetime. Dayavanti was raising Ashish and other children on the road, but now they stay in a grand lavish house, all thanks to Hemant Bhai. Hemant loves Ashish as his son, and asks for Ashish’s hand for his daughter Neela. This gets shocking for Ashish, who has kept his relation with Asha hidden since many years. The concept looks promising. Did you like Naamkaran by its start? Let us know your opinion. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Priya15

    Yes.. The concept is amazing.. The cute Lil girl avni.. The way she spoke abt normal family shows how mature she is…. And it good concept..

    1. u have a cute dp priya di

      1. Priya15

        Ha… Divyanka??? Yes yr that pic is cute na??

  2. Yes I am liking it a lot because of the girls acting who plays the role of Avni . I just love the way avni talks . Even Barkha bisht is too good in the role of aasha. Eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes

  3. Lakshmila

    Yes absolutely liked it… Especially the lullaby

  4. Amrita

    I love the serial. Hope Starplus comes up with serials like this in the future.

    1. Amrita

      Specially love Ashish , Asha/Ashudi and Little AVNI . Cuttie pie . I wonder What is Asha’s real name -Asha/Ashudi ? Or Ashish just loving calls her Ashudi . Anyways looking forward for the serial.

  5. i dont want ashish to marry leela according to spoilers

  6. Nice show yaar……u all remembr me na…..nd I have three more exams to bewritten guys…..wat abt u…nd this avni hd stolen our hearts guys

  7. QueenB

    I was liking it until the last episode that was updated yesterday
    Where Ashish will be unable to tell his mom the truth and will say yes to marrying leela
    And now it will be a man who does not have a mind of his own
    Cannot be truthful to his mom although he is a grown ass man
    And Asha will be this helpless woman depressed for the rest of her life cause the father of her two children will be marrying someone else
    and then this child fighting for recognition
    Why do they always portray helpless and depressed women, men who are still in their mommy’s apron as the saying goes
    come on
    bring something new and better
    portray strong women
    happy women
    Real men for once!


    I agree concept is good rather to say avni is good but they are providing wrong msg till now. As per my views show is giving msg that u can have live in relationship with girl/boy and have babies but should not tell society and family and also marry other girl/boy of family choice; by making all lives hell.
    May be in future they show good approach in show but for me till now its not good accept the song aa le chalun and avni.

  9. This show is by mahesh bhatt who always bring controversial topics..personally I hate live in relationships..but I m interested in this show bcoz of that little girl..

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